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You Have Never Seen an Airsoft Gun Like This (1500 RPM pistol)

You Have Never Seen an Airsoft Gun Like This (1500 RPM pistol)

Hey, what’s going [on] guys, today i’m playing together with my sniper comrade clean shot at the abandoned castle [and] we’re playing a [game] mode called zombie in this game mode every player is either a human [or] a zombie if you get hit you are out of the game until Somebody tags you back into the game, whoever revives you back into the game determines.

What team, you will join and Today, I’m making good use of my tokyo Marui, hi-capa extreme which is a fairly rare pistol with an insane rate of fire of 1,500 rounds per minute which is about twice as fast as most AEG’s, and it’s an amazing tool for any sniper player I’m trying to make it sound like I’m running away So the enemy will push towards me and clean shot will be able to take them out from the corner yo [okay], one guy said ooh i got a grenade, boom they’re all ours.

ha ha nice Pick up the smoke grenade and throw it down the stairwell just to make sure that nobody else can push up here That nate took out so many holy shit You’re [born] occupied After checking outside to see a couple of players laying on the floor waiting to be revived back into the game Because the guy who shot them seems to be hiding in the building.

[I’ll] try to go for the revives I could go straight in there fuck that yeah we good This fucking pro tactics This exhale exhale. Are you too fat? Yeah? You can do [it] con [there] you go [you] not do that yet.

Yes the whole person Are you read that back you’re so fast? goodness, you know Let’s go on a frigid shit on ice our shadow secret fucking spy [Bay] 3 Why wait to say? I’ve been [a] climatic [Babaji’s] Bono fur [thanks] for watching guy the upcoming video.

We’ll be playing with Novritch in Austria So stay tuned for that and follow my instagram for the photos of my austrian adventure


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