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[Yakuza G18 lipo – Saigo Defense] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

[Yakuza G18 lipo – Saigo Defense] Présentation | Review | Airsoft FR – EN subs

Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation of the Yakuza G18 Lipo version from Saigo Defense This one is available in 2 colors: tan and black and in 2 packs, with Nimh or Lipo battery as in this video The bb gun comes in a very nice box compared to what we find for this range of bb gun Regarding data, we are informed about the main characteristics of this model which is an AEP That it is powered by a Lipo battery and has a mosfet to manage the power supply On the side, we will find a visual of the color of the bb gun in the box Inside, we find to start a very simple quick start manual in Spanish, Portuguese, English and French And a second manual, much more complete and with many illustrations that accurately describes how to operate the bb gun and its maintenance A specific warning message is present on the use of Lipo battery We will also appreciate the presence of an exploded view schema of the bb gun The content is kept under a plastic film to remove We then find the classic bag of bbs, here in 0.

20g A BB loader A Lipo battery charger and its lite manual in English and Chinese The Yakusa G18 Saigo Defense bb gun and its magazine A cleaning rod And finally, a mini Allen key I did not have the use This AEP is mainly composed of a good quality ABS And the only metal parts are the bolt release button, the firing selector, the magazine and the bottom plate of the pistol grip Regarding markings, they are mainly painted Japanese swords are found on the front of the slide An unsightly “Made in China” grumble at the base of the pistol grip In the opposite side, it is a serial number that is present And on the top of the upper slide we find a sketch of a stylized samurai The pistol grip has a raised comfortable grip of good quality It is also found on the front of the trigger guard The most pronounced mark of molding is found inside this one under the firing trigger At the front, the bb gun has a rail to attach some accessory as here, a tactical flashlight The top of the slide is pierced to reveal the inner barrel The safety is done through the right lever which is normally used to unlock the slide and will have 2 positions: armed or blocked shot This bb gun has 2 modes of shooting accessible thanks to the firing selector The semi mode corresponds to marking with 1 dot and the automatic mode to marking with 2 dots The magazine ejection button is on the left side of the bb gun No problem with the ejection and insertion of the magazine The format of this one is specific to AEP models The bbs filling will be done by lowering the internal lever which is not practical to catch and using a BB loader The operation requires some dexterity Regarding hand grip, it is very good and offers an experience close to a gas Glock bb gun The weight is mainly distributed in the pistol grip with the presence of the motor and the pneumatic part of the bb gun To access the internal of this one, you will push the back plate and lift the slide You will then have access to the reloading socket of the Lipo battery which is located on the whole front part of the bb gun Do not try to remove this one, it is made to be recharged directly in this position On the other side, you have access to the adjustment wheel of the hop-up unit that can be adjusted without having to install the slide To charge the battery, connect the plug to the connector corresponding to the number of battery elements, here the smallest, respecting the direction of insertion Then wait until the 3 LEDs of the charger are lit, indicating that the battery is fully charged Be careful with the charging cable when closing your bb gun, it can easily get stuck The aiming sights are simple and enhanced with a white paint that has a little overflowing on the rear sight, but they do the work Compared to the Nimh battery version model, the Lipo version brings a very appreciable responsiveness when firing In game, the bb gun is nice, precise and reactive thanks to its Lipo battery In addition, with a very cold weather, as during this game, you do not have to ask yourself questions about the temperature, as with a gas bb gun In conclusion, Saigo Defense offers us a very successful G18 AEP pack The bb gun in its standard Lipo version, is very pleasant to use and its finish is very good for a model of this range In addition, the pack proposed by Saigo Defense is very complete by offering battery charger, a battery and a BB loader This pack will be perfect for players who want to enjoy a first experience of pistol bb gun or who are looking for a secondary bb gun that works without any headaches Thank you for watching this video A big thank you to Destockage Games for sending me this test copy If you enjoyed this video, feel free to like it and more importantly, to share it with your friends Do not hesitate to post a comment if you also own this Yakusa 18 and share your feedback or, if you want to ask a question on this one Make sure you also subscribe to the channel and my various social media to avoid missing any future publication, follow my news and show your support See you soon, in an upcoming video


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