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Xtreme Kombat Airsoft: OP Redemption Part 2

Xtreme Kombat Airsoft: OP Redemption Part 2

hey guys what’s up Jason here and this is part two of my extreme combat operation redemption series alright guys so basically where we are right now is we’re pushed up all the way on the right side of the woods and this is kind of great advantage for us because not only did we kind of get behind the enemy we got come on the enemy of the middle and the left side so from the right side and so forth we kind of just took out those guys and we were able to move up a lot of 10 guys moved up because of this and we just had more and more 10 forces moving up and that just helped us out tremendously so yeah so we were on the second to last for from the green spot so that might be a little confused wording but basically one time says we were really really close to spawn and yes it’s allowed we were just pretty close in we just push them all the way back because tan team absolutely dominated that day and tan team did amazing but um yeah so I hope you all enjoyed this video part 3 I think it will be airdrop it’ll be either be airdrop or another part i’m not sure i have to look back hit the rest of the footage because i have a lot of footage for you guys and i just have to see which parts are really the best parts and so i can get them out there for you guys but anyway i hope you all enjoy the video and stay tuned for part 3 and i’ll talk to you later down a minute Sam I move it Sam I’m moving I’m moving company all right is there someone in here Cameron said some of them some was in here then fucking check yeah the pistol their window I’m a time let me see your cum cum safety hey boys just gonna be fun want to show us under me that’s gifted are blind firing I think yes no son to me yes yes yes Christian can you cover me why good hi I’m moving yellow wait where’s my pistol you only live three times what I got I’ll take 50 oh do you have mo Christian I’m rushing it I know yeah you gotta come over little Christian you need to take that guy out for me to move i got i just got wake out you ought to take out this guy on the right side left side so I can move all right I need you to just shoot both you need to shoot so I can get up there all right what’s up you know I need to shoot now this dude this is my chance I need you to Davis shoot 13 already are you make it yeah get off my god I don’t care I got did he go off you just went off fitting it yeah i just went off I sorry for step on a Chevy yeah okay all right Davis all right can you watch the right side I’m going to move up all right your hip bro bro your hit you ready I was wondering who I got hit by


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