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Xtreme Kombat Airsoft: New City Attack and Defend!

Xtreme Kombat Airsoft: New City Attack and Defend!

hey guys what’s up Jason here and this is an extreme combat video on new city this was a tech and defend and basically what we did was I skipped the part i didn’t put in the video because all we did it was nothing special we just moved up on the right side the whole time until we got on the back side where the defender started and the last people are in this building we have to try to clear this building because there’s a couple guys up in this top building so hope you enjoy the video and I’ll talk to you later oh they’re coming down no one’s gonna shave kinda give it no if you’re gonna get me not me i would tell this dude immigrants hit me that was the wall you can watch it one day come back let’s go ahead get the heck out of here come on [ __ ] about anyone got a few afraid you had a frigging done and the wrong up here Rep are they letting keep over that stairway hey guys guys up there you’re not a lot of peek over the stairway railing red dress size I got a fender yeah rash coming up shut up their dead in the corner hey brave a fire friendly fire evergreen Missy let me dip oh go check that [ __ ] check that kitty go go go check it check it back I’m it today everybody is up here from his dead friend that’s under view definitely actually not really he threw it and we were all over here but you did she just go yeah hey everybody and it can’t go right in your face it Yusei


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