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WWII Airsoft: Company HQ ICS M1 Garand video review

WWII Airsoft: Company HQ ICS M1 Garand video review

hello welcome to world war ii airsoft company HQ I’m your host Rob Lee drew friends know me as the haunted tank today I’m going to show you the ICS m1 garand it’s made of wood metal battery-operated this is modeled after the original which was put into use in 1936 it became the standard service rifle of World War two Korea and Vietnam it’s total length is 1100 millimetres 40 3.

5 inches barrel length is 537 millimeters 21.1 inches the inner barrel six hundred and ten millimeters twenty four point zero one inches and it weighs at thirty six hundred grams or 7.9 pounds as I mentioned before it’s battery operated the battery compartment is located in the back end or the butt of the rifle I see s recommends use a nine point six volt I use a nine point six volt at 1600 milliamp nunchuck style it also comes out of the box with two magazines each one hold 42 rounds it also comes with a speed loader which I counted off 42 and marked it with a sharpie makes it easy you know how many BBS are getting in there but I do recommend on the field that use this type of a speed loader the hop-up is located here it’s a ring that you move right and left to adjust the ball going up or down the magazine fits in here snugly it’s very easy to place in and you’re ready to go to release the magazine push the button off it comes ready for another one safety switch off on Canada we don’t need the orange tip so to remove it what I did was I took a hair dryer place it under high heat for approximately 2 or 3 minutes and with a set of pliers I was able to remove it now I’ll show you what a chooks like I’ll use a chronograph and then I’ll take you out on the field today we’re going to shoot the m1 garand by ICS and here’s our target I shot it 60 feet ironsights standard 7 ring took 1 to 8 ring took 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 ring took 1 2 3 4 5 6 10 ring took 1 2 3 and the last shot or the lucky shot the bullseye x marks the spot thanks for joining me today at world war ii airsoft company HQ be sure to tune in next time like and subscribe my channel I’ll be showing you a lot more weapons you if you have more time it also comes with this style of a loader I marked it off at 42 rounds right here and it just slides in like so that’s why it’s not good to use


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