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Worst $20 Airsoft Revolver | UKARMS G36B

Worst $20 Airsoft Revolver | UKARMS G36B

Oh man, hope to god this is another UK arms gun. Oh Wait, hold on what’s going on here? No, no boy well moon day Hey guys right here and today I got into the unboxing slash review are the UK arms G36 Bravo revolver this comes requested by a few guys Thanks If you want to win this err supper vulvar Make sure you subscribe and comment on this video on what gun you want me to review next.

I’ll give this away to one lucky subscriber Now back to the review opening this box up you get the revolver two extra shells it oh, oh my god No, what does that smell? This is the second box that smells like a locker room.

All right, let’s get yourself together now The box come to the revolver, which is all plastic a small bag of white babies Which I’m pretty surprised that they aren’t coloured and to spare shells. Yes You heard me this revolver uses shells instead of a magazine even though it’s a Springer I’ve reviewed a few UK arms guns before and this revolver.

It’s surprisingly good for UK arm standards It has a silver metal paint job on where you should be metal and a black grip with a small bronze marking all of which are plastic Similar to the co2 revolvers you pull the hammer which rotates the cylinder squeeze the trigger and fire something You didn’t expect that you can do with this is that you can actually fan the hammer kinda like another video game care time To reload simply move the plastic cylinder release to flip the cylinder out Then press the ejector rod to spill all the spent shells all over your counter Which brings me to why I don’t use revolvers reloading these things is a pain and with this revolver it is worse I made the mistake of pressing the shells too much into the cylinder and they got stuck in there and The cylinder did not want to close this took about five minutes and one knife to pry out each shell Hey The key to making sure that you reload it correctly is to make sure the shells are just placed right in there without any force Within the cylinder and that the cylinder head is secured But even with all of this if the cylinder doesn’t rotate you need to realign the cylinder head or it won’t shoot Once aligned you’re back into Fanning that hammer.

Just don’t do it – huh? Oh Just I’m just gonna slide this right back in and it’s perfect Great Now time to rate this gun and this is gonna surprise you taking this out. I’m not joking I get the same results as the m4 and SMG Springer’s from UK Arms It looks like they placed the same spring into this revolver.

So I guess a decent range for a Springer Remember that cylinder issue? I was having though It happens way too frequently and you need to manually move the cylinder to get it to work The hammer also feels flimsy and I’m worried It’s gonna break if I take it out in the field, so I don’t recommend using this gun in the airsoft field however, if you’re looking for a cool costly revolver I would recommend it especially if you want to pull them Acree or have fallout look if you want to see gameplay of this let me know in the comment section as well as I’m gonna try and get this to work.

I don’t know how well it’s gonna work. But I’m gonna try it out. That’s it for this week’s video guys Don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe for more gameplay and reviews and I’ll see you guys next time Oh First fry You


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