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Now what’s up guys welcome back again to my airsoft video gameplay so today I’m playing with my new setup on my Tokyo Marui vsr-10 and I just installed my warfarin boat it’s very system for the warfarin airsoft so as you can see from my first kill the would just give me an impressive result my gun shoots very consistently and very quiet and it was really perfect for airsoft knifing in this moment and is found an enemy and I just miss my shot but the enemy doesn’t know where the shop is coming from so as you can see in my first game I forgot to charge my selfie cam in front of my gun so I decided not to use my selfie cam in this game the neuron has just started in this game I decided to watch the enemy from the tower so I can cover my team to attack the enemy using this HPA system did get my gun really nice consistency and nice long-range shot and I just love the son of my gun after IKEA the last guy my team has subtly defined towards the enemy line so you said it to move and fly into the enemy base in this woman and his fallen enemy sniper so I decided to take him out in this situation I just shot an enemy but the enemy doesn’t call the hit and I think he stopped the cheetah maybe I just hit his gun but let’s see the replay yep so in this situation my hat cam camera is not working so I decided to use only my selfie camera and I try to fly towards the enemy wish yep so this is all for the video today guys using my offering both HBase system so if you do enjoy the video and gameplay please don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe and I’m gonna see you guys on my next video


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