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Winterized GBBR vs Airsoft Cheater

Winterized GBBR vs Airsoft Cheater

You got two guys at the back of the boat least two guys at the back of the boat so watch out Got him! Roger that watch out for ammo Depot on our right watch out! guy running to the right Quack: HIT! I got quack I got quack we’re good HIT! You alright? Scott: A BB hit my goggles.

Nice They’re in the boat! Matthew: They’re in the boat? Yeah! Watch out he’s in the boat! other side other side keep pieing it pieing it yeah Did you get him? Teammate: No K Is he dead yet in there? Teammate: No, he’s still alive Dennis: There is two behind the boat! Yeah! Left side pallet! Left side pallet! Teammate: Woah woah! Right in the chin that hurt! Teammate: awwghhhhh Matthew it’s not empty! Did you get him? Enemy Player: HIT! Matthew: HIT! He’s out Boats empty! Here here here Teamamte: Movement left! Movement left! Teammate: Boat’s clear right? Yeah.

Boats clear. Yo guys. Move up there Move up there. Move up there. Extend up there come on guys move up there there you go get in the trench Teammate: Last mag! You ready again? Go! Teammate: Ah HIT! Goddammit! Matthew: Can F@#$ someone focus fire ok guys cover fire again ok ready go go go Teammate: Cover fire! stay down stay down just stay down k keep watching that side My pistol does better hehe Ah! Matthew! What are you doing! Just.

. Just.. Raise the flag! haha Matthew: Wait does that count? No just keep raising it i don’t i don’t know which one there you go keep going Boom! K were good, its ours! Scott: Well games not over tho Not over yet just keep fighting It’s not over until I get a kill Scott: Well in that case, the game was over long ago Oh, well yeah.

.. 10 kills, I need 10 Kid: Should I hoop in the boat with him? Uh yeah go ahead Ready? Here Here get up Kid: K Go Go Go left side Go go, I’m not firing Hey left side Get him get him get him! Matthew: Hey! One more guy Poi! One more Yeah yeah yeah I see him I see him! Matthew: Tan jacket Guy with the springer Guy with the springer Oh S$%^ I got him! Woah!!! You alright there? Oh you’re hit.

Okay. Get down Teammate: Left side on that bent tree Roger that! We got a runner! Runner at the cabin! Coming towards the left! two coming towards the left! got him Yeah! There is still one dude back there! I got him pinned! I got him pinned You can probably rush him on the left side if you can I’m getting shot at! Jam come on I shot you twice I shot you twice buddy Yeah tan sweater k just keep shooting at him You want to rush in on that guy do it Right there Right ahead Right ahead Where I’m pointing That tree right there yeah Rush in go go go! Just hit him hard Scott: He going to get F$%@ crossfired from the side DO IT! he’s around it move move around a bit Do it now! Yeah! If he doesn’t.

.. Scott: He got him got him Teammate: He didn’t call it! He didn’t call it! That is just triggering I’m gonna get this guy Teammate: We are all over here now Teammate: They have given up, we have depleted their moral Lloyd: Wow Lloyd: Really? Yeah We did Hey you good F#$% job here holy S#$% that was a fight getting to you


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