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Winter Airsoft Loadout 12/29/13

Winter Airsoft Loadout 12/29/13

hi my name is michael i’m one of the founders of fire team echo airsoft I’ve been playing airsoft for about five years now and this is my winter loadout my summer loadout is a lot lighter weight I don’t have this jacket I tend to cut down on a lot of the heavier gear I don’t wear this Bob clava but yes this is my winter loadout um so starting with the head this is a JT airsoft mask I believe it’s really standard I know um I also have this HD action cam for it which shoots 720p it’s waterproof its BB purvis drop proof it’s it’s a pretty tough I also have this Hunter’s balaclava that I wear underneath it which helps keep my face protected keep my ears protected also stay warm for the colder days of airsoft then moving on down these are ace work gloves they’re not really anything special they’re just standard work gloves but they keep my hands safe bb’s don’t make my hands bleed that’s good arm moving on down some more this is my gun this is a jg g36c it’s really reliable it’s really sturdy had it for about three years now had no problems with it I run a 9.

6 nunchuck style battery in it um i have 2 470 round hi cat magazines for it which is about all i really need for the length of games i play this is a a red dot which i use i keep it on here it’s really useful for a lot of the arm the night games that I play so I can see down the sights even when its pitch black outside um this is my vest this is a tag airsoft cross draw vast has four magazine pouches for like rifle magazine pouches plus it has three pistol magazine pouches up here one there and two on the web belt in the cross draw holster I keep my hfc m92 green gas pistol um it’s really good although being that it is green gas it’s not as useful in the colder temperatures since the days in the summer so I tend to use mostly my primary in the winter I have two magazines for it which holds a lot of ammo i think they hold 25 rounds which is a lot for a pistol in this pouch here I keep my dead rag I have a woodland camo jacket and woodland camo pants which are I like the look of woodland a lot better than I like the look of digital just a personal preference also it blends in very well with the environment I’m in being the today’s a woodland environment I have uh timberland boots they’re waterproof they’re great for fast-paced games and yeah that’s about it this is the low data load out I’ve been running for a few years now in the winter


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