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Why You Should Learn to Shoot with Real Caps

Why You Should Learn to Shoot with Real Caps

Hey what’s up brothers, I’m Viper and I’m Instinct and for today’s video we’re going to cover why we’ve started using real cap magazines for doing Airsoft, what our findings are by using them and why you should start using them as well.

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As for the subject today, please notice that this is our opinion and if you don’t agree or think differently about it, put your comments down below. We’re happy to discuss this topic with you guys.

So as already said, we use real capacity magazines for both our events and training sessions when it comes to doing Airsoft. And to be more precise, in our case that means thirty rounds for assault rifles which puts us into a very small group of players that do this.

Exactly, this somewhat is the opposite of what we see these days. Because nowadays the majority of players seem to rather spray and pray with bigger and bigger getting magazines in Airsoft. Even so that drum mags are becoming more and more popular these days.

To be more specific, when we talk about drum mags in Airsoft we’re talking about 2-to 5000 rounds compared to the 210 rounds we individually carry with our 7 magazines. These amounts of shots doesn’t only make everything very unrealistic in our eyes, but also becomes somewhat ridiculous.

This makes us think that the sport has nothing to do with skills anymore, but more with how much you’re willing to spend on your ammunition. Which is off-course something that the manufactures love to see.

And that’s what we are noticing as well these days. The Airsoft industry is developing itself towards more and more shooting at a faster and faster rate of fire which is all awesome to see on a technical level, because we’re pushing the limits of what these guns are capable off.

But what we don’t realize is that we’re destroying some aspects of the sport or hobby like simply doing a reload or putting in some effort to do teamwork. The effect of this can already be seen on the field and even on the internet these days.

Because shooting that much in a very short amount of time in a contact sport like this can trigger conflicts, especially with short-tempered people which will always be present. And guys, let’s be honest, nobody likes to get shot in such a way, especially from up close.

And to be fair, this may be one of the reasons that gives our already quite “controversial sport” a bad image to the outside world. It’s even getting so ridiculous these days that some people who entered the sport for more realism which was the big difference compared to Paintball are actually quitting Airsoft and that’s not a good thing.

Besides that, we’re also seeing an image of people wanting to be a one man army somehow. We sure think this has something to do with the image shown on social media by some famous players who seem to take out opponent after opponent and just can’t stop making killstreaks.

Now, we know there are plenty of ways to make it look like you’re invincible to the viewer, because we’re doing editing ourselves. But besides that, you can also question yourself: Would this guy survive that long or take down that many opponents if he suddenly needed to reload? Well, we can give you the answer easily and it is a big NO.

And that’s one of the things we aim to do differently in our gameplay videos. We know, they are not on point yet, but if you look at our gameplay videos you will notice us communicating all the time and also think before making a move or a shot.

So that being said, we have been using our real-caps for 8 months now of the total 3 years we’re doing this sport and our findings are let’s say quite impressive. We can definitely say that we’ve learned more stuff in the last 8 months by doing this then the 2 full years before that.

To start off with, we have a much better awareness of our mag capacity and thus know when they’re empty. And it’s not like we’re counting our shots, but it’s more of a subconscious awareness you develop by using them.

Now, the thing is, you do lose that awareness when you’re going back to other higher cap magazines and that’s one of the reasons we stick with these. Besides that, we’re also more careful with our shots and force ourselves to go single shot most of the time and aim properly.

This made us become more aware of what we can, what our guns can and what the effective ranges are of our guns. And guys 90 meters with a 350 fps AEG is bullshit! In fact we would be very impressed if you could get 50 meters effectively out of such a gun, otherwise you don’t have an idea when it comes to distances.

We’ve also forced ourselves in a way to act more in a tactical way and to work as a team. The fact is, a team is always important in a force on force activity. Only thing is, most people don’t realize it, but being limited on ammunition is certainly an eye opener.

Exactly, because this suddenly makes you think like: Holy shit I can’t do this on my own, I need the guys next to me to pull this off. And another thing that we have noticed is that reloading became very essential, especially the difference and the milliseconds between the decision of making a speed reload or a tactical reload.

But also the adaptation of our gear to improve speed and such are things you start to work on. An example of that, is our mod to turn a regular retained bungee pouch into a fast mag pouch with enough tension to firmly hold your mags.

You can find the link in the description if you want to check that mod out. Now, another thing where opinions are mostly divided is the “Bang Rule”. Which just so you know, we’re personally not really a fan of, because it is commonly being misused and you cannot properly do CQB with it.

And the fact is, it’s a contact sport so getting hit is part of it whether it’s from far ahead or up close. However we do get why this rule has been brought to life and that primarily has to do with safety.

Because once someone accidentally pulls that trigger and shoots at a ridiculous rate of fire you can expect a nasty surprise. And being limited in your mag capacity would already be a part of the solution to not need a “Bang Rule”.

That being said, possibly one of the biggest advantages we experienced is the fact that you tremendously save money on ammunition, which gives you the ability to spend that money on much better gear and accessories.

Or you can put that money on your bank account. Who the hell is going to do that? No, seriously you might need to get new pair of real-cap magazines which will cost you money, but you will also save money by not shooting that much.

And that’s not only on the BBs, but also for the wear and tear on your internals. To make a small comparison, we know of people that shoot a bag of BBs on a single day of Airsoft. That’s about 3000 shots on a single day.

We however can both do about 3 full skirm days with 1 single bag of BBs. Now, our findings make us believe that the overall force on force game experience would be much more fun with limitations in ammunition by the use of real-caps.

Off course we get that’s not possible for the LMG type of players, but then they have the ammo count advantage that comes with the disadvantage of the added weight. So, for us assault rifle users out there, don’t see it as a drawback, because it’s not like you don’t have any chance.

Yes, you have to work smart and work as a team and it can be a challenge against people using high-capacity or drum magazines these days, but you will become much much better when using real capacity magazines.

So guys, hope you consider giving it a try now that you know what our findings are and push your own limits to the next skill level. By the way, let us know what sort of magazines you currently use in the comments below.

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