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Why soldiers HATE airsoft and MIL-SIM [ WFOS ]

Why soldiers HATE airsoft and MIL-SIM [ WFOS ]

at the beginning when we started to play airsoft we had a loads of fun we were looking for some kind of cardio sport but it will be different from others so we found airsoft and we were like oh we just need some gear and stuff and many of those things we already have because we are in military stuff like uniforms vests helmets we just have to buy some face protection and those toy guns so we get them and we started to play with local airsoft players they were very positive about it that active soldiers were playing with them and they were like oh it’s cool you can definitely join us we also recorded videos about this games by the way you can stop this video and check them in the description below there are a few of them and we were really excited about this sport it was a lot of fun but later we were seeing things that were really weird we have met more and more people who were acting like they were in Special Forces with all the knowledge they were commenting on everyone’s tactics gear they were trying to use military tactics in this toy gun fights a personally I don’t have any problem with this the first of all it’s totally up to them how they want to play the game but the problem was those guys were very arrogant they were looking at the other players like they are something less than them and every time when something went wrong they blamed everyone around them but not themselves we just don’t see any reason why we should use military tactics in Toy gun fights it was a lot more fun when we were just running and rushing everything and as you can see in the videos it was even more effective after that we started to see all those things more and more how wrong and cringy many of these people behave we just wanted some fun not to hear players how they blame each other or argue and are so toxic we just didn’t understand how those people can take this game so seriously because it is something very similar to paintball but players just have military outfits gear and the bb-s are a lot smaller the difference between airsoft and paintball is that airsoft players want to look like soldiers especially type of players that take it too seriously they don’t realize it’s a toy gun fight and they take it like some kind of military training it has nothing to do with real firefights it just looks similar on photos but it’s something completely different I met so many people in the sport and all of them were taking it as a fun which this sport is really about because all the way in the airsoft you can wear a Special Forces patch and not be able to run two miles only in airsoft milsim or it’s up to you how we want to call it you are able to be a commander without any knowledge you can grow yourself a beard have a big belly act like a military veteran but for all people around you you are just a grown up child playing with his toy guns it was awesome experience to play with local players that take the airsoft as a fun but if you take it so seriously why didn’t you enlist more you play more you see all those nonsense than you see this people start to eat MREs even though they don’t need to and ask you why don’t you have an optics on a ball action toy gun that shoots 50 meters sometimes you feel like you’re from another planet that’s the point when you have no words and sometimes it’s not even possible to argue one of those ultra special airsoft fen years of milsim toy-gun experienced was commenting on the Ministry of Defense posts about my colleague who was awarded for not pulling a trigger in the direction of crowded area because gunshots came from that area he did not see a target so he didn’t pull the trigger and there’s milsim pro-ULTRA experienced player typed a comment about him being pussy and blamed him about not recognizing a target but you know everyone can type a comment even if it’s 10 years old or a grown up human with an IQ under 70 and now the kids well almost everyone behaves arrogant to the kids or teenagers playing airsoft it’s normal for kids and teenagers to play with toy guns and you cannot blame them for having fun so the problem is probably somewhere else what I think is not normal when is a grown-up man gives himself a rank and makes everybody around to call him by that rank and if it’s happening something they don’t like and when they are losing badly it’s kind of funny how toxic they can became all those people ruining this awesome sport anyway there was few reasons why we don’t play airsoft so often anymore we may play some evens in future but not this year because of deployments we may join the border war even in Europe in 2020 just because of our friends and atmosphere and personally you can comment what do you want this channel to be about in the future it was created for all of you


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