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Why I Love Airsoft ft GI Mike – Airsoft GI

Why I Love Airsoft ft GI Mike – Airsoft GI

Hey everyone, my name is Michael. I’ve been playing Airsoft for nine years and this is why I love Airsoft. I mainly love Airsoft because it’s a hobby that gets me outdoors it gets me you know just out of the house, away from the real world, pretty much it’s very similar to a kind of a video game escape but it gets me out interacting with other people in person.

Being a firearm advocate in California is pretty hard sometimes but Airsoft is a great alternative to that it allows me to have very cool-looking weapons and it allows me to collect some of the things that I’ve seen in movies, TV, video games, comics, a lot of different things of media show you all these, you know, cool guns that you can’t exactly own in California so Airsoft is a good alternative to collecting, you know, show pieces like that.

Another thing I really do enjoy doing is going out to fields meeting new people, learning different tactics on how they play, how they manipulate their weapons, a lot of what I’ve learned has come from playing Airsoft and taking in as much information as possible.

My philosophy when I play is play hard, play aggressive, and stay towards the front but not at the immediate front. Now the reason I don’t like to be at the immediate front is oftentimes it’s usually one or two kills and then you’re eliminated right away while if you sit back just a little bit you’re still able to see everything going on and still be able to maintain good cover and still be effective and not get yourself eliminated and still be an asset for your team.

The kit that I use one I maintain that play style is very simple it hasn’t really changed much over the years the play carrier’s been changed out a few times. Currently, I’m on the Shellback Banshee it’s a very comfortable plate carrier very lightweight and I really do enjoy running it and then I keep it simple for what goes onto it on the front I typically have three magazines holding everything maybe a kangaroo pouch if I am running a longer game and then some kind of EMT pouch on my back and then hydration carrier and that’s pretty much it for my plate carrier I don’t really like to overload it.

Maybe a water bottle pouch but that would be pretty much the extent of it but if I have the hydration carry on it I really don’t need it and then maybe a radio pouch for those longer games that the extra comms and communications with for the rest of the team.

Headgear wise, it really hasn’t changed much, it’s usually either a hat helmet or some kind of beanie, something to protect my head when I’m playing longer games I’ll typically go the helmet route so I can run my GoPro, shout out to BrainExploder for the BrainExplorer mount, very solid mount so I can record everything using my GoPro.

My second line is where I really kind of rely more on my kit it’s a very basic I believe is the dragon spine is what it was called we used to sell them they’re a very affordable belt I pulled all the pouches off and put my own on there.

Currently I have some HSGI Tacos, I have some Rheological Customs banger clips, an HSGI mag-net dump pouch, and a Rheological Customs Kydex holster for my Glock 17. Now I really do prefer the custom Kydex holster specifically for what I’m carrying.

It’s just much more snug, much more secure, and it gets out a lot faster than something that’s kind of like a general-purpose cotton pouch or a fabric pouch that isn’t really designed for one particular thing but it’s not a secure as I would like it to be.

Alright now that I’ve talked about my kit I kind of want to discuss my background and what really got me started in Airsoft. Originally, I started playing paintball around 2007-2008 and I had absolute blast doing that.

I was out with my family, a couple of my friends, and I had another friend at school, actually he had mentioned Airsoft to me, you know you know, “What’s Airsoft?” he told me it’s similar to paintball in that you know you shoot other players with guns similar to yours but the guns were much more real, and then the main projectile wasn’t a paintball is a little plastic BB.

I’m like, “I’m not too sure how that sounds” and then he invited me to go with him to Airsoft GI actually so I went with him to the store and I was blown away by everything in there. The guns that looks so real.

The cost of everything was roughly on par with paintball and I was really blown away by the the quality of the guns and you know the craftsmanship of it. The first gun I ever owned was actually a spring 1911 that I picked up at Big Five and I still have that to this day, but that’s pretty much the extent of experience I had with Airsoft and I wasn’t you know too familiar with the competitive aspect of it and he brought me in to GI, he got a WE Tech 1911, I ended up going home empty-handed because I didn’t have any money on me at the time, but it wasn’t long until I came back and started building my own inventory of Airsoft stuff and I haven’t stopped since it’s, it’s become literally my favorite hobby, it’s my favorite thing to do.

I’d rather go to an indoor field player Airsoft with all you guys rather than stay at home and play video games but it’s a really fun hobby I’ve enjoyed every single second of it. The reason I’ve really stuck around is the community that’s been built within Airsoft.

It’s a really tight-knit community, it seems like everybody knows each other, you know, I got friends that play at feels pretty much every day of the week, I got friends working within the industry at other field, stores, across the country even.

I got friends that do YouTube as well and they’ve it’s all come from this one hobby and even the people are hanging out with regularly outside of work and not playing Airsoft they they came from the Airsoft community and I’m very grateful for that.

Nine years ago, when I started, I didn’t expect to be where I’m at today, I didn’t see this becoming a pretty much a new hobby for life. I met new people, GI gave me the opportunity to be within the industry about two years ago and ever since then my love for the the hobby and game has just grown so much and I’m blown away by how far it’s taking me to this point.

Alright so that’s Why I Love Airsoft now go ahead and comment down below why you love Airsoft what got you into it, why you’ve stuck around, what innovations are keeping you in our Hobby, Sport, Game, whatever you really want to call it and I really do look forward to hearing from all of you guys.

Alright guys that’s gonna conclude today’s video. Make sure you do hit the like, share, and subscribe button and don’t forget to hit the notifications icon to be notified any time we upload brand new content.

My name is Michae, this has been GI TV I’ll see you on the next one.


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