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Why Chem Lights? (Military/Milsim/Airsoft/Sports?)

Why Chem Lights? (Military/Milsim/Airsoft/Sports?)

hey guys what’s going on this another airsoft did one production today we’re gonna be doing the video overview of some chem sticks that I got I got these off ebay from a guy that buys and sells chem sticks I believe his eBay user name is play gym pub or bub something like that pretty much if you just type in chem stakes you’re gonna see the same kind of box with chem stakes scattered around so pretty much what I got these floors in Milson west strike on the steps I’ll be doing a follow up on these on you know how they worked for me as you can see by my rifle right here I do have one of these chem sticks taped or rubber banded into my stock that’s just kind of something that some special operations forces do they just kind of have it right there I will be replacing this one this is a blue one when I get my next shipment of them from this guy which are red I’ll be putting a red one right there the red for the milsim West is emergency use only that’s what this is gonna be because my primary weapons gonna be on me at all times I’ll be able to just rip that and crack that by pulling it down if I need to ASAP so pretty much you can buy a box of ten that’s what I did here a box of ten blue ones and then I also got a box of three red ones and then a box of three IR now I really didn’t need ten I got ten because some of my teammates needed some but pretty much what these are is just a normal chem light if you’re not familiar with chem-lights it’s just a glow stick now these are you know chem lights a WOD LC industries you know and there’s a million different uses for chem lights whether it’s you know you’re going hiking you want something so people will be able to see you marking cargo drops you know if you’re in the military you’re in your private security contractor whatever you can use these for you know you know there’s a thousand things on here that they say you could use them for mine field operations refueling helicopter landings cargo drops covert operations building structures and fibia Sasori evacuations signaling route marking medical triage vehicle marking firefighting traffic control yada yada yada yada there’s a million different things you use these for there’s six inch lights there they come in boxes of ten I have a couple extra just shoved in here these are just neon green ones that I have these are just like camping ones that I have but let’s say I believe I have an open one in here somewhere no I don’t I showed you what it looked like so it really doesn’t matter it’s just a big chem stick the they’re supposed to last eight hours so I’ll be doing to follow up on how well these actually work these ones like I said I got our blue they’re called Cal CY al um e Cyalume or something like that I don’t know the only thing is is they are expired so that’s why he was selling them cheaper I don’t know if that really means anything I hope not otherwise there will not be a happy review going on eBay I found the one that was actually open these come in little foil wrap things it’s supposed to make them last longer they’re non-toxic they’re pretty simple there’s just one chemical inside and another chemical in that gel just like every other glow stick in the world you crack it and then you shake it and then it turns into the color that you need and you’re I think it’s pretty cool when the company includes a foil-lined one of these because then especially if you’re using this an airsoft a red one as like a dead rag or something you could just put this in a little pouch or something and you can just drop that in there and now it’s not protruding light everywhere so you could just have that in there you die dump it out okay I’m dead for night games and whatnot so this has just been a little quick overview of some chem sticks that I got from this eBay user thanks guys for watching this has been another airsoft in two on production I’m out stay tuned


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