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Hey kid Mercy *insert house gamers intro here* Hello everybody and welcome to a BRAND new airsoft scopecam gameplay Usually in a day of airsoft I get a couple of rounds worth of video to edit together for you guys to enjoy On this day I didnt quite do that so this is a compilation of a bunch of different rounds using the GR-25 Aswell as a leaf suit I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you do remember to leave a like and a sub! *POLARSTAR* “Nice shooot” “nice shot” HIT! YOU ALREADY ADDED SUBTITLES DAYTON *odd noises* im not gonna add subtitles to people getting hit you already have the cod hit thing “Nice shot!” “Thank you sir!” “yoo hoo!” What a puh-.

.. What a polite fellow I know some people question the effectiveness of these leaf suits, but I hope this little scenario here Shows you how well they can work *GEARBOX VROOM* Hey kid, mercy Mer-cey I can shoot you or you can walk away Yeah just walk away Later on in the game we moved into a more open forest to play some team deathmatch INSIDE THE HOUSE Because the leaf suit is very much useless in the open forest i moved into the thicker brush To see if i could sneak up on the guy in the house Before I was able to get to a good shooting position he was able to escape the house and run around to the back With that player taken out we were able to move up the left flank and continue taking out the enemy team Im going to uhh, cross your stream there okay? 3, 2, 1 WHAT WAS THAT *VROOM* Gotem *WIND* That land near ya? No? Okay! I was able to take out one player with my grenade and then I PROCEEDED TO SHOOT HIM AGAIN with my pistol when he tried to return it to me.

.. Sorry- OH YOU’RE BRINGING MY GREE- (okay what) Im sorry! Thank you sir *typical polite canadian* (dayton cant shoot) shooting through bushes you’re not gonna get through any of that you just gotta keep shootin’ *baby vroom* *MANLY VROOM* Yeah nobodys gonna watch the outro DAYTON YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY I SPENT LIKE 30 MINUTES SUBTITLING THIS 5 MINUTE VIDEO WHEN I COULD HAVE BEEN DOING OTHER THINGS ANYWAY I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THANKS BYE SINCERELY YOURS ~logan


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