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When you can start to play airsoft? | GUNMAN AIRSOFT MIDLANDS

When you can start to play airsoft? | GUNMAN AIRSOFT MIDLANDS

Hi guys welcome back to Sunday Warriors! I’m Ronalds and I’m 12 years old. Today we’re going to play airsoft which is my favorite hobby because it’s a lot of fun and strategic and I know a lot of parents think that it’s not safe or their kids are just too young, but today I’m going to argue with them by saying that’s actually really safe.

First of all the full face protection. It must be worn at all times. It protects your eyes and mouth. Next thing is the gun. It’s not real gone it’s a BB gun which shoots a white plastic pellets which are fed into this type of magazine and this gun is pretty much like a Nerf but just a lot more cool, tactical and realistic.

it’s actually not a real gun if you didn’t understand already. Next thing is there a body armor. It’s protecting you if you get shot from the back or the front and it will take up the shot and just make a noise.

Just fucking run they will just give you more protection. Now you know that your child is no more protected oh so let’s get into the video we are starting the game and we are in the tag team. Opponents are starting from the fuel station located on the upper left corner of the map.

Our team starting point is a compound. You can see on the middle of the map. The opponent team is attackers in their mission is to take over the compound where we are starting and the church located in the lower right corner on the map they also must place the chemistry then we must defend us point the mass of our team are seeing in the compound and trying to defend it me and five others are going down to the fender chuff.

We are taking positions around the bottom bridge but because it is the most likely place the opponents will go we try to worry hard to hold our position but unfortunately enemies took over the chip. I hope we’ll have better luck next time.

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