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What Should I put on my Plate Carrier? Guide to Building a Plate Carrier Set up

What Should I put on my Plate Carrier? Guide to Building a Plate Carrier Set up

what’s up operators this is jet other Fox today I’m going to be going over what to put on your plate carrier now before you ask yourself what do I want to put on my plate carrier you first need to ask yourself what is it exactly that I want to carry on my plate carrier I’m sure a lot of you have seen photos from Special Operations units and other elite military forces with tons of stuff on their plate carriers such as tourniquets glow sticks radio equipment and all other sorts of tactical gear that you probably don’t even know what it is you then probably said to yourself I need that stuff no you don’t you don’t need that stuff and here’s why because a lot of that equipment is task-specific meaning that that unit has come up with its own procedure and tactics for that little piece of gear now until your airsoft team milsim team or buddy that you play airsoft with every weekend comes up with your own SOPs or tactics for that piece of gear you probably don’t need it now let’s get into what the basic airsofter should probably carry on their plate carrier first and foremost you’re probably going to want to carry magazines now depending on the style of mag you’re using depends on the type of pouch for m4 style magazines there are tons of options let’s say you have multiple gun platforms such as the m4 and aks mgs4 throw eight DMR style rifles obviously you’ll need more than one type of pouch one option to avoid buying several pouches for the same plate carrier is to simply buy larger Universal pouches that can hold many styles of magazines next you may want to carry a radio system on you so you’ll need a radio pouch now radio pouch doesn’t have to be specifically for radio it could be a simple m4 style pouch that you fits the radio that you’re currently using if you’re using a secondary such as a handgun or SMG handgun or SMG pouches might be in your future on your plate carrier for those of you carrying smoke grenades flashbang grenades pyrotechnic grenades or maybe just 40 millimeter grenade a large general-purpose pouch can be used to carry all these things miscellaneous items such as speed loaders can also fit in a GP pouch if you’re carrying a first-aid kit a GP pouch can also be used as an eye pack as you can tell the main theme here is a pouch can be used for anything you need it to be used for take for instance this source hydration bladder even though it was intended for a hydration bladder it can still hold a number of items now on this table we obviously have a lot of items let’s see what we’ll just fit inside the pouch Enola Gay millech it’s perfectly and there’s still room for Enola Gay flashbangs and we might even have room for thistle magazine all that fit in this little pouch now just because you have something that you need doesn’t necessarily mean there has to be a pouch for it take for instance the speed loader while it can easily fit in an m4 style pouch this could also go in our cargo pocket or in my backpack leaving space for something else useful on my plate carrier that’s going to wrap up this video if you have any other suggestions on what to put on a plate carrier leave them in the comments below as always this is jet desert fox and I’ll see you on the field we are on the other closet side of this wall right here oh yeah I can hear a large group of enemy attackers on the other side of the wall time for an Enola Gay eg 67


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