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What happened to me ?

What happened to me ?

Hello everybody, welcome to this video ! After procrastinating a lot, I’m finally trying to make this video, where I’m going to explain why I stopped posting videos on my YouTube channel To be honest, I’m in a dilemma As you can imagine (or maybe not), if I wanted to explain the whole story, I would need to talk a lot about my personnal life But I’m really not comfortable with the idea of telling personnal stuff publicly on YouTube Yet, I do believe you deserve some explanations, which is why I did turn the camera on and why I’m talking in front of it Frankly I’m totally improvising, I don’t really know what I’m going to say in this video This video might be a bit confusing, sorry in advance for that So, where to begin.

.. I think the simplest way to explain is that at the end of the year 2017, something happened in my personnal life which affected me deeply Consequently, I lost interest in basically everything which interested me at the time, including my YouTube channel and airsoft It lasted a few months, which have been quite difficult for me The good news is that I feel much better today The bad news is that my interest for airsoft, somehow, never came back To be perfectly honest it was only half a surprise I believe that what happened is that I ended up getting bored by airsoft I’ve been passionated about it for over 12 years now, not to mention that during the last several years, I was working for an airsoft company Between my work at Airsoft Entrepot and my activities on YouTube, I was eating Airsoft basically 6 days per week, and sometime even 7 days The problem, when you spend so much time on something, is that you lack time to do other things in your life In the last several years, there are things I stopped to do mostly because I didn’t had time for them, and it was frustrating If you’re a long time subscriber, maybe you remember that I uploaded a scuba diving video (the year was.

.. 2012, maybe ?) Scuba diving is a good example, it’s something I totally stopped to do in the last several years This year, I finally managed to dive again and I was thrilled to dive again And, since I stopped being passionated about airsoft, quickly it became obvious to me that I had to quit my job at Airsoft Entrepot It might be a news for some people I’m not sure, but I did stop working at Airsoft Entrepot at the begining of the year The main reason being that I was no longer interested by airsoft It might be a bit simple hearted or something, but I couldn’t imagine working for an airsoft company and not being passionated about it As far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t be able to correctly do my job and I would feel like an impostor It wasn’t an easy decision to make because Airsoft Entrepot has been an incredible opportunity In fact, if my former colleagues are watching, I salute you, and I miss you guys ! I do believe it was the right decision to make Note that my new lack of interest for airsoft is the main reason explaining why I quit my job, but it’s not the only one But if I had to explain all the reasons I would need to talk about personnal stuff, and I don’t want to Something I’m going to say though : I didn’t quit Airsoft Entrepot.

.. How to say that It wasn’t because of a conflict with my former boss or colleagues or something, I’ve not been fired, etc, I have no hard feeling whatsoever with Airsoft Entrepot If I had to summarize, it would go like this : I stopped doing videos because at the moment I no longer want to The motivation isn’t here and I can’t see continuing to do videos on my YouTube channel without the motivation Here it is I guess, I think it the most honest explanation I can give you So, what will happen with this YouTube channel ? I’ll let it like it is, you’ll still be able to watch my old videos Maybe, someday, I’ll do videos again, I can’t tell for now, not in the short term though, but maybe someday Also, in the next few months, I’ll probably selll a big part of my airsoft guns and gear, I’ll talk about it on my Facebook page so follow it if you’re interested Don’t hesitate to ask a question in the comment section if you want to, if I forgot something Then again don’t ask something too personnal because I probably won’t answer I think I said everything.

.. Thanks for watching this video, thanks for watching my videos over all those years My YouTube channel has been a big source of satisfaction in my life, so thank you for that See you next time !


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