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What Batteries are best for your airsoft gun? (Q&A Series)

What Batteries are best for your airsoft gun? (Q&A Series)

what’s going on everybody here and welcome back to another episode of some Q&A Mondays today I have a bunch of great questions from you guys thank you for all the questions and if you’re new to the show you don’t know how it works is super simple if you want me to answer a question on the show leave it down in the comments and it will get answered that’s the way it goes around here right now so let’s just quickly hop into the updates I went to Cedar Creek this past weekend thanks to Mick for coming out bunch of fun playing with you he shot me with his mp7 well I was a zombie that thing hurt a lot but yeah that was a ton of fun and I have a fun little over shoot story to tell you guys there was a dude my midfield and the game had just started and I forgot the team had already set up on the field and so why am i running full-speed in the middle of the field and the guy could have easily got me out with one shot but instead he sprayed me down with a thirty round per second that felt good we don’t overshoot anyone they say whatever but yeah that was kind of interesting other than that not too much I have a new series coming up but that will be at the end of the episode so make sure to stay tuned but that’s all it for the updates let’s dive in to your guys questions and have Asus ask if you own a red dot already would it be better to get a magnifier or a magnified sight so the first question from us it’s kind of interesting I’ve never really thought about this I don’t really I didn’t even think about using magnifier at all until this question was posed to me and someone actually replied to this comment and answered it pretty perfectly I mean pretty much what he said is he has a magnifier and when you flipped that magnifier up the the dot on the red dot sways everywhere which definitely isn’t what you want it’s kind of hard to see down it just because there’s a gap in between the two glass pieces where the magnifier inside is so that could be a little bit iffy if you’re like switching between cqv and kind of like field play a lot Bravo I think is the company it goes from a one-time zoom Joe four times in so that would be a really good choice to you kind of it’s like a little diet or you just turn the dial and it goes up in magnification so that’s a really good thing to do if you’re transitioning a lot you can just get one of those and just by the lo7 double-oh-seven asked my question is how old were you when you first went into airsoft and what did you think of it so when I first got into airsoft let’s see I think I was in fifth grade I can’t really do the math in my head right now and I like way over thought like the power I overestimated the power of an airsoft gun and I thought it was gonna be like a real gun and it was gonna shoot like a mile and it was gonna hurt a lot so like me and my friend then we had like the cheap little beacon regarding slick back then so I saw oh like one of my friends like maybe 500 feet away and my teammate was maybe like 50 feet in front of me and so I thought it was a good idea to shoot at my friend that was like 500 feet away from me and I ended up shooting my other like teammate friend in the back and so that was pretty funny and I was like wow these guns really are that powerful mccain barnes asks what batteries do you use so this is a great question actually comes up quite frequently like what battery is good to use a mic on now a lot of people you always hear about the lipos being used in the gun but there’s actually some negatives to lipos first of all you have to buy a separate charger for them because they need like a special charger or else they can literally blow up and you don’t want that fire they can definitely catch on fire and burn some stuff pretty good and secondly they can destroy your gearbox if you’re running like a slightly less than medium grade or like low grade going you put a lipo battery in there it’s gonna take a little bit to corrode that gearbox but eventually you’re gonna strip their gears and then you don’t have a working gun anymore so I’d say it’s your guns than anywhere in price range from like 150 below you’re probably not safe using a lipo that being said there’s tons of better options a nine point six volt battery we’re working pretty much any gun oh it’s just what I use I like to stay on the safe side so if you don’t know if your gun can handle a lipo but you still want to decent rate of fire you’re good your response I’d go for a 9.

6 cuz you’re pretty much safe with those and any going to put it in but if you’re really not sure and you’re running like an LPG which is like a super cheap one I’d run a 7.2 or lower but yeah you’re running like a super cheap I sub $100 like primary gun I’d stick with like a 7.

2 that’s just my and finally and have this ask what’s your favorite camo pattern so this is kind of an interesting question it’s another one that I’ve never really thought about for me honestly I don’t have a favorite camo pattern I pretty much just wear whatever fits in a my surrounding the one that I’m currently wearing right now when I go out to play is like a classic woodland camo which is pretty basic I mean pick it up at like an army surplus or anything like that but I mean it blends in with all those cedar trees and that brush pretty nicely because all that brown but yeah I’d say that would have to be my favorite because that’s what I wear all the time but I mean I don’t really have a favorite I’m sated wear whatever the best bits of your surroundings speaking of camera with stuff like that I’m going to try to get a loadout video to you guys I know one person was asking what I was like using in my gameplay so I’m gonna try it in a stitch together a loadout video for you guys hopefully should come out sooner or later I can find the time to just take up a lot of time but I will try to find the time to do it and get a little bit you guys soon alright guys that’s it for questions today I have a couple left over if we don’t have enough for next week but if you have a question put it down in the comments section so now we’re going to move on to the topic of the week this week’s gonna be a little bit short because I couldn’t really think of anything but I had a really good idea for a new series to do so at first I was like let’s do an airsoft for beginners but then I was like these ideas could be free beginners but they’re actually kind of advanced really super advanced but there’s something an intermediate player really like to know that I found out like in the past couple years I think I really love to share with you guys so pretty much what I’m gonna be doing is it’s kind of like an airsoft for noobs but it’s a little bit more advanced it’s like their software dummies all know so be on the lookout for that one if you have any like topics or anything that you’d like me to do in that like obviously the first one would be something super super simple like how to sighting have done of all things and of course later on I’m going to begin in like formations and walking and stuff like that to be like really quiet be personally I like to be super sneaky when I’m out on the field of whatever I don’t know I’m extremely quiet and it only takes shots when I need to and that’s kind of stuff I want to share with you guys so if you have any topic she would like me put on the airsoft for beginners go ahead and put those down in the comment section but that’s gonna be it for me today guys I hope you enjoyed remember to leave those things down in the comment section that’s a pretty day and I’ll see you in the next one goodbye


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