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Well MB4410 Sniper Gameplay | Airsoft deutsch Battle


Hey guys, Geonox here Welcome to a new Airsoft Video Today we are playing on a friend’s field it is my third time playing Airsoft my primary is the sniper rifle Well MB4410 my sidearm is the CYMAGlock 18 AEP on the field we have P. Dawg KurzerAgent Axt and my YouTube Buddy Stephen if you like survival outdoor or bushcraft the link to his channel is in the description below and thank you Biggi for food and drinks game mode is Rescue the VIP their mission is to take him to the safe zone our mission is to eliminate the VIP over there that’s the safe zone the start spot is 200m in that direction Stephen and I are waiting for them to get to the start spot we are waiting for them to signal the start of the game here we go there are 3 lanes to get to the safe zone right., left and mid there are trees on the left and on the right and theirs an open field in the middle our guess ist that they won’t come down the middle they will take one of the sides here’s a small hill careful, don’t trip they are not on this side yup they are on the other side we here branches cracking Stephen: watch that side Stephen: they are behind the camp Stephen and I split up I check the other side for movement there’s something on the right why on earth am I using these way too light 0.2g BBs OK that won’t work I am the worst sniper ever I got to get closer where is my Glock careful I hear shots but they are not going in my direction they are coming from down there someone is down there eveyone has 3 lives that was one of them the opponent signals his 3 HITS and he is out emm what am I shooting at? where did he go? I don’t see him anymore I got to get closer Geo: He is already out Stephen shot the opponent that I already eliminated Geo: Over there, do you see him? Geo: Over by the tree Geo: Shall I rush? Geo: I am going Geo: Cover me Geo: Move up HIT I am HIT Why am I standing there like Rambo without cover Geo: They can#t reach us Geo: We can sit down here my mag is empty I am so stupid I feel safe here I reload without any cover at all I get punished for that HIT Geo: So Geo: I will get you now my glasses are fogged up I can’t see anymore Gep: Yup the VIP takes his thrid HIT he is out We win this round Geo: Very good That’s it for today guys slowly but surely we are getitng there If you liked the video leave a thumbs up let me know your favorite field in the comments down below I am looking forward to your feedback and I will see you next time bye bye


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