Home Airsoft Loadouts Welche Airsoft Waffen haben wir alles?! UNSERE WAFFENWAND

Welche Airsoft Waffen haben wir alles?! UNSERE WAFFENWAND

Welche Airsoft Waffen haben wir alles?! UNSERE WAFFENWAND

Hey guys Sorry, good evening guys we’re reacting kind of spontaneous to your request So today Right? – Yes So we’ll show our weapons to you today We just had to check what we do have here Because some of the weapons are in Mahlwinkel And two weapons are still on their way If everything works, we will get two new weapons tomorrow So Lara and me can play them on Sunday And you can see it next Wednesday in the gameplay then So let’s hurry a bit because there are some models here so I’ll just tell what it is and for which reason and where we bought them Because there are 2-3 special things included Let’s start left Here we’ve got the CM 16 Raider Combat Machine from G&G, we have to be fair and tell you they’re all CM16 and there are about 20 pieces left The reason for this is not, that I’m completely in love with this weapon But on last years’ Dark Emergency the ehhhm German qualification – thank you Lara this was helpful for the World Cup in Taipei This was the item which was used for this And G&G left all the weapons in Germany then So we’ve got about 30 weapons of this Pretty cool- Just G&G thinks Well typical G&G It doesn’t work once, it works ten times Then here we’ve got a cream puff Thank you So a highlight for the beginning A custom tippmann So HPA system Here is the mount for the tube And then the fun starts My only HPA weapon we’ve got here Lara played with it until now In my opinion it’s cool for beginners You don’t have to order it custom You can take it just like this and then start It provides a constantly good performance It’s a big advantage in winter because it doesn’t depend on the weather And it was definitely time for a HPA system I never played it – Because I’ve always played it And in Didam at Blackout Airsoft Martin played it and before only you Time for me to play it once Lara take the ladder please, I’ll start at the bottom This is from Ares an Octa Arms weapon Got it from GSG Unfortunately never played it well, I wasn’t playing airsoft for a long time This one is adjusted to our joule boarders in Mahlwinkel Dominic did this for me Nice look right? And you hear this again and again that Octa arms or models from Ares in general are very good, so every beginner can easily play it And start directly So I’ve been playing this weapon for a really long time Ivan already did a review about this We put the link in the bio? – Yes It’s a Systema PTW It was my big goal then to buy a System once I’ve been playing MP5 from Classic army then or top tech.

So this was always my dream I always wanted to buy a Systema This is my second one, I sold my first one Nice thing! I’ve been really rocking with this So everyone who ever played with a Systema knows it’s a different style from airsoft Because the whole system is so attuned I’m still amazed Meanwhile there is the HPA system and meanwhile we’re so far in the technics of airsoft So it’s not necessary to buy a weapon for 2000€ But it was my dream and it came true Here we’ve got an other highlight HK416 A5 Such an amazing thing It’s my first GBB weapon, from Umarex I got it from Conos I guess It’s in RAL 8000 Like the G28 The G28 will find its place here soon as well But this is none of the weapons which are in their way So RAL 8000 And it’s really fun, like I said it’s GBB, I’ve never played it before I tried this one on Beerzone last year Well I guess I just got it there I really enjoyed it It’s a completely different feeling There is such a heavy blow-back I think I’ve got gas in here, then we can try it As you can hear it’s really fun It’s so loud So some persons might duck their head on the field only from the sound Here we’ve got our project guns, I call them project guns because someone of Airsoft Helden and me, I don’t want to say a name now wanted to take this HK 417 D so it’s a short one We wanted to adjust it a bit We hadn’t got time for that until now But that’s the reason why we’ve got two, over there is the other one At the moment they’re both here in my hands, but this will change We got plans with them, so pretty cool Have a closer look at the magazines There are these shells inside well they’re dummies It’s 762, so the right caliber and the caliber which does big holes If you ask me it’s such a nice weapon.

I do really like the stock as well Some people always say, this was so ugly but I think it’s lit That’s it, ah and it’s an SAEG This weapon you saw already sometimes I guess I played this already two or three times and we even did a gameplay with it, HK 416 C SAEG, I think what is so wicked is this stock Very nice It doesn’t wiggle It’s good to handle, so nice for CQB I absolutely fell in love.

At first I was no big fan I saw this and wasn’t that amused But this completely changed, I do really like it now And it’s a model which I got for Tobi – Ah this one is for Tobi? Tobi if you’re kind, you get this soon But mine which I already played is at the moment at airsoft2go because it’s filled with some stuff Gonna tell you more about this at another point So for me this is a very nice CQB gun Like I said, there is one more Amoeba here from Ares It’s 15 inches, very long You can do a DMR model from this It’s called ehhhm what’s the name of it again I guess it’s called hell breaker Can you see this? – Yes Kind of stylish, I like I got it from GSG I think last year I don’t quite know I definitely have to take it to the field It’s brand new, it even smells new So brand new, did never play with it Please don’t judge me when I say that I never played this weapon The reason for this is that we from Airsoft Helden get these weapons and I can’t play them all at once, of course I’m trying this now part for part Because I’m always feeling bad when saying that I didn’t play it Here we’ve got the SSG 24 from Novritsch You saw this already in our unboxing and in our Mission24 gameplay video There is a stark scope on it I’m gonna tell you more about this later, it’s not the topic today But let’s go back to the rifle because some of you already asked me Is it really that nice and not only Hocus Pocus? Well I unboxed it, played with it Okay first my scope wasn’t rightly adjusted This was kind of sick for me, but then it was really fun I’m not the tinkerer anyway So in my opinion it’s a nice rifle This is my completely subjective opinion And I dont’t get money for it or stuff.

So M870 from Cyma with these small tactical elements and my real EOTech used this for the gameplay Was pretty cool, I’m a big fan of shotguns It’s a repeater There are three barrels in So it’s three shots Pretty cool These are the mags And so you can go on.

I had so much fun with this Perfect for CQB So I can definitely recommend getting a shot gun everyone Got it This is a Kriss Vector from KWA GBB, and this is really fun Unfortunately I do only have 1 mag You can’t buy this weapon any more So some guys already asked me, if I want to sell it, I don’t I’m really happy having it Played it with an EOtech, so no flip ups Like I already mentioned, it’s GBB I’ll maybe buy the silencer one day, too This weapon polarizes Some people say it’s damn ugly and then there are people like me who really like it Well I think it’s pretty cool There’s a battery box at the very front Don’t want to say any more about this item Lara got Well when we were in Vegas at 5.

11 Lara wanted to have these Tactical Leggins Right, they weren’t available at the store in Vegas They only were available in short and not my size, so I was kind of upset But Jasper of PraetoTec sent me a 5.

11 tactical leggings My size and in black, I do really appreciate it Changed directly Well looks… nice . And btw Martin said he wants one, too He was kind of sad that he didn’t get one There will be a leggings prohibition in the office now, I don’t think this is good I’d say #martininleggings in the comments Nooo not Martin There is the other Leggings of Max You got it here? – No, it’s at home But we can announce now you all made nice suggestions And we decided on definitely forcing Max to wear it on Dark Emergency He already said it’s okay Well under threat of violence He will not wear it constantly, but you will definitely see a nice scene of him with the leggings With this out of space style It’s going to be so nice I’ll climb up by myself Here we’ve got a G&G model It’s the SD Let me check it It’s the MP5 SD4 I guess the number at the end stands for another stock Because the SD is for silencer I played this type of weapon earlier already, not from G&G but it was always like my weapon Was my first weapon I played in airsoft So over 18, before I had some other weapons But with this one I’ve been always rocking I got a second one now, because that was the weapon I wanted to have originally But unfortunately this wasn’t available.

So this is SD4, hard stock I wanted to have the Navy Seal variety The SD6 It’s up here – You make me unemployed -Why? Because you’re takin’ the weapons now You can hold it then – This is SD 6 It’s got this navy seal stock Similar to the HK 416 See And very short for CQB Nearly looks like okay there is this long silencer now, but it nearly looks like a weapon which I wanted to have earlier and now I got it over G&G So there are two MP5s here at the moment So the 6 and the 4 Here we’ve got a short shotgun I bough it for OP Tschernobyl once OP Tschernobyl is for LARP I wanted to be kind of a mayor It unfortunately doesn’t work It’s broken Doesn’t woork It’s a 870 model, but a short one I don’t even know from which brand this is If you know it, write it in the comments The last three weapons at the wall aren’t mine They belong to Martin, first one is from Cyma or Echo One, the red star It’s custom, so stock is changed And there are rail covers The flash damper is changed as well He changed it to items he liked more It’s called Redstar OCW Operator Combat Weapon It’s a tactical AK Martin is such an AK fan And you’re the HK fan I just knew you would say this It continues with an upper for this ICS I hope he inserted a battery Because he shortened the trigger way Martin is more like the technician guy He’s got an eo clone here And this nice grasp A weapon from someone who plays regularly looks like this But well Martin wasn’t playing for such a long time now We’ll play together on sunday Ah well he went with us to Didam as well We’re all starting together again now So he prepared this one Ah there’s no battery in it, Martin – safety first Don’t know if you can see this, have a closer look That’s the trigger way This means It’s very sensitive I don’t like it that much personally Because you really have to pay attention Only one blow and you shoot Martin really liked it so he prepared it like this At the back there is a watch, so he can never forget when it’s time for the lunch break Oh hot dogs soon So this is the weapon he will play on sunday Sunday is game day, we aren’t quite sure, where we are going to play We would tell you otherwise You see this vid on saturday This means we’re going to play tomorrow, but don’t know where We’re discussing about Montabaur or the Hill Let’s see, if you want to know it just write it in the comments and we can answer them on saturday directly Then we can meet That’s it Lara ordered a new weapon as well So Lara will get a new one I will get my 416 back which was tuned And you can show your weapons the next days Yes I’ll do this when it arrives So in the following we’ll review the weapon of Lara She will only tell her about her subjective impression That’s it for today You got to know our weapons now We have to admit they’re the weapons I collected Lara is brand new in business – fresh! Until now you didn’t have your own gun right – Yes it’s finally on its way Tell us about which weapon you liked most from the ones we presented Just write it in the comments Or tell us which weapon you would like to see in a game play We follow you.

Did I forget something? No – Okay we’re through then See you again on Wednesday with the gameplay of the gameday on sunday fromt he field which we don’t know about yet So if there’s nothing left, see you I learned, always watch your back Can you please sit down like a russian girl again? Lara come on only once Lara is so in love with the camera Oh damn you look like .

.. It’s from … the sister Nonononono I hate u U hate me?


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