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Weapon Blender Airsoft SPC MOPC Overview

Weapon Blender Airsoft SPC   MOPC Overview

today we’re going to discuss the spc or mo PC line of full plate carriers we have four manufacturers condor voodoo Emerson and NcStar each of these plate carriers has full Molly coverage as well as for torso protection that are capable of carrying a medium sized sappy plate in the front and rear and each vest has a very similar cut to them now the one difference between them is the manufacturers all have a different color tone in between there tan and OD line this is the eagle industries SPC which is used by our military today now we do not carry this vest however we’re going to use this as a baseline to compare all the other manufacturers Condor features a line of nto a certified products you’ll want to verify on Condor site to see if what you’re looking for meets that designation the econo mo PC features very thorough stitching as well as very evenly spaced webbing throughout the vest now with all Condor items they can become rather expensive based on the type of pouches you’re looking to add to your system the Voodoo Hayden in comparison is slightly lighter in color and uses a drastically different web pattern to the top panel this top panel is also entirely covered in velcro compared to the Eagle industry standard the Hayden shoulders are not as reinforced however they do have very good stitching as well as very even web spacing the Hayden comes in two options one with and one without a hydration pack the Emerson spc is almost identical to the eagle industries spc counterpart the emerson is a slightly darker shade of coyote brown and features the same staggered MOLLE webbing on the front panel the Emerson has the same integrated back support as the eagle industries SPC the NcStar MLP see is a very different cut to the eagle industries it has a notice a different shade of 10 and its shoulder stitching is not as rhian four worst however the Molly sewing is thorough throughout the vest the only inconsistency is in the web spacing as a vest this is a real economy line for those who are looking at a great carrier at an affordable price


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