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Weapon Blender Airsoft M14 Overview

Weapon Blender Airsoft M14 Overview

happy Friday to the blender nation today we’re going to be looking at the m14 series we only have one manufacturer SEMA or cym a because frankly they’re awesome they all have some similarities each come with a 14 millimeter counterclockwise threaded barrel very similar front and rear sights the hop-up is located directly in front of the mag you also have say the same selector switch on all three of them they’re also all wired to the rear and come with an 8.

4 volt battery and charger and lastly they each come with the legendary version 7 gearbox which segues into a shameless plug about our overwatch series we take that gearbox crank it up to 500 feet per second with our technicians voodoo magic and turn these into a monster let’s look at more closely we offer three different models will start with the traditional full-length m14 it clocks in FPS wise round 330 to 350 FPS because they do come with a weaker m95 spring in them next we have the sock 16 which is 6 inches shorter than the full length but has a stronger spring in it out of the box it ranged between 370 and 385 feet per second lastly the EBR which is it should be noted is much lighter than the cart EBR which weighed a ton it’s more close to the G&G or the GMP kit this one clocks in between 370 and 400 feet per second players like these aegs for their accuracy which largely can be attributed to the hop-up design it’s different than any other design and is very precise they also like this gearbox the version 7 is much quieter than most gearbox gearboxes out there which make it ideal for a marksman style rifle platform


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