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WE XDM – Airsoft pistol review + range test

WE XDM – Airsoft pistol review + range test

welcome back to epicly airsoft HD this week we have the Springfield XDM by w/e welcome back to another review and range test epic airsoft HD hey before you guys go complain about the intro don’t worry we check the chamber and the magazine don’t have any BBS at a couple of drive files before we shot it anyway this as the w/e XDM we’ve recently done some our pistol so let’s go ahead and look at some of the features of this specific gun hey like I said and the unboxing this is basically like someone has taken a Gen 4 Glock 17 and just smacked off a 1911 and this is what’s happened to it thank you see goes a drill our gun nice and comfortable to hold hey let’s have a look at this back strap here hey and the back you have a lot of panic and pusher hey I’ll try and get that I deal with a screwdriver then off a little ghetto it’s kind of unimportant anyway but obviously a main feature of this one hey you can actually change out the back straps which is a nice feature that’s gun pen is nice and tight of course don’t wanna lose that oh and field and then your bag strap comes off because that pen is going to be hard to please I don’t know what size this one else but let’s put a nice thick one on it of course it’s really easy to do you just push it on and fashion you’re supposed to its first time I’ve done this so just bear with me eventually all right once it’s n noon you just push that pen back in and you’re ready for rock so that’s a much thicker grap I can feel it know the bottle in the hand did for the guys with the big hands I’m used to the little get early thumb grip so Craney another cool feature this gun is obviously ticks down like the view thing so if I fill the slide back and get your slave catch pull this lever up and then engage the side catch again the food front end will slide off no advantage to coming off easy as that you can actually adjust the pop unit which is just here I’ve adjusted it 4.

3 drums before we did the review is that’s what we’re going to do with the shooting test a nice big recoil spring here and it gives a good thump when you fire the trigger which will do it and demonstrate to you later on let’s put that back on again this gun w/e have deliberately made it compatible with to commemorate upgrades so that’s good as well if you want to put a table battle in there then that is absolutely ideal all right locked in a place slide on this is really smooth there’s no grip on at all which is good because it’s going to give you more gas efficiency and you’re going to get a higher Nasir cycle on the gun when you pull the trigger your lowest ones have right to slide back on the end here the slow and acara tells you that the trigger is ready to fire however there is a back strap safety months like the 1911 but if I pull the trigger there without pushing lesson I want engaged and won’t fire your BB you must be holding the backstop again there’s another safety feature to a double safety on this gun you’re all big fans of safety here in yourself even if I push this back pedal and I don’t have my finger properly engaged on the Glock type safety again the trigger one pill this must be pulled here before it can fire so once I pull both of them together and pull the trigger you hear that click that’s a filing and engaging on the gas magazine to then project the BB forward alright let’s have a look at the magazine in specific before we go over some of the features again of this pistol magazine comes in chrome very nice finish to it w do a really good job in polishing them up thing is with w/e I don’t know what I’ve done I think that change the whole entire fight – brand-new and then went ahead and remanufactured all the festivals the mouldings are hundred panes better and fasting when the males is absolutely tremendous if we were to do this here in the UK this pastor would cost somewhere in the region of 200 to 250 poems but for some reason double year – to manufacture this gun and it has been retailed at the moment in the airsoft world for a hundred pounds that as a absolute bargain for a gun that comes with three back straps and the magazine excellent really good quality gun alright gas magazines relatively easy to fill up and using the pistol take your green gas let’s go around a little bit there so it’s filled then what you do is you call the slave up and digit the back tension go ahead and fill out the beedie’s try not to get them to mixed up in here you’re mostly their BB stagger and say and you want to get that nice and neat they’re just going to help it perform a wee bit there all right we’ll let that go and I’ll put my goggles on and we’ll fire a few times at the boxing machine yeah so operates like the real thing once it send the gun that magazine ain’t going anywhere racket back engages it and you can see their fire and pen is ready one of the features our newest I thought actually was functional as it is actually locked up and the Atmos permanent possession is up and the real XDM once those around in your chamber that’s that one the key eye tells you that there is a round in the chamber and I thought once the bb’s weren’t on it that would go flat but it’s not on functioning part but we don’t really care about that because it guess that’s pretty complicated especially when you’re just using bb’s anyway let’s go ahead and fire a few things all right cool I don’t know if you know Esther there but I had a fall in PB that’s platon half exit came out the battle that is not good will gather I clean before we go on the range test with it and that just happens with some DBS you get the odd one that’s like that we call them fly us that’s the technical term for them right still engage there take off the fire and pen sweep so guerrilla or pestle we’ve also got for drill there when we do this summary will put our n3 torch on that we got from Tiger one one one each key so you could have a look at that but yeah excellent oppressed all so let’s take it out on the range and see how it stacks against the other pestle it was tested before okay we’ve got our owner Jeremy arranged test no it’s clumped in the base here as tight as possible but this gun checks really hard like a explain so with the first few test shots we failed was actually increasingly keeping up on target so and I’m going to try and grab as hard as I can and order not to move it of course we try and eliminate Allah him an element and here but sometimes it’s just unavoidable especially with something like recoil with us alright we’ve tested a gun of the same manufacturer before very recently and we go really really tight gripping actually the tightest that we’ve had not just for a Festool but just overall completely so this has a lot to live up to all right let’s fire at least ten to twelve rounds on the target and see it how course we can get it let’s go for it of course there back strap safety here I have to kind of squeeze and then pull the trigger at the same time so let’s see if you do all right look very good from here please have a look at the table okay let’s have a look at the target a under suspected from here actually short really well the unfortunate thing is a dead suffer from the recoil as you can see the spread is actually vertical which means when I was firing I was adjusting Henker winds up and down because of the recoil strength it was bouncing out the rubber grips the thing is I can take out the rubber because I really don’t want to damage the gun but you get an idea of how Akio is going to be a freaking hole doesn’t gun exactly in the same place and a constant it’s going to be shooting perfectly however if you’re a real sugar you’re going to suffer much more from the recoil as well because you’re not sold advice you’ve got muscle reaction take any account and it’s really going to the shooter then with the pestle saying that that amigos in a long distance to engage someone with an airsoft pestle you’re going to be using it with NCPD confinement say 10 meals 20 meters maximum so for a gun that’s accurate is going to be absolutely ideal and the clock of the ball correctly intimidating one of these guys comes running around the corner with one of these it starts firing at you you’re going to hear it and you’re going to react and that’s really cool something I really like about gas blowback Jones so yeah very impressed without target especially with point lead rdd’s and we could sell the hop you know maybe take County Falls because I was about halfway and the BBS were stoking a lefting at the end so we can push this out over 15 years which is crazy range for a fifth or w/e obviously putting up the performance of the guns very very high and setting the benchmark for the other manufacturer is like poking Maria that’s really cool that’s what we like to see you about airsoft guns innovation keep it going w very surprising you guys so yeah beautiful pestle and the most beautiful thing about this gun is is hundred pounds to get the tokyo marui version you know 150 pounds with the XD aaron version there’s and i really don’t think it’s as good as us that’s gun a 4 there you get in the real steel trades on this which is obviously advantageous in the three back straps much like the the tokyo marui version so to save yourself 50 pounds and get something that’s already got a really hard cap and a male slave it’s going to pressure there and i’m a really really big fan of TM if you watch the previous episodes guys don’t want to mess up next episode coming up had the subscribe button down there i will show you some videos of this as well we’ve got one of skirt the doggies and we’ve also got our last week’s episode so click on those annotations it will take you there i’ll open up in a new window you can check that out if you want to see where you can buy that gun as always check your soft Florida and the links in the description below they’ve been helping the zone from the very start so we appreciate that that’s great there guys and I mean we’ll see you next Sunday for our next review you


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