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WE Tech Sword Cutlass Airsoft M9

WE Tech Sword Cutlass Airsoft M9

everybody what’s up this is throwing knife killer and today I’m talking about the W eat tech sword Cutlass m9 so this gun I got unboxed the awesomeness if you want to go check out the last video go click on the link there alright where I show you stuff I got from the box of Awesomeness and stuff I got for Christmas but anyhow I just wanted to make a video separate about this awesome pistol so lwtech us a professional training equipment and alright let’s go open a box and you have your manual alright so if you want to read that you can go right ahead and read that up personally and whatever this is what you want to focus on put the Box side and here’s this brilliant gun just look at that just take a moment of silence to look that’s the moment of silence now as you can see right here we’ve got the sword Cutlass logo let me focus in sword cut this glare from the lights okay made in Taiwan and there was another made in Taiwan sticker here but I took it off in and now it’s on the box all right we’ve got your fire selector here one two I don’t know this is full auto but for some reason there’s multiple things right there so safety I’d imagine safety and you got like your semi and then another semi I don’t know maybe it’s maybe it’s full auto and then set my or semi semi right there and then super semi but anyhow fire selector goes like that probably maybe just semi and and safety so yeah there’s an extended barrel as you can tell it’s got a threaded barrel on top of that orange tip I don’t want to advise taking this off unless you’re playing in a private field and everybody knows it’s an airsoft gun you want to be safe you don’t want to get in trouble keep the orange tip on hey you know it is threaded so you can put on a mock suppressor if you’d like that then you wouldn’t have that orange tip unless you have a mock surprise her with an orange tip again here’s the sword Cutlass logo actually you haven’t seen this yet look at that this grip is pretty dang cool if I do say so myself look at that sword Cutlass right there pretty nice gun here are the iron sights which is basically the only thing you can put on this gun because I don’t know that you would want to put a scope on there if you could all right but yeah this gun is pretty awesome let’s show you the magazine again made in Taiwan I’ll probably end up taking that off it is a green gas gun but you can actually use a co2 mag with this as well I believe as it said an e fix website so if you have a w/e co2 mag that fits in this gun and that works with this gun I think it is good enough for co2 and the internal should be very nicely designed then in all that effect why don’t we check out the internals so pop off this right inside there you can see all that it’s already got the silicon oil or some lubricant on there you got the black gas chamber right there and hopefully that would support co2 that and you’ve got your guide right there so put this back on while I’m putting this back on this gun actually has a range of a hundred and eighty feet to 300 feet no that is ridiculous like this is a pistol and it shoots that far I think that’s pretty dang sweet so if I’m looking for a long-range pistol this is my gun and that like is ridiculously far I think so and it’s also again as a wide range 180 feet to 300 feet that’s pretty wide range but if it’s getting that minimum of 180 feet that’s pretty dang cool in the suggestion wait for the babies this is 300 to 340 FPS and the suggested weight is actually 0.

23 grams or higher and longer range with heavier bb’s or you know more accuracy all that all that jazz if you want to you know check out the page you can go to Eva calm and that spelled evey i ke dot-com may be seeming like it should be pronounced evike which i used to pronounce it but it is in fact called Eva so that’s awesome action with the trigger trigger function the hammer so yeah this is goes on to my m9 collection I previously had a silver m9 until it was stolen because there are people working on my house it was in my basement in a gun case and I seen in the fourth of July looked at it the 10th of July wasn’t there and during that time period there were people working on my house so I no longer have another silver mag that I can use but I do have an extra black mag and then I have another black W e-tec or we tech m9 that has black magazine so yeah and I just think this gun is pretty dang legit nice grip it’s not texturized really like a rubberized grip that is you know if you can even see the texture there there’s not much of a texture I guess but I’m getting pretty close to the camera so we Cutlass once again and yeah that is the gun so yes thank you guys for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed if you like the sword colors you can go ahead and say in the comments that all the sword Cutlass is the best I don’t know if the best but it’s pretty dang cool looks really nice I hope it performs just as nice and yeah so I hope you guys have enjoyed this has been a throwing knife killer productions and peace out


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