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WE MSK-E01 Musoken S-AEG (Airsoft) // Review

WE MSK-E01 Musoken S-AEG (Airsoft) // Review

with us you have to be higher than today’s level on the table something new and was with me also not yet can a so-called msk 0 1 only so can in the color tmz you guys think first of all from the company w ich personally I’m only gbps from the company as usual that the first srg is me I’m curious how you can of course see what it is about in the picture it is a sharp cut 1 small I show you a little bit independently comes here in this beautiful kato black presses kept quite simple made an impression has a foam in the scope of delivery I’ll show you now I’ll show you this way if the good piece from the holiday looks, of course, the photo shoots yourself an ipad mac could recognize two large metal ones flipside look high quality you have here in the beautiful open here rear diopter with large around with a small circle is easy to fold here so you can set it up with one click of the button politicians would of course be at the bottom again The standard brochure here could be a bit of the different models she could see the version, the long version and so on and so forth Explosion drawings What to do should be a very standard Today everything is given so beautiful should know and last but not least for the modular hand god there is again between one and of course only fastening material like kim buss screws a nice 22 mm wide and grow from it and two smaller ones up here for your macbooks dummies or whatever you want if you have foreign side pockets that I have now but is not too loud so actually very cool very nice device then a little comes out of the weapon a technical data linked it aig can every 6 millimeter of baby material but also partly or still For the most part it is actually made of plastic and pretty much 550 knotted metal the things that can be made of metal are really the apa receiver of hand who fleisch haider perfect we have the magazine made of plastic we have the receiver made of plastic and the short shaft of the adjustable adhesive is also made of plastic have an adjustable whether we are of course in the price range obligatory we also ask for more good hopp that you just need to play with energy indicated with about 13 schools I crowned them almost 14 I got that with 0.

7 gram ps outside temperature 23 degrees celsius, although the srg doesn’t really matter spreads how about a gas-powered one, there will be no case Was completely down is a camp natural down to turning to stretching capacity approx.

300 rounds the weapon has a relatively proud weight of 3.3 kilograms so there is a good reason it is not the lightest but through The fact that the larger weapons spread out quite well went very well with 44 mm in length with his shoulder cologne instead of a little over it recession therefore not from bad parents down to the last detail we have a reinforced vehicle box with 8 mm ball bearings tax below in the pc test the polycarbonate kolm The engine is a high-tech engine in a foreign language before we could so far weeks he is supposedly relatively good I didn’t get a lot of experience because I didn’t have much empirical values u200bu200babout wes from but under the protection of the lighter engine is clean achieved steersman and also the gearbox red bull for this should be technical The haptic highlights of the clay and also come a bit bad The optical as I said plastic is envy reinforced the other things provide yourself with a great color scheme high quality looks good you can’t say anything these three individual brings build racing a long two short ones are included we have a super nice great rubber graduation which is also really great on the shoulder lies that one very, very well done i was always really good 14 millimeter negative thread at the front of the rope 1 of course flash heather could be attached depending on gusto just like unless we just have the adjustable flip Salzweg have already taken care of them of course up here for a long time medically so also grow like you want the magazine to be part of mac puls poland masada he most likely does not recognize the company in any way has the following functions with your father switch you have of course three positions safe semitool auto if your place and the weapon in push mode back on itself for the 1 and it is a weapon with many relaxation functions as soon as you click on save designed very cool the first weapon that i have had in hand with this function among others transform before ics unfortunately political function in germany deactivated there I thought or think that maybe somehow depends on this one auto function together they have unfortunately deactivated this Weapon no one knows how to do that, although not fully auto but she can A lot of relaxation is of course great if the gun is stored for a long time and the slopes are somehow half or fully open then at some point in the event of an alarm error and that is not good and son in today’s pressure of the box and that is really amazing the eyes has a functioning ball patch should will mean the new regent is wrong about the fake bolt and the cologne about the hydra But I also dream a little bit too then it goes at the beginning of the knotted but now I was one bit here of course again with my well-known mega deal.

de ap one my favorite optics and weird stuff for all of my mice the ones in color just have that very much A nice one about funk with one goes very well with that beautiful red dot made me look cool and especially shoots up here mountable based gains by turning left to unscrew left negative we have this modular here aaron hunt god who can thereby release this spence still fold so that children stop at the battery, you can put the collector on here on this page already recognize the spirit hero famous 1 tanja klein you can also find yourself doublesix or arrange flat in the buses I’m okay, I’m pretty good, the space is not the largest with me I would be careful with triple sticks because they don’t really fit nicely we have the following disabled on the left side of the government We have a strange world here, customers first we suspect that the market is this It’s going to be but not that’s the gold rally here a magazine from button press out standard magazine snaps as concealed switch semi fully auto this is a bit in my eyes because he has to use the weapon even if he has only recently is just really taking off the hand and sometimes like it Turning knob is not that great now In addition, we have the reloading lever which is easy up here pulling through to use is gold camp best beating forward again We have an x-ray here so that we can install the weapon for you The focus here is on a I am and that is this button effective recognize this can be removed immediately by pressing and also to reinstate that thailand firmly and that’s how it should be that are great recording humor worries the squire is in various positions adjustable also by pushing and pulling and that would have to be both sides here press once here and once here then it works with that too deported we have an adjustable chip travelers which pull over this set up that doesn’t represent very high but it works anyway even before denied it everything runs above this level also here you can the whole thing creates of course look at it press down firmly and then it worked here on the side makes it short, it gets there well it is a very long stick and you have the rack good and controllable in Of course we have to have bad films as far as I apologize for that I have a bit of a cold but I really wanted to do the video on the right side have the same controls as the weapon phase lecters also offer mac release completely on both sides Also gold step left everything that you need exactly because the engines show you a little something about them peculiarities so what you just noticed Unfortunately, I am so great to serve hectares so you can only see the building it is a little difficult to determine or change the position of the weapon especially back not without a fight because she always measures to take the hand i’m in mine i recommend you and i can as with make that click click and back again because this is one a bit more difficult when it comes to lust, sometimes it really is the hand off the trigger and the weapon can simply be adjusted, I can cost a little time but okay are worse now show you how it works here you have it the fake bolt opens and gives a view of europe it is a whole New trio pub is relatively strict better than the previously tested weapons Even so beautiful you can’t complain weeks could be a look works and of course nice to offer with this amount of fights made a nice flight so then unfortunately I come to my own eyebrows folders on now not required the word god could still a little bit here The fans can tell from the gap that this is a bit of a wandering and shaking it not so good but nonetheless feels good in the hand I do not know whether that is a simple as tight fix the claim I then already exactly magazine he the weapon is actually called tokyo x Compatible sold everything comes now a couple of problems I let me play almost no longer with hipath now I have a completely normal, super low carb problem here You can’t put them in here, they don’t fit in now could actually already recognize here based on these notes actually everything is largely the same but they don’t win just weren’t enough and that’s a shame because it should be really good that these eleven magazines fit because they look great and are available to me One thing is clear to take in the 4 max now i have the fun journey can recognize quite a long sm 4 mac and although when it was an old house with upholstery spontaneously made a nicer impression as testing and this part strangely fits the financial system also work very strictly on the leak release press on it then has to get out again and sometimes would have to be here with magazines rushed to help a bit because this question is also right there in berlin so far and then the magazines are also sitting like that a little should look what fits in alsheim strangely fits standard plastic heike fits also all in 4 max the way so far every m4 fits that the hamburgers psg fits they fit at tm at ses our parents immediately also weird thirsty will not fit at the wm but it would have to try one thing that we don’t really like it like said patrick compartment because this place were here as well as hard from is to get and you we have a bit difficult to the mac compartment comes to the battery compartment and the space here is not much largest for various batteries then you also have a few restrictions in addition, a shmeggs is actually guaranteed and at the end there is the weapon that shoots really great You can’t say nice when you shoot so well behave great triggers really fast thanks to the powerful motor and So I like her really, really good friend that everyone should be like that big middle maturity and something you always like to use here, not the one from me it was tested 62s from everything but should 556 from w i like this garden a really, really like is a beautiful knotted and makes also simply optically something and is also unplayable there is already a piece on the shooter can definitely look at the good piece there it is now at bk which the cords a nice package is a great one week is also an exotic battlefield and is also no way of what I’m doing here from the left on the right and avatar living in spain on the right side down is also really bad because you already have a little something for it money there is in this sense, I hope you enjoy other videos and hope i could tell you a bit about the must so ken msv ii 0 1 vom how in this sense he will pay until the daily news


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