Home Airsoft Reviews WE M4 CO₂ magazine test/review – GAT Airsoft review

WE M4 CO₂ magazine test/review – GAT Airsoft review

WE M4 CO₂ magazine test/review – GAT Airsoft review

Hello airsofters and welcome to a new episode of GAT. Today I would like to introduce you to the WE-TECH CO₂ M4 Magazine. Here we have the CO₂ Magazine, it is packed in the same packaging as the Green Gas Magazine.

There are various markings on it and a sticker that shows that it is the CO₂ magazine. And here we have the CO₂ Magazine. It fits the M4 series, the MK16 also known as SCAR, the L85 and the M16. As you can see this is black but it is also available in a tan version.

It consists of aluminum, steel and plastic parts. The feeding lips and the Folower for the BBs are made of plastic, the rest of the magazine consists of aluminum and steel parts Here we see the bottom of the magazine.

To use a CO₂ cartridge, the base cover must be removed. And then the ground screw must be unscrewed. Actually it should be unscrewed with the base cover which I do not recommend, – otherwise the base cover can be damaged.

I recommend using a coin like this one. And this is where the CO₂ cartridge is used. The bottom screw is made of aluminum that means you should be careful when using a CO₂ cartridge, -as you can see it is already damaged.

The CO₂ cartridge is used around -and then the floor screw and the floor cover are reassembled. The only difference between the CO₂ Mag and the Green Gas magazine, -is the output valve which look a little different.

And of course that the CO₂ Mag is operated with CO₂, which means – -that there is no Green Gas Valve to fill the magazine. You can see it here. Both magazines fit exactly 32 rounds. However, I only load 30 shots into it because otherwise the loading nozzle can break off, -if the magazine is too full.

And now I would like to test it! For this test I am using a WE-TECH MK16 also known as a SCAR. First I put a CO₂ cartridge into the magazine. And of course BBs. Safety first! Here we go! The CO₂ cartridge is empty and there are still balls in the magazine.

I am of the opinion that the CO₂ mags from WE-TECH have no real use. They are far too expensive and you have to insert a new CO₂ cartridge after every 32nd shot. And you have to keep in mind that if it’s very cold outside, they don’t work any more than the Green Gas Magazines.

If you still have questions just leave a comment, -my name is KeiJei and as always thanks for looking and see you next time!


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