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WE Hi Capa 5.1 R Unboxing Review || Airsoft Full Metal || Gas Blow Back || Test Fire

WE Hi Capa 5.1 R Unboxing Review || Airsoft Full Metal || Gas Blow Back || Test Fire

new mag I’m going to see how fast I can burn through this slight relief hi guys it’s Caleb from face bump tactical just wanted to do an unboxing for you guys here today it’s a w/e hi-capa 5.1 it’s actually going to be my personal sidearm so I figured I’d show you guys what’s in the box so upon opening it is made in Taiwan got some foam but I wanted to protect it that’s good now the gun it first feels very heavy which is something I like it’s about two and a half pounds they’ve got this half way back again this is how it came not quite sure why but alright so let’s get this out it’s a double stack Magnus’s fourteen millimeter counterclockwise i’m going to be putting on a light weight barrel extension hopefully one of ours a 20 millimeter rail and i put a flashlight there skeleton trigger and say and pull this back does the ambidextrous safety so it’s on both sides for lefties and righties mag release this is nice rubberized texture so it’s got a good feel in your hand this is a pressure safety so when you have the safety off you have to depress this before pulling the trigger so it’s a nice added safety feature when you’re on the field slides real smooth both sides look real nice the sights are adjustable and the hop up is adjustable I’m assuming that’s inside now I’m going to eat are the directions they are from Taiwan so well there’s English as well and the pictures you can see everything’s pretty well Illustrated look at the back sometime they’re pretty funny the cartoons it might make you laugh I did buy another mag so that I have to another interesting thing is you can take this bottom part off if you don’t like this little bubble book at the end there’s a button there and this piece slides off so if you don’t like that look that’s an option as well now I will be going out and shooting this real quick putting probably both mags through see how it shoots I’ll be using elite force 0.

25 s so go ahead and watch that and then I’ll come back in and finish up the review afterwards you so I’m just going to fire off the first rounds here this gun is over scene let’s see how it goes smells heavily then walk back then have to check into that but let’s take a look at this this is all I could really find for treating at but did pretty good so I probably put about 300 rounds through it today – both mags and you know at first I thought I might have to return it because I didn’t like how it was shooting a lot of things are coming up short a few misfires here and there but I took it apart adjusted the hop-up messed with it broke it in some more and it started firing real accurate and I think this is going to be a keeper I’ll post later if I decide that something goes wrong and I need to return it anyway um so overall I’m pretty impressed with it I like to feel of it actually had my whole family go out take turns shooting it and they all had smiles on their faces so that’s a good thing I didn’t mention before it is gas blowback so it locks back when the magazine is empty so then slide release right there now this isn’t silencer or barrel extension excuse me that I’ll be using others will give you an idea of what one would look like on it it’s got that orange tip but yeah that’s about what it’ll look like so anyways I hope you found this unboxing helpful I’ll probably hand this over to David and Noah later and they’ll give you a more in-depth comparison to other pistols if you’re shopping around so anyways


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