Home Airsoft Reviews WE Glock CO₂ magazine test/review – GAT Airsoft review

WE Glock CO₂ magazine test/review – GAT Airsoft review

WE Glock CO₂ magazine test/review – GAT Airsoft review

Welcome to General Airsoft Tactics. In this video I want to introduce the WE-Tech CO2 charger for Glock models. This is the WE-Tech CO2 charger. The charger is compatible with the G17, G18c, G19, G23, G34 and with the G35.

With the charger there is a key like this, – -it is in fact an allen key, but more handy, to tighten the bottom screw. There are black and tan adapters. They are simply threaded onto the charger. The adapters look great and are nicely made.

And very important! There is a Springguide upgrade. This upgrade is very important if you are using an older Glock version of WE-Tech. Because the Springguide of an old Glock version is made of metal, – -and it can break the Loading Nozzle, when using a CO2 charger.

So you should replace the original Springguide with this Springguide which is plastic. Now let’s take a closer look at the charger. The only difference between the CO2 loader and a Green Gas loader is the exhaust valve.

It is a little bigger in the CO2 charger. But that’s already the only difference between chargers. The charger is a full metal construction with a nylon polymer base plate. And it has an aluminum bottom screw.

We put the CO2 capsule with its head down in the charger. After that we screw the screw from bottom to bottom. It is very easy to break the screw when it is made of aluminum. Then we put the base plate back on the charger, load it with BBs and it’s ready to fire.

Now we’re going to do a test shot. For this test shot I use a G18c from WE-Tech. I now load the CO2 into the charger. Let’s go! The CO2 capsule is now empty. You can see that more than 25 shots can be fired with this WE-Tech magazine and a single CO2 capsule.

The charger costs around 40-50 euros and it has around 315 fps, measured at 20C ° and with 0.20g BBs. That was General Airsoft Tactics, – – here you still have questions, leave a comment, – -my name is Keijei, , until next time.

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