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WE G Series Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol Review

WE G Series Glock 17 Airsoft Pistol Review

all right and welcome to another replica reviews video today we’re going to be doing another one of the kind of airsoft d6 no reviews so we have in front of you the we G Series 17 now this is basically just a Glock 17 replica not licensed or anything so don’t expect any Glock trademarks or anything like that still a really nice replica Imaging see it comes in a pretty standard box it’s just a normal box really just for those little sort cardboard cutout on the inside which is a little bit better than the kind of what I call the usual kind of basic airsoft packaging where you just get a little card insert that flips over the top of the polystyrene cut out for me I just I just don’t like it yeah I don’t know why it’s just one of those little things so anyway we’ll open the box up have a look as you can see graphics on the outside nothing really too special some kind of crazy smokey electorate i’p design not my cup of tea for anyway so try and open it there we go so opening up we have just a basic user manual now this does cover quite a few things and some basic safety tips how to load the gun different parts what they’re called etc shooting loading and a really cool I love well I’m a little bit sad like this I really like exploded diagrams and plans and how to dismantle things is just right up my street so it’s quite nice that they put all of the parts lists in a quick guide on how to do disassembly and we’re not going to do this assembly in this video however I will quickly post as a separate video let me be sort to three minutes long just giving you a basic guide on how to fill strip and reassemble one of these guns cuz by the looks of it it disassembles pretty much like an actual block 17 so I’ll make my life a little bit easier because I should be able in theory just to to disassemble it straight off and just on the back here to some really nice kind of Japanese Taiwanese drawings basically saying don’t shoot yourself and face don’t look down the barrel wear eye protection what looks like don’t put in a lunch box but I’m sure that makes sense it so Levi reach your kids don’t shoot jumping children only throw on the floor and no shooting like an artillery gun quite weirdly it’s showing a kid shooting a town off in the distance last time I checked this is an airsoft pistol not an artillery piece but anyway we’ll go with it and obviously on the inside just the gun and the magazine now apart from that that’s pretty much it there’s no kind of fruity gimmicks anything like that we don’t have any speed loaders cheap bb’s anything like that you just literally get the gun and the magazine so what we’re going to do just quickly move everything out the packaging try and get a little bit of a closer look in on the gun and we’ll give you a proper walk-around okay so hopefully that’s giving you a little bit of a a better view of the gun now as you can see apart from these slightly awkwardly place made in Taiwan sticker it’s one very realistic looking pistol now obviously in the long run you can take that off that is just me being a little bit pedantic but apart from that is pretty spot-on now obviously not being a licensed replica you don’t get the glock logos here they have made an attempt to do their own little G here it’s not the same as the actual Glock some seventeen marketing’s and these are all H there’s not aren’t stick it’s not painted on the rifle associate in tactical logo just here and what I really really know like is the 9.

19 now a lot of replicas never put nine by nineteen or you know whatever by 45 or anything like that they just put six mil 4.5 you know whatever of calibers you can think of so for me as a collector it’s quite nice to have the 9 by 19 markings on it now as you could expect from a Glock the frame here is plastics really nice high-grade plastic polymer type thing it doesn’t have any creaks you know you can’t squeeze it in you can’t you know it’s it’s solid it’s much like what you’d expect with a Glock and then obviously the slide is going to be metal apart from that it’s all pretty kind of standard stuff really metal pretty certain that’s plastic with the second-stage safety in the center there as well magazine release catch releases the full-size metal drop out magazine and as you can see – gas this up just push down on this little catch here slide the base off he says doing one-handed and then we’ve got D if I can just swivel this round you’ve got the gas port there that hopefully you can just in focus which is now you’ve dropped it this one just here now putting this back on is really simple as well you just push down the catch that you pulled up slide the base on and then job done now one thing I really like about the magazine isn’t hopefully as you can see on the back here they’ve edged in how many rounds I’ll see it on a real Glock 17 this would be a double stack magazine so they’ve edged how many rounds are there which is really really nice feature the only problem is off seekers is a solid magazine the holes which would you know in the ideal real world would show you where the rounds are are actually full so the car look like reverse bullet stops only on the left here but either way it’s a really nice magazine and it does add a lot of weight I have found when the magazines in it does balance the pistol out really nicely so apart from that that’s pretty much the back end covered as I mentioned a second ago there aren’t really any safety catches on the Glock 17 for any but it’s familiar with the the Glock itself it’s a single action trigger only I you have to [ __ ] it first but then when you do [ __ ] it it opens up the split trigger safety and what this basically means is you can’t accidentally just swipe the trigger it’ll blow you off as you bring it out the holster because you know you need to have both bit pressed in before you can actually engage the trigger so what I quickly do is just rack this back and as you can see it just pops out like so so to fire it if I just push here as you can see won’t go in doesn’t work at all whereas if I push it in this center section here it releases the trigger and then allows me to break off the shot now breaking off the shot on this gun is actually really nice the trigger they’ve done an awful lot of work with and it’s one of the smoothest ones I’ve come across it’s it’s really weird there’s no kind of you’re creeping towards the bite point you’re it creeping towards by point bang it’s just a case of well there’s the back point you pushed it past it the guns going off it’s it’s quite a nice trigger and I have to say I’m very impressed with it so you know that’s a really nice feature I’ll see a lot of people might want safety catches etc all I would say is if you want to gun with more safety catches and possibly the Glock 17 isn’t the gun for you really nicely featured on the front are the rails as well so you can fit on any lasers flashlights combination of both or anything else that you can possibly think of strapping to the front of a Glock again a really nice feature if you are going to put bits and pieces on the front might you make all be worth making sure so that your holster can accept it seen a few people they put flashlights on unlike a safari hand Safariland holster and then they wonder it doesn’t fit in anymore yet because it’s not the frame of the gun anymore you’ve added something to it obviously with the nice quick-release rails on the front you can with you know as long as you buy proper decent flashlights and lasers and etc you can just take them off in a heartbeat really is quite a quick simple straightforward thing to do now one thing I really do like about Glocks and from we are these sights as you can see they use this half picture frame style sights and I really like it target acquisition with this pistol is incredibly fast you can bring it straight up its into line with your eyesight and then you can engage the target a quite a rapid rate now I really like this I do wish more companies you know Umarex if you’re watching this in particular with the air pistols please do this more because the sights I personally feel just so much better and it makes my life a lot easier if you’re looking at the bike are Makarovs the colt 1911 replicas that seems to be going around I think that’s about 118 million of those at the moment they all have really basic sights so why not have these because they’re just so much better and obviously understand building a more tactical pistol like this obviously it’s going to have some nice tat cooler bits and pieces on it but anyway that’s that’s a different story a different video and I could run all the day about that as I’m sure you guess this is a blowback pistol of basically what that means is every time you pull the trigger whilst it’s gassed obviously the slide will cycle back know what that really does mean is something I really love about these guns is that you have an open chamber much like you would with an actual firearm hopefully I don’t know if this is going to come out too well there you go you can just see down through what that basically allows you to do is one see when you go and empty because on the last shot it locks back two or so if you get a blockage you can just rack it back tip it over give it a tap if you need to and then bring it forward and you’re ready to chamber around which you know it’s a really neat feature the blowback on these guns obviously being a metal slide is quite nice and it’s not the strongest blowback in the world but you know it will do unfortunately if you want a really strong blowback gun possibly look at you know if you’re into your air pistols as well look at things like the tanfoglio witnesses or any of its variants or even better the Sig x5 made by cybergun cracking better kit and it kicks like a donkey so if you want something with strong recall that’s definitely one thing to go for now flipping the gun over on this side one thing I almost overlooked and there’s no kind of off-putting markings saying this is a toy warning you know don’t be stupid with it you’ve just got some really nice basic bits and pieces just a logo down here just explaining it’s made by we a little thing there just saying you know reach safety manual etc and pretty straightforward and in with something I really like is the the wood quite the serial number on the slide and the serial number on the breech block here actually match which I really like sad little thing I know but for me it’s just nice to have matching serial numbers not many companies do serial numbers at the moment or least ones that count you know they just usually put a random number on the side just for the sake phone a random number whereas we seem to actually have matching graphics which is quite nice and then some crazy Chinese markings now unfortunately I don’t speak Chinese if you can see that and you read it please let me know what it says because I you know I’m just curious I’d like to know and unfortunately Google I yeah I don’t even know where to start the ejector pin here is all C fixed but it is quite nice that they have it featured on the side it just adds to the realism of the pistol and as you can see breaking it back there you can just see the gas system in the back so there’s pretty much it for the review on the g17 really there’s not too much to say about these guns they are pretty much universal they are what they are if your interests and you’re looking for a sidearm I cannot recommend this gun enough for me add a little bit of experience with Glock 17s in the past it was quite nice to be able to pick up a replica the feels pretty much identical now if you want to see a feel strip video I will quickly film one of those in two seconds and we’ll post it up and I’ll put a link in the description below as and when it’s up and if not quickly give me a poke on the comments and I’ll post a link up there to you directly so if you got any more comments questions anything like that feel free to post them below if you want to see some nice close-up pictures that I took of this earlier on today feel free to check out a Facebook page again I’ll put a link to that in the description or just simply search replicas reviews on facebook and bring our page up there we are creeping ever so close to 100 likes I would love to get over 100 likes just makes it kind of all worthwhile I’m using it as a almost like a little forum a mini Facebook forum there’s not many airgun forums or you know anything specifically to do airgun reviews as such on Facebook so we’re trying to turn into sort of a one-stop shop for anything kind of airgun airsoft review related so if you want to check out any other latest reviews in a couple of cases I found out about gun releases before the suppliers so you know if you want to get sort of the latest information feel free to pop over there as I said links in the description but until our next video thank you very much for watching if you’ve got any questions feel free to post them below but thank you very much for watching another one of our videos


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