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WE Browning Hi-Power GBB (Airsoft) Review and Shooting

WE Browning Hi-Power GBB (Airsoft) Review and Shooting

hello from Cheney show calm this is schmuck Josie today I would like you to a little review and [ __ ] test but this airsoft pistol I know it looks very real and very authentic this is the browning hi-power from wge brain we brain so take a look it’s very shiny very very shiny and sexy well look at that it’s like a mirror finish super super nice finish well I personally like the finish to be more like a not so shiny but more like a steel like stainless steel kind of rough finish so it looks more this one looks more like a jury it’s like a show-off gun and the job I did to my tank for clear witness 1911 405 mm blowback that one I actually did the top slide to be mirror finish but not so shiny like this one and the lower frame is kind of like a rough grayish finish it’s more like a yeah like a grayish matte tone so pretty pretty more like a realistic gun kind of thing this one you see everywhere is shiny it’s like a mirror everywhere it’s like a mirror you see you can even see the reflection of the camera Wow crazy eh everything is so damn nice looking the grip the grip here they look so much so real like wood but they’re actually plastic and I should say that it’s like one of the best fake wood they did on the pistol so some of you may mistaken this with the 1911 pistol but it’s actually not it’s a Browning and here there’s a sight which is adjustable very cool okay you can adjust time the UM front sight not adjustable everything is metal except for the grip of course even the trigger and so on and the fun thing is good thing if you pull the mango okay the slide by the way nice town it and also if you write the slide not like the 1911 right now you can you pull the trigger see it’s not going to put the gun on a like you’re just not going to put the hammer right down you cannot decock it pretty funny so what you need to do is put a mag in make sure no ammo inside course and now there’s a little bit of gas so did you really like that see that’s the only way you can fire the gun and release the hammer it so the mag will make inside the gun now take a look at the other side without the magazine then you can see through the port just like a lot of gas blowback pistol this pistol worked on green gas propane not co2 okay extremely fun to hold just holding it make you feel like very very movie like you know and here’s the hole that you inject the gas in just like you usually do and right here there’s a spring follower which you can pull down and then lock it and put your boobies and Wow the spring on this magazine is actually very strong it’s a very strong spring that they put there and so have a look at the action nice kick no gas and obviously like that so there’s a safety here too if you [ __ ] the gun release you can’t put this gun on safe right here and then off stay right here okay so basically that’s it about the gun and I bought this from because this from new music and music mi l si so this is the box they say Canadian edition over 366 FPS lower than 400 60 fps I’m kind of funny for import law here okay that’s what they require I thought that this gun can shoot 366 FPS but I don’t know okay so and also this this thing seems to be from Taiwan because the WG is like a Taiwan thing there we go price tag okay seems to be from Taiwan but what they put here the Chinese seem so much like Hong Kong so yeah the the kind of way they write Chinese it it sounds like Hong Kong so I’m not sure but it’s a made in Taiwan dough so maybe try money speaked like the grand mark like a Hong Kong people so you open the box only the gun and the magazine and the manual that doesn’t do anything so basically the box is just for showing you guys and I’ll toss it out right now okay now comparing this to a 4.

5 mm BB gun this is by Umarex it’s a baby baby baby huge difference see one is black one is silver duh well honestly this one have more power hey because it’s a co2 gun and it shoots 4.5 mm still baby’s not plastic and they’re not meant for war games or shooting at people these you must shoot at like Cannes targets and stuff like that only so yeah basically this one is fully made of plastic feels cheap in hand when you hold it because it’s so white this one pick it up pick this thing up from the table you will think that this is a farm like it looks like a and feel like a farm kind of way one feel feels more like a toy because when you hold it everything is plastic but it gives more power so yeah you can see if the magazine it’s like that you put your co2 here still be bees here plug it in and then all you do is press the shirt pull the trigger and fire there’s the little safety here which is different from the other one this one you get access for both sides okay and a working hammer which is nice and you can fight in a single action for a double action the double action site like I mean the double action trigger pull it’s kind of ok to not so like smooth but it’s ok the site is not adjustable and the site is more like a 1911 kind of site this one this one is more like a Browning and it’s pretty fun with the adjustable thing here so yeah this one feels like the realism on this one it does overall look and all that stuff I’ll give just like a very good mark like a 10 out of 10 but for the power I don’t know haven’t tested yet it’s an airsoft gun so you cannot expect so much power from it this one that you get a lot of power of course much more than this these but the accuracy of this one it’s not very good and you cannot move the slide not working part and so on so it’s a it’s a cane shooter like a backyard cane killing thing we kill soup cans and pop cans this one really good you can even like use it for a movie prop if you don’t show the magazine so you see if I go like that you don’t even realize it right if I if I hold the mag like this it looks so real and and it sounds pretty nice like just the way how it cocked back and make the sound it looks so cool and you can feel strip the gun – it’s pretty easy but you will need some kind of tools you pull the thing all the way back and then you remove this which you need something to help you this out and that it slides off just like a 1911 kind of thing so pretty easy so here I will do a little shooting test with you guys just to show you the accuracy of this gun today I picked what email what what kind of em addition to do that’s like um well here I have six millimeters glass baby so yeah I want to show you stuff that you can’t see on other channels so if you like plastic babies those stuff would do later but this one’s okay yeah glass you have aluminum aluminum babies they are 30.

3 grams each so they’re kind of heavier than the normal babies so maybe we’ll use aluminum babies okay so let’s load the mag off with gas clean gas today and today we’ll be using King Arms King Arms green gas so in check the gas for you to be done of course one two three four five six seven eight nine ten one two three four five six seven eight nine ten I think it’s okay I think it it’s good enough OOP it feels so quiet when I can check the cast to the point I don’t know if there’s any gas in it or not so yeah give it a shot let’s try ooh this gas stop okay so let me release the hammer first for the sake of safety okay it’s kind of scary to release the hammer may be nice if they put a decocking mechanism there yeah okay so today I’ll be shooting this aluminum bb’s they’re shiny they’re very very shiny so whoa bounced anyway some people will say do not use aluminum bb’s of airsoft guns they will damage your pero whatever okay well honestly you know what I don’t give a [ __ ] um yeah basically in my okay let me let me just good loading this thing is painted ass oh there we go okay so in my perspective okay I should what of my life and I don’t see how aluminum babies actually have damaged my barrels and I should a lot okay especially for the stainless steel barrels that I have they don’t do anything to it the accuracy is not affected the FPS is still good everything is still nice so I don’t see the problem um if by chance you shoot unlimited movies of Prospero’s and a brass barrel gun [ __ ] up you go and buy a second barrel and swap it and there we go see very easy right okay so it’s just a barrel come on if things happen to it what do you do you change it so here we have a quarter well let me shoot one shot and see how powerful it gets okay so this is 0.

3 gram so that’s all I won’t set the weight here or maybe I should okay let me see unit set memory 0.3 how much 0.33 gram well there we go okay I just sent my stuff come on okay there we go I set this to 0.

33 grams an hour to a shot and see how over there just a minute okay not even 300 259 FPS put it low but expected you know it’s a it’s a gas blowback rifle what do you expect right so yeah it’s a 1.3 joules so 1.

03 joules not a lot of power okay we’ll see let lock the gun first and we’ll shoot the hole make it I’m stopped there and the target and see how it does I understand at 15 feet let’s go hello guys so here we go we’re standing at 15 feet shooting at this shoot in C target I’m going to aim it almost the same spot and see how this gun performs let’s go first of all it’s pretty hard to aim because the sights are silver and not really blackish well no gasps okay so it doesn’t have enough gas to finish the full magazine maybe it’s my fault but okay we’ll inject a little bit of gas here just to finish it up so as you can see the groupings right now it’s quite good not so bad not so bad okay so let’s try this okay my magazine is emptied I’m out not bad actually with aluminum babies and standing at 15 feet guys 15 feet that is quite awesome with all the heart to aim you know this is my first time shooting the gun I haven’t shot it before I make this video but you guys can see it I was sort of aiming here on this thing three flights off one maybe from the first shot oh yeah there go not bad and I think to improve the accuracy I have to shoot more okay so that I can aim better second thing is I think I should use a better email maybe I don’t know I’ll try other stuff but yeah and maybe I should feel stripped it clean the gun do a little bit of looping and so on tune it up yeah so I’ll try and see what I can do but this is the first day I’m shooting it and I must say that I’m quite satisfied with the kick of the gun see very hard kicking for your heart kicking you feel the vibration from the shot and also yeah the realism the look is perfect and this is acceptable so I would like to say welcome to the 9 or 10 out of 10 pretty nice yeah very nice gun ok guys so remember to subscribe I like bye bye


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