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WE Airsoft G19/Glock 19 [Review/Shooting Test]


this is a review of the weg 19 a gas blowback replica of the Austrian a nine-millimeter sanghun glock 19 just like the real steel the weg 19 features a metal slide with polymer body trademarks on the left side of the slide resembles somehow the real deal but there are plenty of W ezel trademarks as well vegan comes in a pretty standard cardboard box with instruction manual in the 25 rounds magazine plenty of the end grip is textured which is great for fast extractions and recoil management like the real Glock the safety is built-in in the trigger the metal slide makes the cocking feel nice and a bit heavy of course in a gbb engine the metal slide means more cooldown related issues with the metal slide being heavier and colder compared to an ABS plastic one the inner barrel is a brass six point three millimeters disassembling this slide is quite easy hold on the levers above the trigger guard on both sides of the body and push forward the metal slide dayal be open by turning the small wheel the built in sides are ok pretty clear and they make the aiming quite fast to release the magazine push the button behind the trigger the mag is a 25 rounds metal magazine the loading spring might be stiffer but fits just fine all the babies you can load the gas directly without removing any cap but in case you need it it will always remove the bottom color the mag s fake bullet count windows neva luanda manga is quite performing I haven’t allylic issues so far the Glock 19 is a shorter more compact version of the class secret lock 17 beware the gwe g19 NZ 17 magazines differs in shape and size as well we are going to test the FPS of a whole magazine with low pro 2.0 green gas and the magazine temperature of 22.5 degrees with 26 shots we got an average result of 285 fps at a distance of about 50 feet I was able to place all alphas on the target thanks for watching this review of the weg 19 follow me on Facebook and Instagram for exclusive content I’ll see you next time and stay safe out there


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