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WE Airsoft G17/Glock 17 [Review]

WE Airsoft G17/Glock 17 [Review]

hi everyone its Mickey and welcome to chupacabra outdoor today we get my own weg 17 which is a replica of the well-known Austrian 9-millimeters and gun Glock 17 I’ve been using this gun for about a year so I’ve got a pretty good idea on the good and bad of this gbb is it the best Glock 17 replica probably not but let’s take a closer look a common issue with this gas is the neusel which is prone to break and it recently did online plastic replacements are on the cheap side but I wish I didn’t have to spend those extra money it was probably caused by a misfit and it might be happening again there are aftermarket alumnos as well and if you get some experience with those please let me know in the comments below another kind of flow is the accuracy which isn’t the best but I use this angle mostly for CQB and training drills for my IPSC shooting it a year the Maple Leaf Opeth chamber and Barrel does wonders Edomite just give it a shot if I feel so but there can expensive so not happy about that either on the pros we got a very solid and gun this thing won’t break easily the metal slide gives a nice kick and it’s obviously much more realistic the weight is more or less the same of the nine millimeters and gun so if you’re looking for your real skill training surrogate you might want to choose this one instead of the Marwick which is considerably lighter unfortunately the metal slide mix began work harder during the shooting cycle resulting in more cooldown issues especially during winter periods just make sure you choose carefully the appropriate gas and you’ll be fine the metal magazine also 26 pounds and it’s pretty well developed I never had a single leak issue which is a major plus if you own a weg 19 you won’t be able to use this same Maxim at least not for the latest versions but looks like the g18 see and the g17 shared the same Maxim also the weg 17 is slightly larger than Uriel still Blanco so beware of that when buying legit holsters like this apparel and because it won’t fit but fits perfectly on my cry precision gun clip which is still my favorite holster about some features we got the classic Glock built in safety design and textured lower body increasing grip and stability Jurgen Amex are kind of obsolete at this point but I’m actually so used to shoot that this kind of gasped the derp you don’t feel this being a problem the weg 17 it’s cheaper but not that cheaper of the tokyo marui glock 17 same thing for the magazines and you’re gonna need at least a couple to be serious about your secondary game as I said using TGV for CQB s and training drills other than the news or breaking I never had that much of an issue but looking back I wish I had bought a tokyo marui alright i hope you guys got some good info so i’ll be doing soon a complete disassembly cleaning and maintenance guide on this weg 17 and i’ll see you next time as always stay safe out there


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