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Walther P99 | Airsoft Review deutsch

Walther P99 | Airsoft Review deutsch

Hey guys Geonox here. Welcome to a new Airsoft video from the “Billo Guns” series. We are here in the Noxstudio and today I will show you the Walther P99. When I first thought about Airsoft, the first thing I did was go to Amazon.

I just wanted to see if there are airsofts there and how much it costs. The three guns that jump straight at you are the G36, the 416 and the Walther P99. My next step was to look at reviews on Youtube.

It quickly became clear that these were billoguns without a dance of joy. And after I saw the first review of the CM030 it was clear that it was a Spinger how the Walther P99 makes little sense on a game day.

Everyone can give themselves this challenge. So 0.5 sniper and spinger. It’s fun to try it out for a while, but I wouldn’t consider it Recommend main weapon. I just want to take the Billoguns in hand and see if they are for the classic canning in the garden.

But I can already hear “Geo, enough blah. Unpack the thing “. And this is what the packaging looks like from the outside. P99, Walther. Here is Plus 100Shot Clips. 100 BBs magazine. Mechanical here because spring pressure.

Energy less than 0.5J. Metal parts. Single shot. Shoot Up. Precision Accuracy. 12 rounds. Authentic Replica. & mm airsoft. And here we already have a picture of the P99. Then let’s take a look at the inside of the packaging.

This is what it looks like from the inside. What do we have in here? An instruction manual. And as you know, no one needs. We have a couple of BBs here. They look like this. Then we have a black mag. It looks like this.

So from the beginning. So from above. And so from behind. This mag fits 12 shots. We have a second clear mag. It looks like this. From the front. From behind. And from above. A total of 100 shots fit in here.

And they are filled in here via this flap. And then the most exciting. The gun itself. So a little closer again. The back part a little closer. The front part a little closer. So the whole of diagonally below.

And so the whole thing from behind. And here the whole thing again from this side. This pistol is based on a Real Steel model. Namely the Walther P99. The P99 is a pistol from the German gun manufacturer Walther.

The development of the P99 began in 1994. In 1996 it was ready for the market. In 2005 the police decided from North Rhine Westphalia to order 42,000 pieces of these little babies. 2008 followed Bremen, Hamburg and Schleswigholstein with 18,000 pieces.

Rhineland Palatinate has since 2010, 9,000 pieces. The police of the Netherlands ordered a total of 49,000 pieces. So we have a very popular police pistol here. There are different model variants of this.

Including the P99 QA. And QA stands for Quick Action Deduction. The P99 AS. And AS stands for anti-stress. The P99 DAO or DAO. And DAO stands for Double Action Only. The P99 C. The C stands for Compact for a compact version.

And the P99 PPQ. And PPQ stands for Police Pistol Quickdefence. I don’t want to go into every variant. But just to mention a difference between the variants. You have different types of deduction, different deduction systems.

The anti-stress trigger is for shaky, cramped hands in stressful situations. The first shot has a heavy trigger weight. Follow-up shots are easy. This is to prevent a shot from being released unintentionally.

One disadvantage is that the trigger weight is different. It’s not good for precision. The whole thing was further developed and the partially pre-stressed DAO systems were created. Here the pistol is either shot or fired when the slide is running back Partially preloaded by manual repeating.

He when you pull the trigger. The pistol is cocked and a shot is fired. Let’s take a look at the material. The two mags are made of plastic. Most of the weapon is made of plastic. The trigger and the slide catch are made of metal.

Let’s take a look at the markings. We have Walther caliber 6mm BB up here. Warning Read Safety Manual. Walther. P99. WaltherTrademarks Licensed by Karl Walther Germany. Energy less than 0.5J. The pistol has a weight of 400g.

And it has a length of 18cm. Let’s look at the gun from front to back. We have no thread up here. But since the whole thing is made of plastic, nothing prevents us from simply creating a tracer at the front screw on.

With Tracer it looks like this. We find a rail down here. And if it makes you happy, you can turn it down there. This is what it looks like with a handle. Next, let’s look at the sights. We have the classic rear sight and front sight.

So the whole thing from the beginning. So from the side. And here again from the side. From the front. And from behind. Next up here is safety. He’s on Fire right now. And this is how it looks when he likes safety and nothing works.

Let’s take a look at the trigger. We have it here. It’s made of metal. And under there we have the trigger guard. And on the trigger guard is the mag release. And that is ambidexious. Once on the side.

And on the other hand. I’ll show you. Once here. And once there. And when we do that. Then the mag comes out. We have notches back here. And these notches make repeating easier. The P99 has a hole in the back.

And I’ll show you what happens when I repeat it. If it has been repeated, you can see a red signal pin at the back. We looked at the P99, but what’s a gun review if you can’t even get a shoots a bit with the gun.

Conclusion on the pistol. I would not recommend going on a game day with such a jumper pistol. At most one round as a challenge. But not as a main weapon, since you have to repeat after every shot, you have a very good one slow rate of fire.

The pistol looks pretty robust back here. She’s a bit billo up here. Repeating takes a bit of strength. And it has a pretty heavy trigger weight. The shot is pretty loud. And sounds like a bit of metal in a lot of plastic.

For classic canning in the garden, it is completely sufficient and does the right thing Whim. And at the price you can’t go wrong either. That’s it for the video for today. If you liked it, feel free to give it a thumbs up.

I hope these videos help you with airsoft entry and with the question of what these billoguns can do and what not. I’m going to do a little canning now and I’ll see you next time. Until then, ciao ciao.


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