Home Airsoft Cheaters Walking Dead Airsoft & Meme Team – 2016 Year in Review

Walking Dead Airsoft & Meme Team – 2016 Year in Review

Walking Dead Airsoft & Meme Team – 2016 Year in Review

What? Oh shit! Move it! Move it! Contact left! Straight ahead 12 o’clock in-between the fork of the trees Keep pressure shifted on the back side of ammo depot and we’ll see if we can push up. Over. LETS GO! PUSH UP! LINE LINE LINE! You got two guys moving up on us here.

.. Got him! HOLY !@$% that line of BBs Woah! HIT! Get in! Get in now! Get in now! Go in! It’s recording now. We are playing some Zombie Game Back in! Watch the hill Guys ready? Hammer them hard We are going to move up Let’s go! Wait for Scott to come online Watch out! I go high, you go low.

Ready? Go to the cabin! Go to the cabin! Here take my knife! Breach! Breach! Breach! Beach left! CLEAR! Go clear! OUT OUT OUT OUT! MOVE OUT! MOVE OUT! (Russian Language) NO!!! NOOOO!!!! Mommy! Mommy!!! GO! Watch your fire! Back side! Back side! He’s down! He’s up stairs! He’s up stairs! Up top! Watch out! Watch out! They are all gone! Wooo! Peel back! Peel back! Peel! Peel! Peel! Peel back! Peel back!!! You’re the last man! Stay behind us ok watch out! Enemy down Dammit Dayton: Got him! Poi: I got him Dayton: I got him! Poi: I got him! Dayton: We will have to get a slowmo.

.. Poi: 50/50 Poi: We will do 50/50 Hahaha Reloading! Reloading! Michael: Woah! Last mag Go! TWO RUNNERS! Memes…


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