Home Airsoft Gameplay W.A.G. Airsoft Gameplay at Trench Wood (Featuring: Scar-H) ALPHA TEST

W.A.G. Airsoft Gameplay at Trench Wood (Featuring: Scar-H) ALPHA TEST

W.A.G. Airsoft Gameplay at Trench Wood (Featuring: Scar-H) ALPHA TEST

turn red who’s your flashing red yes I mean it’s recording leave it sir to get that one walk out of wood all right welcome one and all to my third alpha test for this gameplay video this is the first gameplay video that I have and this is really going to be a trial for what I’m going to be doing as well as how everything turned out got a pretty good feeling so I’m going to be mixing audio levels and figuring that out as well as the quality of the camera and gameplay footage so it’s been a while and I know it’s been requested quite a few times it’s even in the channel name of airsoft gaming so this is the first step I at the time of the recording I had to tactical cameras I now have for tactical cameras as well as some or other types of cameras so i’ll probably be using my highest quality wanted to go pro for this type of footage instead of the other action cameras that i have that a little bit cheaper than that so yeah let’s get started into the actual commentary so this game that we’re playing right now is two objectives essentially that one game mode called what is it called two bombs you have to defuse them demolition there we go so we’ve got this white carton on top of the wagon that you’ll see here in a few minutes as the first objective and the second one is going to be a mortar strike dispatch location that’s a lot of radio equipment set up on a desk further out this is a private airsoft location and this is really just to test out everything that’s the objective right there so it’s a 2v2 right now moving in three so right now I’m clearing this area out make sure that they’re not there one of them is wearing ghillie suit so it’s extremely hard to see people especially with all the foliage that slows the ground in this map so far we haven’t seen or heard anything but we’re still pretty cautious in this to the left of us where I dis looked was a objective Charlie but that’s not active in this game but it’s still a popular hiding spot to ambush this objective okay there we go this is a rather test of this game mode but that’s basically two destroyed the objective we just simplified it and took it out so now that that’s done are going to be retreating here kind of take a few steps back and scan the area again probably not have to go if there’s only two of them they’ll probably just set up an ambush over it so I’m thinking the best thing to do would be the only way to they know about I know them off in the back end okay so you can see my teammate here he knows this map a lot better than I do there’s a lot of back paths and the one that we’re about to take right now actually encompasses the entire back of the map and ends up popping out and the spawn point for the offending team so this gameplay isn’t exactly action-packed by any means again it’s two by two is a lot of a intensity more or less to the game but definitely going to be giving a lot more action-packed recording when everything’s figured out I’ve got two alpha test videos that are going to go up this is the first of them and the second one is going to be uploaded shortly after this so right now i’m checking ahead i have the longer-range gun here he actually is using a custom painted spring gun that we did that we hydra dipped but again this is more or less a not a practice game but definitely a test so as you can see there’s a lot of different paths that players can take this being one of the backgrounds is not a more commonly used however there are ones that if we kept on going straight would lead back into the map at around the front of be and where he is is going to be where we’re going to be that’s going around to the back of the second objective so there’s not much action we’re going to be checking the pads and everything before we take them so I’m going to take this opportunity to talk a little about about the tests that’s being undergone right now so again I had mentioned that this is a more of a small in private gameplay video but I did one test out a lot of the camera angles that i’m using now as well as a position where you can still see my rifle in it it’s not in front of my face it’s actually to the right side of my helmet and I think that gives it a perfect to look when I’m aiming down sights and also gives you guys a look at what I’m shooting it so I thought that was a good camera angle if you guys would like to see other types of camera angles I’ve invested in a 20-millimeter picatinny amount for my GoPro so that’ll be mounted on there although i don’t know if i’m going to be using that to be looking back on me but i like to get more than one type of camera angle in here as i mentioned before i have quite a few camera so we can do that and what type of commentary you guys want to hear I realized when I started this it’s definitely hard to keep on talking especially through parts like these where there’s not a lot of action so you have to fill with commentary so if you guys have any recommendations for that or anything that you’d like to see please you know comment down below because just like in a market economy you guys tell me what to do I’ll produce it and we’re both happy so I’ll start commentary now about the actual game because we’re coming up on their position so right in front of us at that intersection is where they spawn in for the defending team and right now we’re baking close to scan every part of it because they weren’t anywhere near alpha so they’ve got to be back here so the path I’m taking right now is the cross over to the back of Bravo and the one that he’s on right now that he’s posting up position is the route where the defenders spawn in so if they are further back we’re going to be flanking them around and we’ll be on their six because this is the very the furthest trail so we’ve essentially encompass the entire map and now we’re behind them at the very back most likely place that they’re ambush a setup light pat the motor site so before we get there go ahead and take a look around because they’re either going to be very normally do it behind those trees over here 20 so we’re starting to approach the very last inch of where we have to search right beyond that clearing at the very end is where Bravo is so we know their position somewhere in there and we’re taking extra caution to make sure that we can spot them before they see us so we just discussed the small game plan there alright so I’ve shouldered my rifle to my left side and I’m getting ready to come in on the shell where we think the attackers are can see the red shirt right there so that guy in a red shirt was one of the defenders he was pointed the other way but now the other guys gonna be looking at us now so we retreat and take cover see if we can draw him out right now we’re being dead silent because we know that the other player is somewhere in near proximity to here and he’s in a ghillie suit so his abilities got a really hard Sam alright so this point if we decided to just go full-on and we’re gonna gamble that heat is there now pointing at us so we’re gonna try to shoot him before he shoots us did you get it all right we’re good ok so what just happened there is the sniper was on the ground and my friend actually got him with a spring gun it bounced off the ground I’m head him in the head alright so um this is going to be it for the gameplay video uh some other things i want to add in but I couldn’t now was the wanted to describe the load out what I was wearing what gun i was using what kind of upgrades if any of i’ve done to it and a few other things like that so that’s gonna do it for this first alpha trial of wolf air still have gaming i hope you guys enjoyed the video as it’s the first of this kind of expect many more to come i’ve got another one to upload and tomorrow I’m going out to take more video so with that I really hope you guys liked it on improvements any comments leave them down below tell me what I need to improve on what I did good what I did really will and most importantly what you guys want to see so that’s it for this episode warfare self gaming and I will see you guys in the next video


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