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VTAirsoft Valor Airsoft Target System | Deutsch – English Subtitle

VTAirsoft Valor Airsoft Target System  | Deutsch – English Subtitle

Hello Bruce. Welcome. I have something for you come along there is something for your channel, for the reviews, for the test A Valor Target System. Yes for you! Bruce here BB2K Airsoft Channel. Thank you “ding” for that cool intro.

or i say it in france language: merci beaucoup Ding Chavez You know my france is even worse than my english 😀 i hope you can understand it! Thanks once again! The Valor Target System is now on my table and ready for the review.

Let’s start with it. First question. where can you buy it and what you have to pay? You can buy it in France. The webshop has the name AIRSOFT ENTREPOT The selling price is 85,- Euro + shipping (to germany 25 Euro).

which is a total of 110 Euro for this Target. A very large bag of money for a target. but i think is is a very brilliant system. I also hope a German shop watches now and recognize the chance 😉 Back to the target system.

What is the scope of supply? First the target, a mounting kit with matching screws. A cool system. You can quicky attached it and also detach it. a manual in english and a little bag of 10 A2 size paper targets for the first start.

That was the scope of supply and now some details of the target system. Let’s start with some data now lets go closer. I show you some highlights. The first question we have to answer: “Why so much money for a target?” “I use my cardboard box that’s enough of me!” you’re right! I have used for years cardboard boxes only.

Works well and costs almost nothing. But i am in love with the valor target 😀 Why? I show you this now. i open the target system. Let’s see what is behind the dart target. Behind the dart target you see the paper target.

Back to the dart. You can change the dart target with the “poker game” target. To do this you must only open the 4 locks. but that does not interest me now. is about airsoft. So back to the paper target.

Size A2 ( with a little difference). You got 10 different target and you can also use your own printig paper targets. The target is attached with a magnet Now to the core of the Valor System. The target has an anti BBs rebound system which works really well.

The system also traps all the BBs fired into it. the first deceleration of the BB comes from this textile webs. Looks like Rasta hair 🙂 The system has 4 parts of it. Behind the textile is a hard foam mat.

This will stop the BB’s clean with no noise. The Target stores over 8000 BBs into Reservoir. The BBs can easy recycles in seconds. I show you this because this is a really crazy feature now. Do you know this design? That is so crazy!! VT Airsoft does a very creative job 🙂 This is the look of a AR15 fireselector and a dustcover 🙂 Behind the “dustcover” are the BBs.

By selecting the “fireselector” to Safe or auto you can easy recycle your BBs. There is also a level indicator. The hole in the MAX show you a BB if the reservoir is full. I show you. that was the first design highlight.

Now No. 2 Can you see it? 50? Valor? Thats right. I turn it. Here you see two 50. Cal ammunition! Crazy. It is crazy. I like it so much! that is not all. it continues! Here you see the portable system.

It looks like a glock fiber optic. I like this style element. Another element is the parking system for the darts. I take the textil out of the target, and show it to you. so it looks. As you can shake out the BBs.

……. …from the “rasta mat”…. by the way…RASTA 🙂 you can also take this for a cool rata style…. here we go Bob Marley is here 😀 Time for testing the system. I put on the paper target. I shoot 27 BBs with my Samurai Edge Burton Edition into the system.

If my rooms stays free of BBs?? Let’s see. Don’t forget the glasses. Let’s go You only hear the airsoft. The BB make no noise in the system. No bouncing. You only hear the BB falling into the reservoir.

The airsoft is empty. No BB is bouncing from the system. I think my wife will not see any BB in the room. Lucky wife and also LUCKY husband 🙂


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