Subtitles available in English Hello and welcome to AIRSOFT REVIEW Today we are left to discover something new that was transmitted to us by our partner BO Manufacture This replica already known by its name but received an internal and external treatment to give birth to a new model that I have to say my seduced out of the box This is the SABER VR16 EVO CARBINE proline Discover together this package which receives a clean finish to a different carbon effect of other models VR16 opening we find a replica firmly seated in its housing and blister packed in an additional plastic bag, there is also a 120 MID CAP BBS charger and a user manual with two VFC goodies including a bracelet and a phosphorescent patch still nice By cons can be noted the absence of cleaning rod and a potential battery adapted Now to the exterior design of this new version of VR16 Several elements of this model are new and gives an even more aggressive look than the base model.

But we also find a typical body of the old version The EVO SABER therefore welcomes an unusual flame muzzle, a new generation RIS URX RAIL SYSTEM STYLE more attractive when the stock QRS and unveiled it there’s little time and reinforces the look of this replica This replica weighs 2850 grams for 830 mm to 910 mm butt unfolded Let’s find out more detail It is composed of an unusual flame metal Muzzle a beautiful finish mounted 14 mm anti-clockwise A keymod 330mm version URX STYLE RAIL SYSTEM very good with no play with the body for installing attachment quick disconnect and composed of a large upper Picatinny rail and 3 small front rails.

The addition of two removable rails in the package allowing space for additional accessory installation would have been nice This model is still too little keymod visible on product series but really gives an advantage to this replica look and aesthetic level.

An external barrel 355 mm metal Two REAR in folding and removable ABS, although the two are good quality it would be appreciated these metal elements for better realism Its metal UPPER and LOWER receive VFC prints and VR16 and a serial number We find as on the old version of VR16, a functional Bolt catch a fire selector, ejection window dummy cartridge and charger eject button and all this metal His cocking lever will access Set hopup generation 2 type G36 spanners and bolt catch reposition the dummy head after adjustment Then his pistol grip type polymer A metal stock tube receiving a tether strap metal and also the famous stock QRS recently introduced polymer it really gives a look at this version of VR16 and very functional thanks to these homes available for batteries of all types whether or LIPO NIHM It consists of 4 units, one in the stock tube, one on each side as the butt versions easily removable crane to enter MAGPULL version and last in the stock bead and this very easily by lifting it up Its ergonomics is very nice and gives a very fast acquisition and well positioned compared to REAR, its setting on the stock tube is facilitated by the ergonomic quick release button It also receives a passage for molded strap on the upper part Then finished by his MAG 120 MID CAP Polymer BBS Now for the internal features This replica receives recently the new generation GEARBOX TYPE HIGH-SPEED EVO version V2 – Engine HIGH SPEED – A HIGH SPEED Gear – A bearing on spring Guide – A steel piston teeth in half and reinforced polycarbonate and aluminum rolling on piston head – A polycarbonate cylinder head – A polycarbonate cylinder head – An aluminum cylinder – Of Bearings 8mm ULTRA HIGH SPEED – A selector plate metal.

– A switch reinforced to hold high temperatures This GEARBOX currently has no need to upgrade given the knowledge that VFC has brought to this internal She receives an internal barrel mounted on a brass 6.

08 hopup generation G36 block type 2 easily adjustable We will test two types of batteries, including 7.4 V and 11.1 lipo LIPO to show you the difference in speed and responsiveness Now to test Chrony BBS 0.

20 and 7.4 v LIPO battery, this replica is given to 350 original FPS BBS 0.20 7.4v lipo battery test rate 11.1v lipo battery test rate Let the test target at a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters in 0.

25 We pass the test to 20 meters in BBS 0.25 Target we have a very good group this away very easily with HITS We pass the test to 30 meters in 0.25 BBS, we take the opportunity to test the new BBS BO MANUFACTURE “RAIN” to see the value for money At this distance, there is a loss of accuracy but while keeping a good range despite the presence of an internal cannon 6.

08. We can now test dummy target on which a more realistic human scale that paper target Target test dummy 50 meters pass the test suites 50 meters to test at 40 and 45 meters that gave very good results the result is positive at 50 meters, loss of accuracy is present Target test dummy 55 meters pass the test to 55 meters At 55 meters, it hits the target, but a loss of precision is always present, thus laying a precision barrel will be advised Let Negative and positive points Negative: A lack of removable battery and additional rails.

An internal cannon 6.08 that for such replica is disappointing and a piston without all the metal teeth that may not hold intensive use 11.1v lipo positive: A hyper aggressive look thanks to the RIS and stock QRS A gearbox HIGH SPEED reliable for use in 7.

4V LIPO see 11.1 and by type of use as the semi. Shooting performance and very pleasant accuracy Here is the review of VR16 EVO SABER CARBINE of at VFC and marketed by BO completed MANUFACTURE You can find this product in all shops BO official dealers for 495 euro price Find all the links AIRSOFT REVIEW in the description of the video Do not forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and facebook page! we count on you ! See you very soon BYE BYE


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