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visionking shortdot review & airsoft block ll update

visionking shortdot review & airsoft block ll update

what’s up guys it’s Kirk from one of my very soft if you guys remember my last little video I asked the question if I should get a spectra TR or a short dot for my block – as you can see I had two short dots ones for my real rifle one is for my airsoft gun I’m gonna be going over the one I got for my airsoft gun this is a vision King one point two five two five by 26 in in an element spr mounts replica LaRue I’m gonna be going over a few different things are durability things I like things I don’t like and then I’ll also also show you it’s night time right now but I’ll show you during the day tomorrow through the through the scope show you outside see how clear it is and all that stuff also be comparing it to my real aroo mount I’ll show you this this glass – this is a lot clearer glass but let’s get started so the scope is aluminum in the back here you can adjust the focus for your eye you have bad vision or good vision or whatever it’s got ten different brightness settings for the illuminated reticle has five red and five blue off in between each one so here is off we have one two three four five off one two three four five has capped turrets so just unscrew these and some of the cheaper scopes or the less quality scopes you’ll have to actually adjust it with a screwdriver this has a little thing you can grab on and turn it which is nice distinct clicks I don’t know how well it will hold zero I would assume it would hold zero like a gbbr but I don’t know about a real rifle but today AG so it should be just fine and has windage and elevation adjustments um as you can see it’s not black I did put a coat of paint on it and then wipe it off with acetone make it look dirty otherwise it is pretty much just like this it’s black so I’ll show you guys at the end of the video oh here’s the adjustment for the magnification here there’s five four three and a half three two and a half to one and a half 1.

25 it’s fairly easy to turn this like on my vortex Viper PS PS t12 for this is kind of difficult to turn I know they make little levers you can clamp onto those to make it so you get more leverage on it I might buy one eventually but this isn’t it’s not a review of this I’m just using it as a comparison onto the mount as you can see it’s got the root rake marks which are nice um a little big little bright but whatever as you can see on the real one it’s a kind of subdued it’s not super bright laser etching on that but uh that’s okay the Rings are solid the actual uh everything is solid on except for the levers I don’t like them as you can see maybe I’ll see thing good see that there’s a lot of wobble in there so they don’t really don’t mount very solid onto the rail this one’s not as bad because it’s a little tighter but I’ll show that I mean in a second here’s the real LaRue the real LaRue sorry about my legs sneaking into the picture there the real LaRue amount and that’s adjusted to where I I need it for my gun and there’s no very little wobble in that which is good there’s gonna be a little bit of wobble but I’ll show you how do you mount this it’s just like the real one except for since it wobbles so much it’s different you have to do something else these just snap on there’s not a point in the adjustment where if I can get this guy not to push this one up and in there’s not a point and see it’ll it’ll wobble a lot there’s not a point in the adjustment that I could find at least where you can just throw the close the latches and it’ll be good to go either you can’t close it at all without a ton of force or it’ll wobble so what I do is I take wrench or something and I just tighten it down around there so it’s not really QD mount anymore it just looks like a TD mode I’ll try to fast-forward through this another thing a real the room out comes a little thing makes it really convenient but these the nuts are too big for it so getting work you have to use something like this that one’s nice too tight I don’t know if I said it before this is an L I did yeah it’s an element element no get on eBay for about 42 dollars I got it for free shoot I got free shipping for it and the scope was about $99 with free shipping so now that I tighten those there’s no wobble at all and solid but I kind of junior leverage kind of worthless so it looks cool but melt isn’t very effective the Scopes nice but the mount is at least the levers on the magnet kind of garbage all right I’m gonna show you my real rifle quicker I’ll show you how you’re supposed to work in case you’re new to this thing here’s my rifle sitting in there so just line it up for I have it mounted right here close there’s a little resistance you just have to push through close that and sound there there’s no wobble at all it returns to zero I haven’t had any issues with it not returning to zero I haven’t done a whole lot of bench rest shooting on it yet so I’m really tested that and if you’re wondering why I have it I have a front sight and not a rear sight I said taking the front sight not I put it career site on my other upper but I’ve just been too lazy to take that off so that’s why but they’re nothing it don’t put some shooting videos with this up in day view maybe today maybe before this video comes out or no okay back to the airsoft stuff I’m just gonna give you a quick rundown on the gun in case you didn’t watch my last video Knight’s armament three-prong flash hider to go with the drop my suppressor the Knight’s armament DC suppressor these are made by Mad Bull nice arm replica front sight vfc v3x and elements and their element dual pressure switch FM a PEC 15 the upgraded one with green laser I’ll go back to that in a second thankful rvg Meadows Midwest industries sling swivel point it’s got the madbull dark earth wrist – obviously the vision King short out I just showed you Magpul my head pistol grip knight’s armament replica six hundred meter rear sight and a the VFC sopmod style stock that came with I kind of broke the PEC 15 it’s I mean it’s not broken now but it it’s not altogether I couldn’t get everything to line up so there’s kind of a gap there was a gap in it back to I was trying to refocus the laser because the laser wasn’t very sharp it was kind of wide so I tried to focus the laser and I ripped some wires out I don’t know how to solder but my dad did so he started it back together but we couldn’t get everything to line back up and the zero on the laser doesn’t work anymore as pointed way down where to the point where it’s not even in the field of view of the scope so I bought a new PEC 15 about the element la-5 PEC 15 and dark earth hopefully that’ll get here in the next few weeks got it from JK army if you want to see a video on that tell me and I will definitely post one hey guys this is the second part of my video I’ll be showing you guys the comparison between the two different scopes as far as the clarity of the glass goes I relief stuff like that so when I start with the vision King this is the vision King now on 1.

25 power with the illuminated reticle on high setting on red and i zoom in here for you now I think it doesn’t read yeah it is you can’t really see it too well but that’s it I’m switching over to a higher magnification go over 5 so here’s 5 see the red now sorry this is a new camera I’m borrowing so there’s five okay so we’re gonna go to the vortex one now okay so here’s the vortex there’s no zoom on the camera or on the scope right now slowly zoom in for you so you can see that’s the highest illumination on the red setting yeah okay so how are you guys there all right I’m gonna turn it over to the four power now so I’ve got the camera zoomed in oh so I was in the camera there you go so there’s four power nice and clear right here’s $5 on the board or the vision King it’s also clear it’s not quite as clear as the vortex is but that’s a given or Texas of $500 scope vision King is a $100 scope yeah so I want to say thank you guys for watching please rate comment and subscribe and that is the tree there’s not a point in the adjust certified


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