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VFC UMAREX Heckler & Koch G28 GBB H&K Airsoft Review Deutsch [Eng Sub]

VFC UMAREX Heckler & Koch G28 GBB H&K Airsoft Review Deutsch [Eng Sub]

Bruce here. BB2K airsoft channel. Today i have this for you a magazine. You see the color and you know what time it is. this magazine fits in this airsoft gun. The VFC G28 gasblowback Rifle a very nice gun with a beautiful optic.

Apropo optic! i miss a scope on this gun! But the kick is hard as hell. i hope you have fun with this review. we come to the scope of delivery. the airsoft comes in this box with H&K No compromise. so the content looks.

I sit down, because it will take some time to show you all. first we have the VFC G28 in this beautyful RAL8000 color. Look great A metal G28 Scope Mount with rail a metal T1 Sunshade Mount two G28 rail cover with H&K logo (RAL 8000) 20 round gas magazine with matching color in matching color.

… a H&K type Foregrip (RAL 8000) a Bipod (very stable) and… look…. matching color 🙂 30 to 35mm adapter for the scope mount in black! Not RAL8000 🙂 2 hex keys and 4 screws for Hopup, scope an T1 mounting and know.

.. TA TAAH…. the manual and as a bonus. A speedloader with adapter for the magazine This is all you get when you buy the VFC G28. a tremendous amount but i miss some things. But later more OMG a crazy krick.

The G28s rocks like the VFC HK417 GBB. You think you shoot a real small caliber gun. but we have two negative points. If you shoot fast you become cooldown problems. exactly as the VFC HK417 and if you’ve seen the slow motion.

then you can see the bouncing bolt. a typical VFC HK417 problem some information for Real Steel. The G28 HK is the military version of the MR308A3. MR stand for “Match Rifle” and 308 for the caliber. 308 or 7.

62 x 51. The Bundeswehr uses the G28 since 2012 for striking targets at a distance up to 800 meters. The G28 replaces the G3A3ZF-DMR (Introduced 2010) and should be the new german number one, since the H&K PSG1.

Back to the G28. Remarkable is the color of the weapon. The green brown (RAL8000) is a universal camouflage, which has proven itself worldwide. there is a second variant of the G28. The patrol version.

Difference: Standard Stock, short Handguard and Tactical Scope The Internals of the Patrol version is identical and can be rebuild without problems to a std G28. At the end a few data on Real Steel…

.. ups… OMG. I must check my Display 🙂 please see Data sheet 25K does not cost the Airsoft. But 1K is also a proud price! whether it is worth. I hope that you can decide it after review Now to the bodycheck.

The G28 VFC is a high quality airsoft The weight makes a good impression. The build quality is top No wobbling. No creaking. All without gaps or seams. The color is 1:1. No error in the processing. I am really excited! Thanks licensing law the VFC G28 has all original markings.

I’ll show you Now to the data of the airsoft G28. Please look the Data sheet


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