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VFC Umarex Glock 19x GBB Airsoft Review Deutsch – English Subtitle

VFC  Umarex Glock 19x GBB Airsoft Review  Deutsch – English Subtitle

Bruce here … Glock19x there. What a combination 🙂 Bruce BB2K Airsoft Channel.who knows me knows that I was not a big fan of the VFC Glocks. mmmhh….no! The Deluxe versions were already better, but VFC would have had to work harder on the Standart Glocks.

At the ShotShow 2019 the Airsoft 19x was already presented. Today I have the honor to review the Glock 19x of Umarex. I was very curious about what to expect. What should VFC do? Simply Glock 19 Slide, Glock 17 Frame, Tan Color and 19x Markings on it.

Finished hmmm VFC surprised me a lot! I am happy! VFC looked at the reviews and improved this Glock here. So I do not just have a very authentic Glock 19x here as an Airsoft. Also technically VFC has done a great job.

But I do not want to tell you more. Now I start the intro and then it goes on. Have fun Back from the intro. Are you still there. That means you want to know more about the Glock 19x. Let’s start with the delivery.

I can not say if it’s the final state. I got the Glock 19x before the official start. It could be that something is changing there. For sale price, I can not say anything. I guess it will cost as much as 180 euros like the other Glocks.

Let’s start what I got. You have seen. This box, then of course the Glock 19x with a Greengas magazine. Then the typical Umarex manual in several languages. a hex key and finally a Glock 19x Patch. Whether there will be additional backing straps like the Umarex Gen4 Glock? Let yourself be surprised.

That’s all I got. Let’s continue the body check. I show it up close and then I go back. I think I’ll briefly talk about real steel Glock 19x before I start. So that you are on the same level of knowledge when it comes later in the Airsoft details.

The real Glock 19x was launched in early 2018 and represents the civilian version of the Glock 19 MHS. Externally, the MHS differs only by the additional safetys which is omitted in the Glock 19x. Another aspect that immediately strikes.

That’s the color. I think it’s the first Glock ex factory that has a colored slide. The Coyote Tan coating makes the Glock very interesting. Furthermore, it is especially a kind of hybrid. Furthermore, it is especially a kind of hybrid.

The Glock 19 slide is combined with the frame of the Glock 17. This means full magazine capacity of the Glock 17 and the compact design thanks to Glock 19 slide There are no finger grooves on the handle (like Gen5 Glock) a lanyard loop then we have the small handle extension here.

then there is a tritium sights for better sighting in the dusk. I think that’s all there is to the Glock 19x. For more information about Real Steel, Imake a link in the video description. But now I start with the Airsoft.

Let’s take a closer look at the processing and haptics. Let’s see what VFC has built. VFC typically made from the outside perfectly. The color is very well done. The real Glock 19x I had a year ago in the hand but when I look at photos.

I’m sure the color of the Airsoft Glock 19x fits. The darker slide and the lighter frame. Very well done. I’ll go close. Please look at this coating. Brilliant! The coating of the first VFC Glocks was cruel! Very thin, scratch-sensitive and visually very ugly.

In contrast, this Coyote Tan coating is absolutely top quality. Is also scratch resistant and the markings are full and deep. Only criticism. The Outerbarrel unfortunately got this bad coating again. You can see here after a few shots the abrasion.

The aluminum is already visible. Why did VFC only do half things here again? I dont know. A pity. I do not understand. I’ll show you a VFC Glock 19. Do not look that good in the video. But this black coating is really very weak and visually not aesthetically.

That had always been a point of criticism. Luckily, VFC has improved that with the Coyote Tan coating. Well done. Thumbs up! The handle perfectly processed. High quality plastic and great refinished. The cast welds are barely noticeable and there are no sharp edges.

Perfect. The slide sits well and is not very loose.The distance of the plate has felt improved. I quickly show the Glock 19 again. a little better or ?? Pure of the feel and build quality gives it a thumbs up.

And compared to the old VFC Glocks, there are even 2 thumbs up 🙂 what would a licensed Glock airsoft be without official markings? Thanks to licensing law, you can see everything in the right place here.

On the left side of the slide you see Glock logo, 19x Austria & the caliber 9×19 on the right side you see a little glock logo, the serialnumber. Also on the chamber. On the chamber the Glock logo and the caliber At the handle we have only a small difference.

Instead of “made in Austria Glock GmbH” you see here “Officially Licensed Product of Glock” on the other side of the handle you will find the Glock logo. The magazine bottom and the rest of the magazine also has logos.

then there are glock logos on the sights. On the frame is the German mark “cal. 6mm BB ” and the individual serial number. The serial number on Slide and Chamber is always the same. Only the frame number is unique.

continue with the technical data. I’ll show it closer. see data table. I’ll tell that at the moment 🙂 The FPS value, I will measure the same in the chrono. Likewise, I will test how many shots I can make with a gas filling.

I wish you a lot of fun. See you soon. That was the chrono. The factory specification of 0.8 Joule, I did not make it. My maximum value was 0.73 Joule. Average was 0.55 Joule. The minimum value (the last shots I leave with 0.

04 joules) was 0.30 joule. The result is absolutely okay.everything fits. The surprise is the gas efficiency. VFC has improved the performance. The old VFC Glocks had an average performance of 70 rounds (3 Magazine).

With the Glock 19x this has been increased! You saw …. 97 shots! The last shots I leave for performance reasons away. With 90 round you are sure with a gas filling. This is a whole magazine more than the old VFC Glock.

I think that’s really awesome! That was the positive chrono. Let’s continue with the details and features. The sights are rigid and have the material plastic. The rear sights can be adjusted by sliding sideways.

As target support, the Airsoft version has only white points. We do not have a tritium light here. It would have been cool if VFC had used Fluorescent Color here to get an almost authentic look. Let’s see deep into the barrel.

No fear in the video is no danger 🙂 Here we have an authentic look. The first centimeter is modeled on a real barrel. In combination with the black inner barrel, the illusion of a real Glock is almost perfect.

Look at it. just great. Looks real. But the feather rod is really great! Look how awesome it is 🙂 Am I stupid ???? what should be great about a spring bar ?? Now comes the highlight of the new Glock 19x.

That’s the spring bar! Why? I can put this hex key in the spring bar to adjust the hopup !!! absolutely awesome! Do you hear the click? more hopup …. less hopup is that cool! an absolute highlight for me.

no more disassemble the slide to adjust the hopup. Just make the settings when shooting. if you do not have a hex key. No problem you can also make the setting as before. I’ll show you later. on the right side you see the ejector as a separate part copied.

It is movable but has no function. Only attention to detail! The Airsoft Glock 19x also has a two-sided slidecatch made of steel. I’ll show it once. Slide backwards. right side……zack left side …

..zack. perfect for right and left-handed The magazine release button is only on the left side. Can be converted for left-handers on the right side. Let’s come to my criticism of the old VFC Glocks. The trigger! The old Glocks from VFC had a very bad trigger.

It was made inaccurate. Especially in the new state, the trigger has hooked. You had to put your finger on the trigger to shoot. It improves after several 100 shots. But only by abrasion of the plastic on the trigger.

That was really a disappointment for an expensive licensing model. Now here with the Glock 19x VFC has improved the trigger. Right out of the box it works perfectly! I’ll show you the trigger now. In the downed state, the trigger is authentic in the rear position.

if I load the 19x now. Look at the trigger. Now the trigger jumps to the front position. This signals the shooter that the gun is cocked. The safe action trigger is also replicated. This small tongue has to be pressed in to push the trigger completely.

if I do not do that. Look here. One part blocks the whole way. I press my tongue in and the blockage disappears. And as I said before. The trigger runs very easily to the pressure point. Perfect Let’s take a look at the shooting behavior.

the pressure point is reached at about 6mm. The point is immediately and clearly felt. a small pressure and the shot dissolves. the reset point is clearly felt and heard. without problems. a good difference to the old Glock.

check out the hard recoil of this airsoft. really awesome. Here VFC / Umarex has done a great job and given me a good trigger. Let’s get to the frame. Again, VFC did a good job again. Not only the color is perfect.

The plastic is very high quality and feels very stable. Casting seams were processed cleanly. Great. the dotted texturing was taken from the original. Likewise the corrugation on the trigger gurad. The Glock 19x is thus perfectly in the hand.

front you have the possibility to assemble accessories such as light or laser (in Germany, unfortunately, prohibited). Then the airsoft has the extension on the front of the handle. I take out the magazine once.

Then you can see it better. the reload should be improved with it. The novelty of the Glock 19x. The lanyard loop. this can be removed if not in use. In this hole you have to firmly press in a suitable object to remove the lanyard loop.

I will do it once. Press properly powerful. Now I can remove it. and then the Glock 19x looks like this. here you could mount backstraps. The Real Steel has some included. The Airsoft is missing. Whether backstraps still come for the Umarex Glock 19x, I do not know right now.

It would be great. Then the Glock 19x would be almost complete. I almost say. Because the extension 17 + 2 magazine is missing. Or at least the corresponding magazine bottom for the airsoft. Maybe this magazine comes in combination with CO2 or the Mag bottom can be bought separately.

Let’s see. Maybe I will learn more at the IWA 2019. we look at this magazine again briefly. It also comes in coyote tan. Has a capacity of 22 rounds. The magazine is filled with greengas. Behind the bottom plate is the filling valve.

Press the lever slightly downwards and then push the bottom plate. and then you can fill the gas. Great thing. The valve is thus protected from damage and the magazine also looks more authentic. here you can see the ammunition display.

But here is only hinted. Here are the BBs filled. pull spring back and then fill with the speed loader. I fill the magazine and then I make the shot test. The English subtitles end here. I will continue later.


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