Home Airsoft Reviews VFC H&K G28 Airsoft Zielfernrohr 3-20×50 PMII DMR Scope Review

VFC H&K G28 Airsoft Zielfernrohr 3-20×50 PMII DMR Scope Review

VFC H&K G28 Airsoft Zielfernrohr 3-20×50 PMII DMR Scope Review

Bruce here BB2K Airsoft Channel. I have to say 2018 was for me personally really an absolute highlight when it comes to the topic of Airsoft. Can you remember my G28 GBB from VFC? There was always something missing and that was that.

The good piece here, what I’m up right now my G28 is located. Bruce did not go crazy. No I have not bought a Schmidt and Bender PMII DMR scope That costs about 4000 euros! Absolutely amazing! So far it is not for me yet.

This is an Airsoft replica of the PMII DMR by Kitagawa Kogaku Seizosho. I hope that’s right. The scope costs 560 euros and is limited. I do not even know if it still exists. Yes and Bruce just had to buy it For now finally my G28 project is over I have the baby absolutely complete now If you want to know what this airsoft replica of this ingenious scope can do here Then wait until after the intro.

See you soon before I start the review I would like to thank two people. that’s the julien of impuls 101 logos up here link to the shop I pack in the video description and Ding Chavez. He made contact with Impluse101.

You know the French youtuber? I’ll show you the link in the video description. He made contact with Julien for me. In April came the rumor that there should be a replica of the G28 Scope. Everything on Japanese pages.

I could not translate that. google translator helped a bit but all the Japanese shops were still hard to translate. Since I had the idea with impulse 101 in contact to come. This website is also in English and I have also ordered Airsoft Parts there.

I knew that Ding Chavez has a very good contact with Julien and so I asked about Ding Chavez at Impules 101, if Julien takes the scope into the webshop. and I can tell you: it worked! I was really happy.

Ding Chavez got the scope first for a review in French. After that he sent the scope to me. and now it is here! I have it in hand and now excited. because now the review really starts. First look at the scope of delivery.

What do you get for 560 euro? the 560 euro expensive scope is delivered in a noble cardboard box looks a bit like leather. Nicely done. then there is this beautiful golden border and up here the Japanese lettering.

That will definitely be called Kitagawa Kogaku Seizosho. yes, the manufacturer of the scope. My Japanese is not good 🙂 The box looks really noble. Fits perfectly with the presentation. I open the box.

and look at the content. The lid is secured by this ribbon. Here we have a Japanese warning and a short instruction in English. So you know immediately how to deal with the piece of jewelry. then, of course, the G28 Scope protected behind the viewing window.

I’ll get it out now You want it finite or? really hard! that’s how it looks high quality processed by the shade really absolutely exact I really can not complain. have it on the IWA also in the original in kept hand and now here finally a brilliant replica of that Schmidt and Bender PMII DMR Scope It’s almost all Markings on it what you need More on that later in the details and features.

First, a look at the processing. What do you get for 560 euros? You get a really high-quality scope Absolutely identical also to the weight really great and clean processed. The RAL8000 color is perfect No processing errors Everything made of high quality The markings are clean lasered.

You can read everything well. It’s all the same as the original model. The adjustment is easy to feel by clicking Everything made perfectly. No matter what adjustment you take. Included here is a sun visor, which you can also unscrew.

what is missing is the Killflash and the Flipup caps. Whether you can mount the original Tenebraex I have to try later, when I have some money again. My first intermediate. I have a perfectly crafted product in my hand.

Here was worked properly and with much love. Bodycheck…. Thumbs up !!! Now I come to the important things and these are the markings Finish and body check everything great. What about the markings? Here you see that on both sides S & B for H & K is missing.

This is also understandable for trademark reasons. Otherwise everything is included what you need. I’ll start right here: Here you see the name “BUND made in germany” and above 3 -20 x 50 PMII laser filter DIN EN 207-L4 as well as the original We also find on all towers the correct marketings as well as that original Schmidt & Bender PMII DMR It was really worked with a lot of love.

But there is a shortcoming! Intention or not. I can not say that. I turn it to the side The label is correct but the index mark on all three towers is missing! I can not see exactly what I am doing! Because the marks are missing! No idea whether intent or forgotten I really do not care.

There is no alternative Except the original scope. Which is extremely expensive. that’s just crazy to buy it for an Airsoft G28! therefore it does not matter if there is no index marking or the Schmidt & Bender is missing This scopemount was long enough without a task! I am very happy that it can look like this.

I never thought that there would be a replica I complete the G28 now Are we looking at the Gesamtkunstwerk or? Here is the H & K G28 GBB from VFC. I link the review to you. I mount the scope on the G28 screw down I am very happy.

I had often held the original in my hands. I had also sought contact with Schmidt & Bender. Asked if I can get it for a review or if you could buy a defective scope cheap. I literally prostituted for it 🙂 But Schmidt and Bender had not contacted each other.

That did not matter to the company 🙁 And now I do not care 🙂 I have what I want. so mount the Reddot on top and then the baby is complete G28. Just as it must look simple! Finally complete for Airsoft lovers and collectors I show it again a little closer wonderful and now everything fits together well.

everything absolutely authentic Bodycheck is done interesting is the quality of the retreat When I see through it. I can calm you down. For 560 euros you get a first-class view. The eye is spoiled here.

You do not have to get close. Perfect view even with normal distance to the scope. Very bright and crystal clear view and everything razor sharp. absolutely top quality Now let’s look at the details and features.

I’ll show you what you can do on the Scope. Here is the diopter setting Here you can like the Orignal the Scope to adjust your eyesight the whole stepless and really clean. also makes a very good impression.

We have zoomed in on the spot. Just like the original one can you steplessly from 3x to 20x zoom the whole just as exact as the diopter attitude. Really nice and clean fine. You can go up to level 20 here to adjust.

To aim at dark targets to improve, too, has the replica like a setting wheel for the lighting. The setting can be adjusted in 11 steps


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