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Vaping Donkey Juice Review – Vaporizenation

Vaping Donkey Juice Review – Vaporizenation

hey got a new band dungee here coming at you today with our just reviewing this time we’ve got four flavors from the lovely guys vaporize nation so my friends over at vit rise nation were kind enough to send me over these beautiful dishes to try and review for you guys first up we have the lemon easy nation don’t know if you can see that got this on my twisted message on my V mesh let’s have a sniff whoa pick up lemons there in the oak tag but there’s like a buttery like do we flee or smell underneath like almost come me i watch that pancake but I don’t get as a pancake but it’s kind of got that like a cooking pancakes smell you up real buttery bakery note but that tough hey babe get online coils there we go twice it measured on feelers ah yeah so on the inhale you’re getting that lemon tree is like lemon is here but then on the exhale you’re getting like a khaki like a lemon drizzle cake with me like a little bit sugared I guess there’s a sweetness on top as well like a syrup mmm oh sorry about four game dies refreshing but so moreish because of that Keck and the base of buttery maybe like a put there but are you lemon filling almost in the Keck but yeah let’s move on that’s yes I really like that next up we have strawberry lime Eve as you can see got that on the endless clean mud and well not so clean at the minute needs a bit of a shine let’s have a sniff that takes me bike just license of lime in there with a hint of sweetness beneath it you’re really sweet line how did I get the strawberries but name is it smells good smells refreshing it’s a great day here in Northern Ireland so hopefully this refreshes the census for me papers oh wow it takes me back to my childhood what is that flavor I’ve got it you know twister ice lollies um the green and white like ice lollies alignment of vanilla and in the middle is the strawberry it’s just what this is in a touch of colada in it which brings up coolness and the inhale along with the line and then an exhale you got make a sweet strawberry really good summer be able yeah that is one percent like the back garden with a couple of ciders less that is so next up drop the Chevy where we have banana man vinod man let’s have a snifter of this show whoa it smells it banana bread that’s really odd because my daughter came home from school this week and she had made banana bread at school and that is the exact smell of it got this in the copper Canada copper Ruby Maude sorry with a canada on top give a little juice up and go babe or sh sorry guys i’m not sure what happened there camera just filled on me but we’ll continue where we were this is the banana man so let’s give it ova wow that is just banana bread is like it’s just over the oven warm fluffy moist banana bread with a its got like a cinnamon sugar Dustin on top that is that’s really good really different but really good the banana flavor is like that banana that for bread flavor you get you know like I have an older banana you know not like a candy banana anything I go right like a ripe banana it’s good really good and last but not least we have vanilla nation I’ll give this a little snifter hmm definitely smelling vanilla but I’m also getting like coconut coconut freeware beneath it and I think that seeing banana maybe it’s in this banana very complex but smells interesting got this on an hour Twiztid message on top of my Star Wars box no dear why aren’t you working now would go kill switches what can you do panic in there but we have a board let’s go hmm that’s a very unique flavor again like a vanilla taste with coconut behind it you know what it’s like it’s like a banana split it’s like a banana split with coconuts oh very any kissed but very good yeah I can taste vanilla ice cream with bananas and some coconut like you know the the sweet coconut on top yeah that’s exactly what I’m getting tastes great for me stand out though has to be lemon lemon easy nation it’s good in fact you know what they’re all good translator isn’t one I don’t like stand out there will be lemon the lemon easy and the banana man that banana bread who in fact I’m gonna leave these with taking I took of this show


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