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“Valor Gear Ceylon Softshell” an Airsoft review


Hello and welcome to a new review video by HGDR Entertainment This time the review will concern the softshell from Valor Gear And with the autumn coming up, this is the ideal solution for every airsoft player. My first impression is that the softshell is well thought off. The zippers for instance are from YKK, one of the top brands in the production of zippers. Furthermore, where necessary double stitching is done. It also includes velcro on both shoulders as well as a hoodie for extra rain protection Which is easily folded away and does not hinder The fitting is superior. It fits like a glove without any adjustments The attention to details is also visible on the inside. Everything is nicely post produced, with even 3,4,5 or 6 rows of stitching. And not only does this jacket contain pockets, they are even finished with a more breathable fabric This is not just on this side, but also on the other side as well as the rear, which makes the softshell more comfortable to wear.To further show the attention to detail, I have brought a softshell by 101inc. A clear difference for instance is the use of unbranded zippers This has already let to zippers coming loose from the jacket during my use of these softshells A downside of this softshell if you would ask me Furthermore this softshell does not have the breathable cloth on the inside like the valor gear does. A large thing I dislike about the 101inc and love about the valor gear is the storage of the hood This is hidden away in the 101inc versions which leads to an irritatning piece in the back of my neck when not using the hood. And since I more often not use it, this is a downside when you ask me With the Valor Gear the hoods folds to the rear easily and is not in the way. And can be used with just a single pull.It protects just what is necessary and does not provide a large rain umbrella on your head. It therefore provides just enough cover to keep you cool and ready for battle! Beside this a softshell should be wind and waterproof, otherwise it isnt really a softshell. Therefore we did a test concerning the wind and waterproofness of this softshell. A wind test is hard to show, but after wearing this softshell for some time I can assure that it keeps you warm in windy conditions. Waterproofness however, can be tested on video Visible is that I first placed two kitchen papers inside the softshell and then closed the zipper After this has been done, water will be
dropped on the softshell to see how much and where water will leak through the softshell Clearly visible is that the water stays on the surface of the softshell and no sign of water leakage is visible Except the zipper area in the pocket of the jacket.A small portion of water leaks through. When we remove the water and open up the softshell ones again, we can see that both kitchen papers are still dry Which indicates that the fabric of the softshell is waterproof It has to be said however that a small portion of water leaks through the softshell at the zippers. This is expectable since this is an open connection instead of a closed one. This softshell has everything you will need. It is not only wind and waterproof as you would like during the autumn, winter and beginning of the spring. But the choice of materials is also great. For instance the zippers from YKK and stitching as well as the fabric on the inside Which make the entire softshell more breathable and more comfortable to wear For this reason I recommend this softshell to everyone, wanting to prepare themselfs properly for the autumn, winter and spring seasons.This softshell is not only suitable for airsoft use, but also for day to day use If ordered in a flat color like Olive Drab This softshell is available at Airsoft Center in Westervoort The price is 89 euro, which is in the middle of the softshell market But perfeclty justified due to the material use, like the zippers, and the quality of the whole And on that bombshell, this is the end of this review.This was Rob and untill a new episode of HGDR Entertainment .


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