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Valken Debrief Airsoft Podcast #123 – Veterans for Airsoft

Valken Debrief Airsoft Podcast #123 – Veterans for Airsoft

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And please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Now sit back, relax, and get ready for your Valken Debrief. Hey guys! It’s Chris from Enola Gaye. It’s time for Valken Debrief live. Hey everybody welcome back it’s another week another episode of the valken debrief airsoft live show 123.

123. livest show in airsoft yes with the most fans the most biggest budget the coolest people the best guests. I’m sorry I’m just bragging here at this point. The only ones putting on any kind of airsoft venue right now this is the home of airsoft in the entire world right now it’s the only place to talk about airsoft apparently so we are episode number 123.

I am the Kaiju, the supreme commander of the valcon Alliance. This is Peltast. Hey guys quick notification… Do you remember your title? Yes, I’m getting there okay. You’re interrupting my announcements here.

You’re breaking my flow. My bad. All citizens of BB Shire this is a more of a public service thing if you’re gonna mask up understand that you know beards aren’t necessarily conducive to masks so if you want full protection you’re gonna have to shave the sides down and get the full biker beard.

Well wear a shemagh. Or wear a shemagh. That works too. There’s a great video on… You don’t want to… you don’t want to see him with a mask because it looks like it’s hair just pooking out the sides.

Oh it looks like a… like a bikini day. That’s what my wife said it looks like. Yeah it’s pretty bad but yeah just remember if you’re gonna mask up and you want full protection you know shave the sides or you gotta encompass the whole beards in your mask.

Yeah it’s quick public safety. oh yeah share the show tell your friends get them in here already up to 37 guests we get up to 50 you know the deal we will be giving away a prize toilet paper I will give you a pack of baby wipes friends give me already up to 43 yes I don’t think this is all be okay I know this is the Freddie flux everybody wants to say the frame yes we’ve got Xavier from Centurion milsim Jerry Ross from guerilla airsoft vodka sorry I’m just enjoying the chat right now Chris cam or Chris Kramer’s like there goes the neighborhood you invited Freddy flux into the community and all his people and now it’s all just downhill from here yeah we got Nick Harnish in the house Mike nation what’s up Jesse Gracia which we have a very special treat for Jesse later on in the show you have to stick around the whole show two hours it’s like a reward it’s like dessert Oh Harleen Quinzel I have not seen her in a minute that’s famous Mogens sister of Mogens right nunu who’s that okay you always sled mix it up she was the tall blonde at copper topper okay yes no you know I get mixed up here Harley Quinn and that’s all I can I got this oh yeah because she is mrs.

Harley Quinn for this area as you if you were if you’re doing Harley Quinn and you’re not checking out Derrick sister then you’re not doing Harley she’s got again hmm Alex Meade’s in the house Sam Assadi from airsoft junkies love’s hands we watch some of these videos junkies are doing some great little projects while they have some free time we’ll check the pace from black ops up in Bristol when I got shadow up in the Denver area what’s Denver we had actually local viewers yeah Ted Collins room in the house from primer productions media RJ Yannick and we have a tradition here on the show each and every week the first comment in the chat when we go alive gets 50 exposure bucks goes to Javier Franco how dear Frankie was first he beat Ethan are we allowed to talk about it since he works for a since you’re in is that allowed to be talked about is that centering correctly oh god I did the centrist centrist Ilion Sicilian hey if you want to see a special topic or a certain guest on the show please give us a call on leave a voicemail area code eight five six not our hotline it’s our cold line right now yes nine seven five zero six five zero yeah tell us about what’s going on or if you want to hear a certain topic or a certain desk give us a call we hear yeah what do you been up to this week this week my son has been getting tutorials and how to be a good cameraman and grip oh so he’s learning some of your yeah he’s looking at someone helping out with some work stuff yep we did we did a mock video at the beginning of the week today we did another video which I can’t say what it’s for it’s super-secret school project that’s coming out like ninja squirrels yeah ninja flying squirrels right no we’ve just been doing a lot I mean everybody knows that airsoft and paintball is slow going but we are still supporting gun stores selling lots of gun bags we’re supporting hospitals selling them our Tyvek coveralls which is kind of cooled normally hospitals have like blue or green now that you have multi cam and like they have woodland camo coveralls so they can look tactical oh yeah oh they’re fighting the good fight we’ve we’ve sold a ton of goggles like the VSM mask we’re the one it’s the goggle we’re the with the flip up hard mask hospitals have actually loved that because it’s a rubber seal there’s no foam that’s so they can actually open the mask and still have their eyes protected so they can flip it up or flip it down so they’ve been loving that you can get it you can get some protection from your airsoft stuff yep so it stops the BB you will stop air basically is the idea yeah pretty much oh and the last thing with the gun stores we’ve been selling home defense we’ve been selling pepper ball with our markers to help the Preppers three percenters gun stores I have to say here’s my issue with pepper ball is that I’m one of those rare people who’s not allergic to capsaicin so I’m more considerate away like spicy food I learned that not the hard way the easy way when I went through mace training a wizard pepper spray training yes yeah everybody else is freaking out I’m just like this doesn’t feel that bad I just have stuff in my eyes can I wipe it out now yeah we want to give a big shout out to our podcast listeners oh wow over in Sanko raise your eyes little veggies yeah there you go okay sorry come on Wilson we hit a bit we a benchmark didn’t we yeah we have 300 followers on sound so much for sharing and liking and all that other stuff you were keeping this show alive because if no one watches it then you know there’s no budget yes also a big shout out to our sponsors over here big shout out to the Vulcan alliance this is what this is what the show is all about it’s all about community keeping folks connected especially during this time of social isolation go check out Falcon Alliance on Facebook and check out the local regional groups and you know do some online live gaming regimes I calling it a pyramid scheme multi little get rich will call it get-rich-quick scheme now because you just sign more people up and there’s more people that sign more people up and eventually you’re a millionaire yeah that works so also we have Enola Gay and Elite Force our premier sponsors of this show as they make some quality products I have to say do their so it’s kind of interesting that the three of us have partnered up you know we distribute their products we are probably the not probably we are the only three companies in airsoft that are manufacturers that are still open for business open our way or hold on so I can order some Balkan stuff right now can I hear some sleep forward yeah can I hurt some Enola Gay yeah I mean I don’t know what I’d use you know gay stuff for except smoking out my wife like you know in the bedroom to get her stuff but you know other than that our website still you can order stuff the core website stuff still shipping because I mean like I saw a lot of people doing posts about I got this great project I’m gonna do for quarantine yeah you know I’m gonna build my dream gun I’m gonna do some painting I’m gonna do this I’m gonna modify I’m gonna hack this and then like a week later they all posted the results and I haven’t seen anything since so you know keep in mind there’s still people selling stuff if you want to work on projects this is the time to do it because there’s nothing holding up Patrick Patrick Daly asks do any of your sponsors make multicam co vid masks well normally you know like the n95 masks or you know they’re like 5 bucks apiece 5 to 6 bucks apiece retail well if you put that multicam license now it’s about $20 just for that little piece of Ulta campy I don’t have a little bit of fabric you could just put it over your mask and as long as you don’t puncture the mass it’s true you are now multicam DUP so you could like shoe goo it to the mask something like that or you just glue it actually there’s glued in the corners and now you’re my super glue yeah and you know though it is not a barrier to bacteria every barrier that you can put between you and the outside world will help a little bit hot tip about that if you’re making your own barrier mask eyes or your head face coverings as per the CDC shop towels the blue ones from O’Reilly and advance and all that stuff oh sorry we can’t we can’t we can’t promote CDC anymore oh I’m sorry we’re not doing that yeah so anyway but yeah just op just go educate yourself shop towels are good very they’re better than nothing so look it up shemagh suma hug come on him to get multi reps okay just something to keep you from touching your face oh yeah that’s your face I’ll touch your face all right we’re gonna cut through you can touch other people’s bitch no don’t do that either no no we’re gonna cut through a quick commercial break and we’re gonna be right back with our special guest super excited Freddie flux from much veterans for airsoft last time we had on our show was actually my birthday in 2018 July 2018 so that’s 20/20 now that’s a long time and I know tomato almost 2 years so we’re gonna talk to him and see what see what’s been going on since the beginning so don’t go anywhere this guy’s doing a lot for veterans causes yep veterans issues yeah veteran people yep veteran families I’m just trying to say the word better than is possible by the way if you guys don’t know before we go to commercial the word of the night is veterans is what oh I think you said family is it better okay I thought you said did I say family that’s veteran where do the night is better don’t go anywhere we’ll be right back after this quick commercial break this is the valcon ASL AEG tango they come with a billet style nylon fiber receiver and ambidextrous features including a selector lever and magazine release on both sides up front it has a twelve point five inch free-floating M lock rail as well as front and rear high vis flip-up sights we recommend using a valcon 9.

6 volt nickel metal hydride or a 7.4 volt lithium polymer battery which is sold separately the velocity is 340 feet per second and comes in two-tone black and desert thanks for watching and please leave a review to tell us what you think welcome back to the valcon debrief airsoft live show extra live today we are live with technical difficulties so we lost our guest for a couple minutes guys so we’re just waiting for him to call us back so we’re just gonna hang out while we’re waiting for so you you asked me what I did this week what did you do this week yeah so I did a lot of painting and I did a little eBay hunting because my son finally is this close to finishing his first box set of works so I said once you finish we’ll start building your army up works for what works for 40k yeah so the next step is this weekend we’re gonna start putting together our own board like a full six by four foot board we got some train coming there’s actually a lot of great laser-cut stuff out there now where you can just fold stuff so you don’t have to actually paint and build terrain yeah so you got buildings for it so once we should be playing full on like more actual Warhammer not just boxes on a table in our units oh we got 51 we around we got one and it was a good sign because we have got back mr.

Freddie flux from veterans for airsoft what’s up Freddie how you doing brother hey guys how are you good evening what happened did you did you have a phone snafu no I you know the weather’s been really snafu speaker which you guys got some hail recently that was impressive yes last night it was savage I was outside playing in the rain yeah rain that that video is actually very funny if he if you hadn’t seen it and you are friends with Freddie on his Facebook page head on over there it’s actually a cool video of him running in his backyard with like you know golf ball not have about half marbles marble sized hail yeah he runs out there with his helmet and and would you say like God won’t God won’t God keeps over shooting me or something like that he’s ever shooting me or cause like he’ll is still falling so that was pretty that was bro they got snow up in Wisconsin area now very really hold your salaries yeah that’s chant it’s horrible because here this guy to my left here has doomed us to for more winters before we get summer sorry I saw my shadow he did when the kaiju sees his shadow it’s it’s it’s five more weeks of random winner so so Freddie you are a veteran I am a veteran and you also run during the veterans for airsoft correct so for those that do not know you tell us a little bit background of your military life wait wait are you saying he’s a veteran he is a better wait am I the only veteran oh no we’re about veterans and there’s a lot of veterans that watch this show yes so I joined the military Navy straight out of high school I enjoyed my summer and then I went up to Great Lakes here in Illinois and hung out for a little while got my schooling and then I deployed over here before deployed submarine tender in Guam for a while what’s the submarine tender like I’m an army guy so this is all you know it’s an auxilary ship so what we do is we support all the submarines that are out in that area of the world so if they don’t like medical stuff or like food do you show up with it yeah so my job was actually I was a torpedo miss mate so we got to deal with the big booms oh cool and weapons handling and stuff like that so it was uh it was a good time out there and then I came back stateside and started growing my family and got out of the military about seven years in and now I’m a fitness trainer starts therapist and I run a non-profit and shoot people for fun with BB plastic babies these are replicas so what is with veterans we need to make sure we clarify profit they I mean this it must be work i I don’t have time or something like that what was your inspiration what made you decide to start doing what you’re doing and more than else what is the effect um so just like everybody else that usually gets in a buddy said hey you know you want to check out airsoft and he was a veteran so I said yeah sure and I joined his team we started playing and then you know we tried to advance the team and things kind of went haywire and instead of quitting airsoft I decided that I wanted to continue what what the team was the show veterans for a job yeah I need I needed a reai told my wife I said you know I think I’m done she’s like why like just you know like I don’t have a team anymore and then I met Javier Franco around that time and from centrum Elliot yeah next week we have Colonel Verdugo oh I’m so as of year on the show I’m so excited so event so you met Javier can you join Xavier sorry and so he introduced me to centurion and then I went to a TCA game and the rest is history as far as milsim goes and vfa just kind of took shape took form and these guys have been supporting it the community’s been supporting it and now we get more veterans out playing airsoft playing milsim going to events and engaging in the community with the rest of us nerds and I think it’s fantastic so what is what is the the ultimate goal why do you want to get veterans out playing airsoft you know when we’re talking about things that make us feel better things that you know get us up off the couch engaging in activities that are normal for society’s sake airsoft got it’s a niche market and we find that there’s a lot of video gamers a lot of eclectic people and airsoft has room for everybody at the table and veteran community is very much you know the same way we’ve got people that are far left far right and airsoft a way that we can connect with anybody everywhere that ever wore a uniform if they want to pick up an airsoft what I think is really funny is a lot of people don’t realize that most people join the military because we’re doing a form of cosplay like we’re living in jail a lot of us do that like you know you ask a grunt you know you ask him some guy from the 82nd why he joined it’s like I want to jump at airplanes and kill shit you know what I mean you ask a guy in the Navy he’s like I want to see the world yes cuz Submariner and he’s like I really like guys but tag Carlton I had to take a shot on that one Greg Alexander you know everybody’s kind of role-playing their fantasy in the military for a lot of people and so a lot of people don’t realize like when I was in a barracks it wasn’t uncommon that I’d be walking around on Friday nights and guys we were playing magic in the hall and I’m not saying like magic like you know like like pulling rabbits out of hats I’m at the gathering yeah Warhammer is huge in in my veteran community nerds aplenty this in Denver this year on 4th of July weekend was supposed to be excuse me Denver pop culture con it’s a Comic Con right it’s the biggest one in in Colorado and it was it had a patriotic theme it was it was supporting veterans mm-hmm and I actually was asked to lead a panel of you know just nerd dumb in matter in military life we’re always surprised that wrong right but it’s it’s all about you know military folks are in you could probably attest to this Freddy it’s like you’re sent this place your sent that place you’re away from home whether you’re married or not spend a lot of time in your head you know and you just yes you just need a place that’s healthy to escape your environment mentally for a couple hours and it doesn’t have to be nerd stuff like spades is hugely popular what’s what’s the motor place yeah ya know we play spades yeah and you know I’ve got a story I remember coming down the first time into the shop into the torpedo shop and the FPS all had their they’re little you know flat-screen TVs the tiny ones when they first came out all hooked up all playing World of Warcraft Slyke oh wow everybody’s a form of nerd in one way or another and you know it’s not for everybody yeah we’ve taken out Ted a blast okay what’s basically a nerd so you’re your pet you’re passionate about a hot um thing about something yeah cuz honestly like I would put even guys you know the model car guys like or like you know guys who do carpentry they’re not considered nerds but those guys live their hobbies yeah you know what I mean like it’s just a more public less accepted way of living your hobby but that’s changing okay so we’ve had several new folks joining us we’ve picked over fifty a couple times tonight so oh hey Josh Josh McNeal from MC Kydex and I just wanna see sue Mills’s see sue has been making masks and posting it recently I think she’s up to like five or six hundred she’s made and sent out so awesome job way to contribute yeah so the way it works is so we’ve already hit the fifty benchmark so I I do still have some airsoft innovations cyclones and excel to give away so we’re definitely gonna give one one of those tonight the way it works is the more you comment the more you interact the more entries you get the more entries you get into the electronic drawing and if you have a question for Freddie or for us just put it in the chat we’re more than happy to answer questions for you or anything so I got one buddy speaking of questions so what’s the status of the FA right now like I know I’ve been seeing updates left and right you got the chair you got some kid you got the trailer like what does it looking like because it looks like you’re right about hitting that goal that you wanted to be at a couple years ago so what’s what’s the status of what’s going on with that so you know when you when you sit down and you start something you kind of want to have like an end goal and for me I just like okay within five years I want to put together and coordinate a airsoft milsim field training exercise that’s all encompassing we cook for you with the big GPT tents as a group were transported together there’s this idea that the the experience starts with us picking you up at your front door and it ends with us dropping you off and you get to experience what it feels like to travel to a national Nelson that’s more like how do you deliver that all-encompassing and when we first came out we were kind of controversial a lot of people didn’t know what to think you know there’s the trolls are out there to better what in the track history yes gone in try before you know yes the track is Freddie and V if they were were paying for a lot of lows that were actually created by organizations before yeah VFA which is you know which is a bit unfair but I mean rightfully so – oh yeah – attesting to Freddie though he’s still here so he’s he’s doing it right he’s got his paperwork promoters are asking him to come to his event yes yes voters are asking via Fay to be there and they’re doing bud way you’re raffles are really uniquely cool though the raffles you do for those cutouts and the fact that you’ve kind of that’s your signature thing you guys doing if you guys don’t know better than three or soft raffles these wonderful wooden flags and and some of them have been actually like diorama is almost like scenes like things on wood and they’re made by a veteran yeah what’s the company makes them patriotic frog gentleman that introduced me an airsoft over and I have I have half of our teams are marine that is actually now via faze armory and what started veterans for airsoft was a the leftover remaining amount of attacked five team account nice from the same team so like it’s it’s just kind of just it’s full circle you know so we actually have a very good question from Patrick Daly is Veterans for airsoft a 501c3 that can accept donations oh that’s a good one yeah still so that 501c3 is the big shibam that’s the one that you have 18 months to file for it’s what makes your donation of $75 or more that’s actually tax-deductible and so when people want when people are giving money to an organization they want to know that their money is going to be protected and the first line of defense is get in line with the government and get in line with with how things are supposed to be so what’s the status all right right now I’m so we’re 100% certified percent certified no I just I just wanted that set out loud because yeah so people can know that if you’re if you are donating your money is being tracked it has to be reported on lockers everything from day one and speaking of the the face behind you know Freddie is the face of front of VSA there is there’s a wonderful gal who is the face behind vfa that’s a much prettier face yes it’s a much better agent you look at Ivan like which she actually has a very good question in the chat Freddie who is your favorite person on tiger King oh good one oh that’s you know um I’m partial to the staff because he was a veteran yeah Tigers been Kiker says I thought Freddie was tiger kid so you get it is this brother remember his campaign manager the guy who seemed the most normal of everybody in the whole show yeah the guy that choked on the bait pen yeah he’s all he also got arrested for like attacking someone in a mall with like a like a cheap samurai sword like we’re trying to yellow so what I think is funny is when you watch the show the same is person on it is the guy is that is the coke kingpin from Miami who tried to killed an ATF agent and fed him to his Tigers that seems to be the most sane guy in the whole show guy in Miami Alex Meade does have an earnest question can you guys expand on those woes from group’s past well we’re not about saying names but just in simplest terms there was accusations that organizers were promoting that they were donating to veterans groups you know like veterans of foreign wars or fallen warriors or whatever I guess or something yeah and it actually came out with one group that was brought to the public light that it wasn’t happening and so and then right after that there was a big influx of stolen valor over the next two or three years in the airsoft community and you know literally if anybody said the word veteran it was like there was like a negative feeling about I came in the sport right when that was starting and I would I was so freaked out by the whole atmosphere that it had created that I literally traveled around with my DD 214 in my wallet a copy because I would wear my hundred first batch you know what I mean and I just didn’t want any question about it I’m like you have a question here’s where you know me and Woodcock it’s like we’d fold up our DD 214 and put it in a ziploc bag and we I mean the fact that we had to play with that on us was you know I mean it was people were like hunting for it I was like it was like the popular sport even anything like that Freddie no I mean like like I said you know when I’m at Xavier we all met and we put a veteran group together and everybody at the table is like okay well how do we how do we do this and everybody’s just like they pull out something that shows that you serve like here comes my dog tags here comes nobody’s freaking forklift license they they were driving you know on base you’re like first and then we’re all laughing about it the fakers never get that shit it’s like I still have actually my US Army license in my wallet from like 10 years ago it’s just in their prime like I have my courier card yeah you know what I mean it’s weird shit like that that’s the stuff that proves you know that’s the best way to prove it it’s never like where’d you go to basic man same place everybody else did we have alley debarry in the chat from Denmark we haven’t heard from Ollie in a couple weeks has Denmark count he says hi guys Ali from Denmark again my team once had an Afghan I for vet with PTSD at a 72-hour milsim game he had a flashback and froze under an attack with a lot of grenades had to take out I had to explain that we had to take a break off with him and go back to the fob he got some water food and a long talk he came back and played the rest of the milsim he still plays now and this was six years ago do you guys have some of the same experience with vets and PTSD in the United State can speak on that real succinctly my first event was broken home 5 and I had a moment on the north side of the airfield where like nine guys were hosing us down and throwing grenades at us and I was not there for a while I needed to walk off the field and take about 40 minutes just calm myself down so that is not a crazy story I mean nothing traumatic happened but I needed to be separated from that situation for a little bit just in common thank you ollie I mean it’s good that you know you’re staying safe in Denmark you know amongst the the global pandemic so it’s great everybody in the chat me we’ve hit 64 66 we love connecting with all of you out there to have a friend yes yes you know I actually care all about how nerdy I was I’d love to take a crack at the PTSD thing cuz that was about the controversy yeah yeah I was literally about to ask you about that we just said very the very first event that we took that stew was rawhide and it was a very small private less than 50 people and I had a group of encompassing Marines Air Force Navy army and we came down this hill and we’re gonna breach a building and so I gave him a flashbang and he threw the flashbang in boom and he goes to go in and the guy inside just lights up the room well he throws fell back into the wall and I grabbed him and pushed him through and now fast forward we didn’t we’re just playing right fast-forward and now we’re sitting at the little tavern bar that they have at the ranch and he’s like I froze dude and I was like okay and we started talking and he said he said dude I’ve never had a flashback I’ve never had anything and on PTSD he had to toe I believe and so did his brother and he said I don’t have no issues what happened and I was like I just think that you know there’s just that snippet that might connect with something in your past life whether that’s it’s no sim related whether that’s you know it’s not terribly related whether it’s a trauma from childhood it could be anything right we’re just talking about the kinetics of the brain so BAM you have a trigger and you have a response and his response was to instantly freeze and so he’s not played airsoft again okay yeah but he thanked us for the opportunity to find out that maybe he should go and talk to somebody and I think he’s got enrolled with the VA and and you know he wouldn’t spoke with somebody and he’s been doing great he lives local to me and that is awesome so team we’ve also seen guys on the field that aren’t included with veterans for airsoft that are just out there playing and we’ve seen them have reactions and TCA had a guy like that he had a bad reaction and the staff being vets veterans they all responded in a very loving compassionate way hey man nice to talk to you off the let’s talk you off the ledge let’s bring you down and then that’s and that’s the thing is that when you guys hear about these reactions these are not bad things because and not to get too deep into some of this stuff but part of getting through a lot of this trauma is you have to process it and the big thing stopping a lot of us when we’re in that phase where we’re trying to figure out how we’re gonna get better because it doesn’t work the same for base some people react to drugs and people react to therapy some people just need time to figure this shit out and the thing is having one of those events can show you where you are in your recovery because the language we use for it is recovery not you know sickness it’s like being an alcoholic or something like that and so basically if you have those moments it can cause you to maybe have to process something you weren’t ready for or realize that you’re not in the place you need to be and you know it’s it’s not a bad thing to have those in if you can have it in a safe environment especially where you can have people that can show you love and tell you this is not a bad thing you don’t have to hide this you don’t open up you know what I mean we need something we do you have a couple questions in the chat one rich gully asks Freddy instead of just monetary donations do you guys accept gear or airsoft guns or anything like that cuz he’s got a pile yes so here’s here’s the first so when now we’re into the third year so here one almost everything we used was donated we initially purchased four four basic aegs that would just get us you know get a star to get us rolling and then we took in a lot of donations and what we’re finding is that with all of these great fantastic donations that are heartfelt and we thank you very much a lot of it is unusable equipment that we have to invest donation cash donation funds to the finnex okay and so now I’ve got four or five I’m being very generous here I got a bunch of people’s crap that they didn’t want anymore that is gonna go you know we bring it out and we say hey guys you know take what you want from this box one guy’s like hey man I need some mags are some mag holders we had some in the box we’re like here though donations are going back yeah it’s going right back and then once we get enough we’re gonna go to a swap meet and all of the gear then goes back into the community we take the funding money back into vfa and then what we’re planning on doing with the money from our charity game this year because we’ve we’ve just been knocking out these moves to the new data on that charity game by the way November November 6th 7th and 8th so where’s it gonna be at it’s gonna be at Sherwood Forest which is a fantastic ayo just got that really yeah hopefully closing only closing out the airsoft season with that game but you know we were we were another and before we talk about the second annual charity event for this year been Kiker ask ask Freddie about the book and Craig white there’s keep saying that there’s got to be a story there’s a book and a Craig white yeah it’s I it’s alpha to Omega and it’s Nelson guide written by a good friend Mike Craig white and Craig and ban are my arch-nemesis with TCA events so they command the Western forces and in Craig wrote a book he’s got a second one out and it just goes through basic milsim tactics and stuff so we kind of have fun with the fact that like he keeps beating me at these events because he wrote this fantastic book and everybody needs to read it because if you do read it you’ll you’ll never lose him Millison event and they autographed it for me and then I made a me motivated you know so we won me man over here the Nemo oh yeah that’s actually Michael Tucker is a vet here locally in the springs he actually mmm and I don’t think Michael he’s one of my gaming friends I don’t know if he’s ever actually played airsofter paintball before well Michael just so you know you get in contact with me anytime I’m going out with ya I’ve an extra gun for you so he asks do you find that there’s any catharsis in putting yourself in those situations that cause those panic episodes in a confront your issues head-on sort of way so the technique in in in medical terminology psychology it’s called the flooding technique and so if you’re actually using milsim as a way of therapy you should definitely be having somebody oversee that and that’s not us um so we don’t oversee your therapy um but if you’re flooding the technique right listen man we don’t want anybody coming out that’s gonna have issues it’s gonna hurt somebody so if you’re thinking to yourself like ooh I don’t know then the FA is definitely not for you mel simms not for you but if you’re like i really wanna try it we’re gonna take you to a local field first oh yeah so easy sorry Mike there’s a lot of comedy we’ve gotten up to 71 life are we yes stop asking questions let’s do it no rapid-fire nation said PTSD is why I had to switch platforms from em for us platforms to foreign arms because it did so it doesn’t feel familiar right you know that’s that’s a that’s a really the opposite I was lazy with that I just wanted them force because my fingers were many Gregory races what is this Gregory so if you’re coming in late or anybody else we are having a live podcast with Freddie flux from veterans for America I’m sorry veteran soft yes you listen and and we can always go to veterans for America VF a is a 501 C 3 organization that is trying to get veterans out and doing something fun to help part of their a little issue with that terminology you said trying they’re doing they’re doing sorry they are getting their to do something fun too you know and and we’re not just talking veterans I mean even law enforcement you know have hypersensitivity Heiberg Hewitt II integrated back yes kind of community yes they’re there they’re doing some some great it works it works because I’m one of the beta dude for me I did it myself but I’m a product of that Patrick talking to you Patrick Daly asked does veterans for airsoft have donation proxies in other states or does gear have to be mailed to them directly good question did we lose so you still got yeah he’s frozen but we can still hear it here so sorry no it’s okay my internet connection whether the good the good thing is it’s frozen on a very good picture of you so don’t don’t worry just keep telling them that um so unfortunately we don’t have any chapters associated like that we didn’t build the organization currently to handle chapters or anything like that we don’t have future plans for that what we do have is future plans to build our organization and our presence that each of the events that we go to boy was events yeah well it’s weird we’re going to more and more events and the more and more you play with us the more and more we work with you and then it’s like oh ok that’s how chapters and things build but we’re still so brand new in what we’re doing that we haven’t perfected what it is that I want to present to vets in every event that comes to our program it’s still experimental basically is what you’re saying okay you get the final thought experimental I think he’s just no continuing to evolve he’s not really and all the experience yes he has not reached across the field I want I want every vet to to come out to an event and just be like blown away like holy cow that’s 10 times more than I got in the military and there’s a lot of guys that will walk away from from anything that’s offered right now and have those words to say so it’s already being offered we just want to grow what it is we get and in and when you show up on site and we hand you a tent and it in a book and SOP and we’re like hey go build this this is where you now are building your squad and we’re grabbing guys from different areas of the US that are pulled together and we’re forming community groups and they’re still chat with each other and it’s it’s good ask the guys that have been out with us they’ll tell you 10 times fold well it was fun Nick Harnish says Freddy knows what he’s talking about do air quotes here sometimes but he says but seriously Nick and Freddy have held many conversations about milsim as a healing factor hey I gotta give hearts to that one yeah can we get some thumbs up for that comment because that was awesome anything that gives love I’m all about that nowadays especially cuz I’m locked in my house and you know closed everybody so tell us tell us about the so the second annual of VF a charity event which which was supposed which was like right around the corner obviously for you know sponsored by Falcon we are one of the sponsor you know you had to move it to November 4 for those that now can maybe they weren’t able to because their schedule previously to go on the original date plus it’ll be nice and cool yeah so what can they expect if if they sign up and attend in November well right sorry no it’s uh it’s basically a survival game where we have three clans three factions and each of them have a color designator that also matches their uniforms so it’s a faction where all military uniforms are in that faction and then we’ve got a faction called the bootleggers which is a tribute to my airsoft team that I belong to they wear blue flannels and multicam black pants and then or blue jeans and then Nick Hornish is the leader of the third faction which is the slickers and they’re in hoodies and they’re like the street kids just leaders I was I was thinking like rain gear when you said that like they’re all wearing like big rip rubber rain boots and you know old school like 60s yellow raincoats and stuff like that well them okay yeah and so is this a free-for-all or is this like two sides with a spoiler section has it’s worth so it’s survival with the Terminator theme thrown on top of it so the fourth faction is botnet ran by John Lerner and so he has terminators and I host the only game while vfa hosts the only game there where your faction will be told that you don’t have to call your hits and so uh there’s oh the speed softeners need a place to play you figured out my secret why I’m so good at airsoft if you just don’t call your hits you’re good fun cuz they’re like oh they’re not supposed to call their hits so I need more people to shoot them so terminators have special rules it takes three or more shooters do they have know where silver suits or do they look like T eight hundreds alright so we want everybody had to tell black and so they’re doing like Arnie Arnie not like the metal guy no I mean if you want to dress up I know tweeny from Cobra he dressed up like a terminator is awesome we encouraged listen we wanted a host a game that’s like everybody and anybody can come out and play and it’s about raising money for the organization and and just having fun so that’s what that’s what’s that about pre-reg only or can you show up and get a ticket Lee I’m Dan so everything’s pre-reg just because insurance purposes and you know how it goes I’m we always do take walk-ons but the price is a little bit higher there go as expected so if you want to save a couple bucks make sure as always register early yeah Xavier is actually making a very cool comment there’s been a long debate on st.

Xavier right yes there has been a long debate on the therapeutic potential in airsoft but without a true medical study it will always be anecdotal totally great yep it will be something individuals try and decide if it works for them or not but there is a lot of lonely vets but friendship and camaraderie is a tangible thing to offer sometimes it’s just as simple as that cuz airsoft is like 2% on the field and the rest drink and beer with your buddies around a fire right so you want to have quality gear to go out have fun have playtime come back and then a great place to just unwind and tell stories oh not your stories either that’s so that’s one thing I really love about this community I know judger when I first met Freddie at blast camp paintball and airsoft and he was the faction commander at conflicts and I was just some Rando riding around under his command but to just sit there it was frie I think it was Friday night in their VF a10 and this was before like the whole big brandy I mean he’s running around with just a Coleman pop-up like all of us you know and we collected we know it’s like somebody went out and got hot wings and we’re just sitting underneath this pop-up eating hot wings just talking and just getting to know each other and that’s what it’s about that’s what it’s about right there at its core you know what is missing in a lot of airsoft events that the veteran community really craves is rain like getting through rain delays is a veteran you know eating up time like if you can build that in we are so good as a community of that like I have never seen another vet bitch that he had nothing to do because it’s like a book comes out your phone comes out you know they just go to sleep randomly like it is the best group of people to kill time with because everybody knows how to do it right well yeah it’s self sufficiency you know I always tell guys like hey thrown in the deep end no hand-holding here we’re right back in the military you know you know I’ll make sure you have everything that you need but start asking questions and don’t look what’s fun is the funniest question I’ve ever heard from a new vet that you know playing airsoft and it’s a legitimate question does it hurt and I would never know you know I’m like you know I never thought about that like that’s been a real bullet yes Alice asks are there any future events planned that will be anywhere near the Virginia area oh you have an audience they’re asking for it yeah so dude events well let’s not talk about events cuz we don’t even know where they’re going there’s some there’s a South Carolina Third Coast airsofter scheduled for next month yeah yeah that’s not that’s none of my business and look we just got to stand by for the schedule I updated the VFA website which you can go there and get swag we have swag yeah org well here’s the thing you know people might not want to do cash donations and we understand that actually 90% of the donations that we get are purchases of patches raffle tickets and everybody loves cashiers hats yeah and that was that was how we launched it I mean like you’d be surprised how many patches we’ve sold to support the organizations those lovely that lovely vfa symbol on your shirt they’re the kind of Captain America ask or not and say that they can see the red white make comical screen ask of course yeah other side other corner let’s see oh there was a good question our john phillips asks is there a youtube page for vfa something on the line of displaying what you do on the field and some gameplay footage something like I heard you guys are working on that I hurt yes so we do have a youtube channel we’ve got a measly 20 subscribers we’ve got like three small little clips it’s nothing thirty-one I’m Terry one right there there we go okay so working on doing our own podcast series where we talk to vets that have come through our program to help spread the message kiss that’s where we want to drive this forward where the train is already rolling forward on equipment in on these missions that we need to sidetracked a little bit and start pulling more vets in and then getting the awareness out there what it is that we actually see you and so you’ve kind of hit that Hawaii where it’s like it would be started out saying it’d be really cool if we had stuff to equip people with and then all of a sudden that happened and you’re like oh crap well now we need two people to equip it with yeah that’s kinda where you’re at yeah and so we have we have a list about 200 original veteran players we’ve serviced just over 40% of those which I’m extremely happy about in one way or another they’ve been given equipment come out to an event or gotten the full treatment oh so this is a multi-level thing I didn’t realize so you either I might just provide some equipment for someone who needs it or get them a day on the field if they have their own equipment or like completely do the whole experience if they need it basically right if you’re if you’re one of the pours right and you’re a veteran that’s afraid to ask for some free stuff you got some free shit veterans got some better airsoft got some free shit for you no matter what but you got to pay for your ticket all right don’t you once you come through the program you got to pay to play because if we don’t pay to play we don’t get to play yep and so I understand that our organization understands that my wife is pushing it big time we mentioned her Thank You Rachel for all that you do and that keeps us in line and I mean arriving for but part of that system we just put in the chest or the link to their YouTube channel K so and still like part of that too is a lot of people kind of forget if you haven’t done national level airsoft it’s expensive it’s not just about equipment it’s about the ticket it’s about getting there like and so yes if there’s costs involved in this you know that’s uncontrollable but at the same time like if just the equipment or the camping stuff or travel you know traveling with someone is a huge cost cutter you know so just keep that in mind when you guys are here in that and warrant we want to give you every reason to say yes whoo I like that right heel so salesman so it’s like okay let’s bring it out I’m gonna give you every reason to say yes because I’ll come pick you up as long as you’re in line and that’s that’s the hard part of reaching 200 of these guys’s I’ve got a do you have the time off do I have the time all yeah are you in wrap so there’s a lot of logistics and yes it would be fantastic to open up all these little chapters but you know what would happen it delivers a tie we would lose I yeah it would it would dilute what we’re doing and we would have no control of it and you know but at the same time you have the example of like let me use the Hells Angels as an example here because they were like the first biker gang right and they didn’t like necessarily start chapters everywhere but people looked at what they were doing and they’re like oh that’s a sorry motorcycle club against a biker gang that’s motorcycle club but like essentially other people saw what they were doing and then copied it you know what I mean everywhere and I’m not saying that you guys are a gang or anything oh you might be I don’t know sorry this is this is how he walks the dog you don’t have to follow him but the idea is more instead of spreading it under your wing is to inspire people to do the same thing kind of that idea yeah so we challenge teens and so we have a really big community support from teams so I challenge the teams you know local that local vet coop is a sect and I say hey uh oh you’re in Virginia here check out Roanoke airsoft I got a guy that I know that can put you in contact you can get out and play now and I’m I’m a hundred percent sure that if a veteran who not afford it showed up at the local feel these field owners would take care of you I I guarantee you that I’ll speak from experience on that it’s hard not to be getting special treatment if they find out you’re a veteran on the field what people don’t realize that it’s hard to blame young and it’s hard to be humble Eugene Sandberg says I love the on-the-spot auction at bone strike by jaws have you considered doing more of that what was that I don’t know I let Freddie tell the story yes so there’s been a few times on the Z shot and Wallace started the very first year and just all of a sudden just took over and held his own auction and so jaws tdz fantastic again I’d like I say these teams that support us these are big teams in the community that you know we can send these players to after they come through our organization to get linked up with guys that are doing the exact same thing that we are but we’ll give them more attention so we can focus on bringing more vets in yeah tvz is one of these teams that gets behind us and jaws won a prize twice at a centenarian event and at bone strike and he turned around and took his prize and he auctioned it off for hundreds of dollars really times and rad and then as he actioned it the guy who bought it turned around and gave us the kit and so now we’re able to do one of two things we either add it to the armory or we turn around and try and you know braze more money with it and get it back into the community because the idea is that we want players playing we want the community growing so its jaws is fantastic it was really awesome to see that at on strike so if you’re looking for an inspiration for guys who do cool things I think winning a prize auctioning it off and then ending up the prize and the money going to the charity that’s pretty much like a thousand percent cool points on my list what it is for that but I do have to caution because we done we don’t want veterans for stuff to hijack events here okay you know these these raffles are about the players the raffles are about the sponsors and veterans for airsoft really appreciates all the support that’s why we bring these flags out that our veteran made take a drink they are and their specific beautiful – I remember second a couple years ago and it’s just amazing yeah it’s like 3d – what happened nothing we’re good we’re good you guys we’ll get that in like two seconds in the chat are you doing Easter eggs that’s where our is Good Friday Good Friday is the one where the Easter Bunny lays the eggs right I can’t remember which ones which we’re like the little ducklings I like the Easter story has become a little convoluted with commercialism over there it’s got a little weirder so man this is this has been some cool conversation we’ve come to close to the end of our time have we already at the end how do we do that really already okay yeah but we’re not done yet oh now we’re not doing events tonight well we can’t really do events because there’s there’s no events yeah but we just wanted to share some some positivity with our viewers because we know we have some viewers celebrating birthdays we do Oh bleep oh dude I am really bummed because I want to say this in public like I was supposed to see you like three times this spring and hang out because vfa always seems to have their tent next hours for some reason you know and my lime I like you guys I’m a little but hurt that I haven’t seen you in a while man like you know Corona has been good for me kind of but bad for me like seeing friends and I’m sorry about that man but I’m glad happy some time with you me and me and Doug on Friday and Saturday nights it’ll be Saturday night this weekend we we just post up a zoom thing and you know last weekend we had nine guys in there chatting it up so feel free to jump in with us on the weekends there’s a little bad brother always always stop and then we can actually see if we get do we got I got the confetti going let’s see we got some birthday music yeah we got some birthday music birthday music in the background yeah we have birthday music so he’s gotten bad so who do we who do we have for today’s with the 13 – no 17th April oh I don’t know something but I forgot what’s today Thursday so Freddie’s gonna try not to screw up these names so Freddie who do we got that’s got birthdays here in there and these are all these are all airsoft community friends and and folks that are we see out and about Oh hold on maybe I should take those two off the list tonight Gregor which Marisa Gregor is she’s a prior winner to show up and she wants some good swagger oh she has she won gloves we love those ah lucky lucky who’s up next now in son Oh Alan’s son man he’s been around this industry what do I know that name I know that name I can’t think of where I can place that I’m so bad with names lately it’s getting to us was up next traced weaning tray the the halo he dresses up halo he’s a fully like a master deep down yeah I don’t know how he hasn’t dehydrated and died yet I mean I’d be good for like a five minute like speed soft game in that and I need to go throw up for about 21 who else we got the antenna in front of the local grocery store with a bucket in front of me with that suit great Alexander oh yeah himself and I tagged him I have not seen him pop up in here he was your last episode on I know but has he well he’s he was working the casino supposed to oh yeah that’s right so he shooter got shamed right knew it greg has such a nice spread that he’s probably enjoying himself in that beautiful backyard right now and and Louisiana does want to spend time with us he’s gonna catch on review I guarantee but Greg Alexander awesome dude AMS family member if you are on was it called you FSU will probably end up seeing his I’m a combat controller at some point legendary guy check this out Freddie been hiker just said airsoft junkies is creating a special product code 4vfa donations go to the airsoft junkies website and donate to VFA the money will build in an account and be available for Freddie and vfa to use on any equipment or gear that they may need I will be starting the fund with a $500 duo right now airship man airsoft junkies will match all contributions made this is happening right now Freddie does not know so can you announce it to me we’re announcing it right now oh my put this out there crazy he’s crazy really cool that is I mean that is that is an amazing thing and plus the best part is he’s making for blush right now which is fantastic he’s speechless this vet is speechless right now Oh Marissa she showed up hey happy birthday Marissa by the way this is an actual coupon code this is not us joking like we normally joke about coupon codes this is real Trey happy birthday Trey go get nothing we got on the list just don’t see Gus don’t see falooda falooda Lou together he oh they’re the how right they should be getting ready and actually that should still be on for Game three right I don’t know mudcrab milsim yeah mud cram or as we pile him Lee oh nice I don’t know Cal sorry I’m sure you’re a wonderful person but I still Derek Foreman Oh Big D buddy hey D Jesse Garcia Oh Jesse Gracie I’m sorry gracias gracias I know osya only a proud member of our law enforcement of the law enforcement community but he is also a regular cast member on guerilla airsoft podcast guerrilla airsoft podcast and speaking of airsoft and advocate guy in great airsoft player as well so if you’re looking for another outlet of listening to podcasts whether on soundcloud or itunes or whatever here’s here’s some true someones to follow you got guerilla airsoft podcast you got their broadcasting again so they’re at yes I casted yep but remotely they’re there they’re practicing social dis ting yep another serious airsoft podcast they’re back again – yeah they’re not broadcasting again and the chair softer show in the UK and he’s back as well as yep so actually your entertainments coming back I’m glad you guys with us for you know this dry spell and we’ll glad if you stay if you’re looking for is coming back to Jessie’s in there happy birthday Jesse happy birthday Kyle happy birthday Kyle happy birthday Gus look at that Oh last one Robo Murray Murray we got we got everybody BOM tag Robo right now if he’s on your friends you don’t know robo robo one of the nicest most down-to-earth dudes he is has over a hundred thousand as a grandfather this may sound weird but he was the first player that I handled I’m gonna leave that one right where it is hey sponsor players have handlers just like the CIA you know for their informant yeah that’s what you meant by handle that’s that’s totally what you meant by handled Oh Joe mini from grill airsoft they said they’re not broadcasting like they probably do every other episode I’m sorry they’re in every other week but they are broadcasting again they’re just doing it in a different format I just more wanted to say you guys are still on the air and people can watch you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth I know Bob tag Robo Mary he’s the only one that hasn’t shown up okay this luck started watching TV oh I know that all our birthdays brother that is all of them oh that’s fine that’s a that’s a new fun segment to replace yeah hopefully we’ll have like events at some point we can actually start screaming rescheduled events so here’s always the thing I love asking people as we kind of end this what is your bucket list airsoft experience like what is your your pie-in-the-sky if you could do anything with unlimited budget what would you do I would rent a Humvee I would get a four-man squad me being one of them we would get Halo tickets and we’d go to GTI and just just play the four of us in a Humvee rocking through just you know we’re totally selfish I know you’re saying I would be that your bucket list is to go back to TC a with just better kid that’s oh that’s a big statement right there about TC a dude it’s you know if Centurion had kilos that would be it no I I just was nothing like you just said I just want to go back to TC a that’s a rad kind of statement right there cuz IV you have to do a TCA I’m kind of butter its yeah what a virus they groomed me for who I am I’m there they’re partly responsible for who vfa is and what we do and where we go and there they’ve never asked any questions and they’ve always just been giving back to the vets any tickets that we’ve ever needed and we actually raised the money somebody in the community threw down a thousand dollars on a flag and we’re able we were able to put we’re able to get Hilo tickets so when the helos back up in the air it’ll have vfa vets riding on it and then ice so just like a Humvee if you you guys have me plans for doing a technical in the future maybe or something like that the driver at 20 20 21 maybe I’m just saying like I might know a guy can only that with that I’m just saying yeah he called me a steely-eyed killer you know it’s it’s about the wow factor for these guys um for me I’m like hey I’m cool just being the guy with the radio and getting into gunfights here and there we really want to just push the squad mentality and come here Wally on a big cool place to go on a walk kind of thing man finding that helo is way better than drag racing motorcycles so you you want to a little omission here so I spent two and a half years in the hundred first deployed Afghanistan the whole nine yards I am deathly afraid to fly I hate helicopters more than anything I’m terrified of helicopter I was in Paris I jump master and I’m I’m scared of heights yeah how does it happen there’s got to be society just like I’d be better we just harness our fear because it’s a job he’s got what I just I just look at the whole time so like the whole I always makes me laugh when I hear people like wanting it to you helo runs cuz I’m like I don’t want to I’m good I’m good Alex Meade said calling it right now I want to see Freddie flex airsoft I don’t know how you’re staying presentable but I’m getting slowly more like hobo as we go and I don’t know how this is gonna this is happening you know what I mean cuz like he looks like he’s a hobo I look like yeah but you keep looking better hold on are you secretly going to the barber oh yeah is that one of those fat Co specials up top there this is a fat no customs right here $20 brother you can get your fat cool custom trim anytime you want just head on down to your local Kroger grocery store grab you some clippers and shave it away you can do it too brother gun builders right now that are home from their normal day-to-day jobs and have extra time and nothing going on so speaking you guys out there if you have a project you want to get done and you’re not technically savvy call one of those guys fat Co John zero Stampede any other names you can think about oh my gosh airsoft junkies right out that here’s op junkies they’ve been building stuff left and right I remember when I you know used to sell Prometheus barrels and bucking ‘s to Sam like back in the day and they’ve been doing custom bills like forever so they’re definitely you would recommend oh yeah definitely record out guys if you got a project going on you have a dream you have something you’re not gonna be playing for like three or four months so we might as well get that exactly what we want to play Freddie this pirate thing is kicking off so like 20 21 the third annual vfa events you got to have pirates dude i regatta don’t worry they’re waiting dinner maybe leave the pirate faction I think we might be pirate enough to do that what do you think I think we could have a pirate faction I mean you saw me at Avalon I think they just put an eyepatch on the front of that dime and that mask and you’re good to go we are volunteers doing as best ours recompression you know what I just forgot we got that new flintlock pistol we do that would be perfect for great greg alexander finally showed up happy birthday craig awesome and please say hi to all your family because they are the most delightful wonderful welcoming people on the face of the moon Mark Anderson 31 kilo much love guys mark we love you man my 31 kilo what’s 31 kilo is that MPs or is that 21 Mark Anderson this is oh no man sorry no he works with Texan media group yeah we were speaking different I thought he was those again most code yeah I was like 31 kilo what kilos are tanker but like what’s 31 series I can’t Tyler wild says Freddie’s got to go pirate at ship of fools now you know would be the that would be a fun game to go to do they still do that like take down the aircraft carrier game somewhere that like tactical simulation thing because if you right so you’re talking about on the Navy vessel yeah like you’re on the USS Hornet so that guy he said he’d never do it again because he had to like chainmail all of the lights sure he said he’d never do it again like it wasn’t worth it I was working thinking that like everybody else is decked out all milsim and tactical and tactical but just to show up with like peg legs and like especially like bags but I’m not sure if you think that’s with like peg legs and cutoff shorts and and like night vision yeah at night vision like I’d like a mix of like both like old Caribbean pirates and like Somalian pirates represented you know what I’m saying like I want old and new pirates you know Hawaiian shirts is a must yeah and I just want to walk around saying I’m the captain now to everybody for no reason look at me you’re not I’m the captain now you want this soda it’s a dollar I’m the captain I mean you could use you could do you do so much but man Freddie this has been a blast it’s time to go catching up yes it is time to go it is time to go sorry you know the boss the boss is gonna pull the plug is we didn’t know we actually before he goes we forgot to select Oh yep which actually pull up the program for that actually thank you just wanna make sure winding me because and also what is the name our two elite two a forgot to read my lead force copy so I gotta do that right before we go out Oh junkies code again oh the junkies oh yes okay so for those of you just you know coming in if you go to airsoft junkies right now there is a us you can go find it a VFA donation button on there we can just throw it in your cart make a donation because did I check out or something like that do you think probably yeah it’s it’s on their website right now whatever you donate airsoft junkies is gonna match and been Kiker just made a $500 donation just earlier I’ve seen Sam’s RV he can match yeah and so this is gonna be accessed by the by Freddie and vfa for when he needs to get more equipment and gear to have more veterans come out and try airsoft you know he’s gonna have the equipment in gear this benefits all of you guys to cuz keep in mind just because they’re veterans doesn’t mean they don’t become airsofters when they come out you know what I’m saying like so this grows the community helps people out who need it that we all love and and care about and it’s just a good thing so where you pretend there’s an actual statistic number for you 80% of people that come through play again and that’s a good conversion number I’m down with that whether it’s real or not we’ll never know no fake news the random number generator has returned the name Patrick Dailey Patrick Dailey Patrick or if anybody who’s watching if he left if you know Pat I think he’s still in the chat if that’s your dad and we do go to AMS events Patrick if you are not a member of the Vulcan Alliance need to go join that so we can get your information and get your good stuff out to you just head on over to valcon Alliance comm click that join button so I have your shipping information everything and then up your address for $100 items not a bad trade right yeah make sure you DM the valcon airsoft Facebook page and let me know if you would like a airsoft innovation cyclone grenade or an airsoft innovations excel burst grenade Patrick Daly he is in the Chad congratulations just Senate go register for the Alliance if you’re not if you’re if you are a member just let us know and we’ll hunt you down yeah easy-peasy so I love gift stuff away but gone away tell all your friends next week I want to give something big away I want a hundred viewers next week if we I want to I’ll give one of my guns away I don’t care actually let’s see real quick let me see if I can you know what I was able to pull up that you the YouTube channel let me I’m gonna go to airsoft junkies not God think if you can pull up see actually see like oh yeah I got oh yeah I can do it I can do a screen grab this yeah we can do a screen grab we are fun and fast this works we’re doing this and this is the cool part we’re doing this without our usual team this is just him doing it on the same computer we’re doing this like that we normally have a team of 30 or 40 that handles all these technical difficulties so thumbs up for kaiju right now that is a really slick let me throw it up over here I like that that’s a cool donation thing right there let’s let’s see there there it is so Freddie if you make that into a t-shirt that don’t need a banger thing I will buy several of them that is a rad yeah little bit of graphics $25 and don’t need a banger I know you know that right there mmm look at that yeah that’s nice next t-shirt right here dude this is the veterans shield with that lovely lady in front of it oh lucky ranch yeah what’s up top thing right lucky I had actually a great time with lucky at Lion claws and lucky is actually such a humble player and so calm that I kind of loudly told like you know slapped his gun away cuz he was shooting up some steps when he wasn’t supposed to with a you know automatic weapon indoors he didn’t realize that he thought well you know it’s a big building so I’m winning games you know and I was like I just didn’t want to get in trouble and his reaction was what’s going on man not like what are you doing you a hole or anything like that it was just oh okay cool I get that now no worries I think it was like hey dude you use the Crytek it goes single-shot endure my claws no clockwork magazines indoors that’s the role Matt well Nick Harnish says much love Freddie flux need to get you all the gear from lbs London Bridge no heads Lost Boys of Sabre oh they donate to the charity game so they donate to the raffle Lost Boys of Sabre I’m sorry I will send you about five hundred exposure bucks in the mail and gotta be good oh alright Frank we head now yep thank you very much big shout out to our sponsors the valcon Alliance Enola Gay and Elite Force please you’re safe out there guys I know this quarantine stuff sucks social distancing let’s do the write this up for a couple more do the right thing so we can get back to life guys I know it’s and if it prolongs it prolongs I mean we all want to get back out and pew pew I know I know Ryan Dean is like itching to shoot somebody in the face with an airsoft I’m about to start chasing my wife around the house with an airsoft I know right I don’t wear that but if if we all do our part now it’s gonna be a lot more enjoyable once everything opens back up again because the worst thing that could happen is the open back opens back up and then it gets locked down again because people weren’t you know following rule number one which is don’t touch your face and last long guys remember social dense physical distancing does not mean we have to socially distance check in with your friends check in with your neighbors you can have a conversation porch to porch it’s still good to go so you live in an apartment complex have a balcony party like you’re in Italy or Spain or something like that I’ve seen they’ve been gay you know so check in with people if you haven’t heard from someone in a while this is we all have the time to check in with old friends now look at that we got we got Ricky Bobby going on over here you know I was playing squad I was playing squad with this afternoon with a guy named Mike honcho was his was his name and I immediately launched it in the Mike honcho line and he starts dying and everybody else is like what is wrong with his duties like a first one to get that reference here’s the play in this game I was like I know you did a spread for Playgirl I know dude give our love to Rachel and the kids man thank you brother hold on man see you guys next week when we have Xavier from Centurion Milson and Colonel Duga you can’t say that name out loud you can’t say that name it was Centurion Nilson Colonel Verdugo and I know Freddie he loves Verdugo a veteran of the Feres fight yeah all right everybody remember guys arrive racelle and leave see you next week but there’s only one guaranteed way you can have peace and you can have it in the next second you surrender I didn’t think you had it in you I’m your huckleberry we will not go quietly into the night you want answers I think I’m entitled you want the truth you can’t handle the truth it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen remember this what keeps you awake at night nothing I keep other people away to make


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