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UTG Shadow Ops L96 Airsoft Review.

UTG Shadow Ops L96 Airsoft Review.

what’s up YouTube be 187 you and today I’m gonna be doing a review of my airsoft sniper it oops l96 spring bolt-action and we’ll get into the review shortly when you get your gun it will be in two pieces the stock will be separate and the trigger and the barrel and this is my own silencers does not come with a gun and there are two screws one right there behind the magazine and then another one right below the trigger I don’t know if you can see that but it’s like right there and that is where you put in the two screws to put together the two pieces of the gun it has a 0 can’t really see it right now but it has a safety trigger Hey yeah you can’t really see it but you have to pull the inner trigger right here to get the gun to actually go off because if you have your finger on the button won’t go off and it is bolt action very easy to pull back if the safety is located behind the bolt that it’s on and off it has a cheek rest and an adjustable shoulder pad which I kind of just left it the way it was because it didn’t really matter for me and it did not come with the scope i purchased this scope separately and the scope mounts but it did come with the bipod which extends down here by unscrewing these little right there above the bottom this little part right here but it’s pretty good gun I shoots very well out of the box it costs around one hundred thirty dollars i think i think that’s what i got it for with the bipod the bipod was an additional fifteen dollars and the scope cost 20 or 25 I do not remember but I purchased it off evike and yeah it’s very quiet gun and the clip ejects on the bottom right behind the bipod you just push this right here spring-loaded it’s a 20-round magazine and when you load it you have to hold this down just part otherwise the bb’s will not go into your clip and the hop-up is located inside of the magazine you’re not going to really build this he right here but it comes with an allen wrench to adjust it it’s kind of a pain in the butt when you’re out in the field but overall it’s pretty good gun I just don’t really like the hop-up but I’m yeah and please rate comment and subscribe for more videos thanks


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