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Using Heavy BB’s | Sniper Scopecam | And A Cheater

Using Heavy BB’s | Sniper Scopecam | And A Cheater

hello everybody and welcome to another so sniper video today I have a special one for you it’s a video showing why you want to use heavyweight babies if you’re going to be playing as a sniper now in this video I’m using point three grandbabies which are considered a heavyweight baby for aegs but for sniper rifles you’re going to want to use heavier once 0.

32 is three sixes and point fours maybe even point four 2’s or four fives this video will show you exactly why you’re going to want to use those heavyweight babies behind the big tree okay hold on I’m gonna move to this bunker right here this game was a fortress assault me and a small group of people took the right flank to put down some covering fire onto the base so people in the center could push through into the base take out the VIP so we could win the game got them as well as being affected by the wind these lightweight bb’s carry less momentum meaning they don’t fly as far as a heavy weight BB would I can arrange oh you know what I switched point threes three sixes I need heavy weights I got his leg yeah he’s down sit down okay yeah so it only took me 76 shots okay guys the pellets got him down bolts is done okay give me some cover Liam for this tree sorry God dad I keep saying sorry not right tree ready the one right in the brush by the referee okay I’m going to go to that fourth one right right in front of it okay hold on he’s not peeking anymore if you can get that close that’s a long way to go yeah that’s a Lloyd Windham got them I got my boys down got the guy on your right lots of shots hit in this tree oh no big stump and that’s problem number two using lightweight babies that guy probably didn’t even feel that baby so I can’t really blame him for not calling his hit reloading so after this game I actually found out from these people that I got both of them with one shot this is from the people I shot I’m not making this up case I just got him come in to where you are unfortunately at this position I didn’t have a lot of enemy contact until later on in the game what’s the name it for you sorry at this point I decided it was close enough to the end of the game that I could move up with only my pistol hi how do you want how bad you do it okay yeah anyways that’s it for this week guys and remember to leave a like and subscribe if you liked it if you didn’t like it I’m sorry I’m very very sorry about that


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