Home Airsoft Gameplay Using a Professional Ghillie Suit vs Airsoft Players IN GAME

Using a Professional Ghillie Suit vs Airsoft Players IN GAME

Using a Professional Ghillie Suit vs Airsoft Players IN GAME

Hey what’s going on guys Welcome back to this brand new field that just opened up in a massive overgrown abandoned quarry here in the south of the Netherlands There’s about a hundred players on the field and my task is to locate and secure the tallest hill Towering over the rest of the field marked with a black flag so in order to get to the tallest hill on my own I’m using my ghillie suit to sneak all the way around and I Will approach the hill from the back.

Here we go My plan is to use a thin valley in the shadows next to a tall hill stay undetected and crawl deeper into enemy territory Having killed three players, and knowing there’s five players in the squad, I don’t know where the last two players are.

And because I just fired four shots They’ll have a clue of where I’m hiding. I need to get out I really don’t want to shoot this guy because it’ll send his whole squad after me. I draw my pistol just in case he turns around Not knowing where I am because this field is completely new to me I need to check the map.

Turns out I’m super close to an enemy respawn base to the north, plus having this squad looking for me on the other side I need to make my escape from the West Right next to black flag hill on the left that I need to secure for my team and it’s already crawling with enemy players I need to climb this hill so I can radio my team to give them directions on where the enemy players are so we can establish control Finally having made it to black flag hill there’s even another lone survivor from a friendly squad here We need to hold out until reinforcements are able to get here Hit! I Died but fortunately in the end my team ended up taking out the enemy players and secured the hill Thanks for watching guys Make sure to check out all my gear in the description of the video if you want to start playing airsoft And I’ll hopefully see you in the next one.


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