Home Airsoft Loadouts US Marine complete full air soft loadout.

US Marine complete full air soft loadout.

US Marine complete full air soft loadout.

okay on paid smashed into town for you to one game on p_r_i_ and uh… gear to delay marine corps photo my full attention my employer marines bureau to uh… so what i did was i had a grip on from an m_-sixteen friend that i got but it broke it was the set that i had a fight with that and i added the zone sodium for is about three hundred fifty with twelve grams and four hundred would twenties and such and such as full auto organ stop writing from him since you use here paranoid that so amigo onto by a uniform my boots that because i don’t know if they have attack support dot ground and expertise so to speak so what i have here is by cab live mine quite helmet j should do five five of them celia baths how do you think so it’s not marine corps asked how many streetlight since approximately catching it great for combat nurse up above above all it’s a real drink or a comment by cutting its means greens that’s what i have for my help trip but first of all agency here my c_o_ two if not load itself that comes out at the side ceo to build right back kathleen koch pretty nice them uh.

.. they wanted to know participate and to feel that my blood no taxpayers that that will tell you but that were ever going to be like and this is not about it all the magazine marked holster clout ammo type format and there are some that traps that hat illinois i so it wouldn’t get caught anything my cousins that that would work so that about it and here are my local blogs become kevlar no max apple blogs one of our magazine seeker program to college with a dark chocolate alive um.

.. in a false move so that kinda screwed me over of so these are about twenty five thirty bucks category got at the present time and sell all be that’s basically it ballot for him


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