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US Army Loadout ACU/UCP

US Army Loadout ACU/UCP

hey what’s up this is general or some reviews here and uh bring you my ECU little out okay so here I am right here and I’ll be showing you every gear I have so I’ll be putting them on as we speak so first I’m just going to start off with my gloves these are some no Nicks fire resistant clothes so they’re really useful as you can see I’ve cut a couple bit out for the index finger so I can feel my magazines and stuff and uh anyways yeah I forgot to mention about my shirt these are my AC of medium regular shirt and pants with some nikla to a sea of kneepads and to tan boots and I bet at the u.

s. flag and the US Army and the 101st Airborne Division see see I put them on he’s very safe and next moving on to this best this is my IBA interceptor body armor or you can call it on TV as well because of how you look at it and this is the rear IV 85 point-blank and here’s some tags sizes media NH and see I’ve added on a flake I think that’s what it what’s hot it’s cooked it’s called a flake I think and basically a load-bearing vest where you just put it on your body armor so yeah I’m going to put this off for my best I’ll be probably adding inserts Kevlar inserts and sappy plates yes Appy plates but not the real things the Condor replica epic or the ones from EB airsoft and because I can just get it from across the street since yeah yeah so this is my IBA as I see I’ve added to grenade pouches with four m4 magazine pouches with a canteen pouch and as you see at the back of my iba it has the hydration bag whatever you call it I forgot the brand but it’s really good so moving on next to my helmet this is my mich helmet as you can see I’ve added I’ve changed the chinstrap to the green ACU green color and there are the IR patches or whatever we call it and these are some goggles Lang’s elbow holders these are my ESS goggles and VG goggles and nvg mount with the rhino mount and we have fake cat’s eye bag so it’s only just glowing in the dark I don’t think you can really see that well and inside it’s just normal pads and yeah this helmet is not real just a copy so so this is my ACO gear grown protector I be a [ __ ] helmet knee pads combat shirt no the ACU shirt ACU pants boots and moving on to my gun this is my gas blowback we and forth meet by week yeah not really the closed bolt version there’s the ACOG sight and a grip and a sure-fire flashlight to it I’m going to flash you little blind line play so form for my future loadout I mean like my finale lap I’m I probably get a free Oh Mitch a bag a three-day assault pack bag backpack and probably an IO TV if I have enough money anyways finally these are my ESS ice glasses I use them for more games for protection and it’s really good but and if I feel like it when I feel like it I will wear this nectar over here you see on this night protector I feel a lot more safe so that’s watching guys stay tuned for my future finale loadout so please subscribe thanks yeah guess so


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