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Upgrades básicos de una replica de Airsoft | Tactical Shirts Airsoft España

Upgrades básicos de una replica de Airsoft | Tactical Shirts Airsoft España

Hi everyone! Daniel here, welcome to Tactical Shirts Airsoft! Today we’re going to take a look at the basic upgrades you can do to your airsoft replicas. Specifically, about the hop up bucking, the hop up unit and about presicion barrels.

I’ll show you how to change the presicion barrel and the hop up bucking by using this M4 replica. It is very simple. First thing to do is removing the upper body of the replica. We’ll need to remove the pin which is holding the upper body.

I’ll use a screwdriver to help myself Once we removed the pin, we’ll just have to remove the upper body. Don’t be afraid because it won’t broke. After removing it, pull out the hop up unit and the barrel.

Be careful if your hop up unit or barrel has any spring,because you could lose when pulling it out from the upper body. To disassembly the hop up unit, we must first remove this part over here. Use a screwdriver to help yourself in order to remove it if necessary.

Once removed, we must pull the hop up unit, but do it carefully, we don’t want to broke the hop up bucking. Now, just pull the hop up bucking out of the barrel. This is the hop up bucking, and as you can see, on one side , it has a tiny line insde, and on the other side there is a tiny swelling inside, which is responsible if our bb will have a hop up effect or not.

We must check if our hop up bucket has any scratch or if it’s damaged. If so it won’t work properly and we must change it. We will now assemble everything again. We will now place the hop up bucking by lining it up with the barrel.

Now place the hop up unit by lining it up with the barrel. To help yourself, take a look at that line on the barrel and the line on the hop up unit. If we don’t line it up properly, the bb will move sideways instead of moving straight.

We now just have to place this part on the hop up unit, and place the whole hop up unit and barrel inside the upper body. About the presicion barrel, it is more important how the barrel is polished, with a smooth surface and a good quality, than the diameter itself.

A narrow barrel will help us to adjust our FPS on our replicas. For example, if our replica shoots at 310 FPS and we then place a narrow barrel, our FPS will reach almost 350 FPS after. In order the adjust the hop up, just move the tiny wheel upwards or downwards.

When using other model replicas, the hop up could be situated in other place and the way we must adjust it could be different too. Now let’s see how the hop up works. If we shoot and see that the bb falls down in front of us, it means we will need to adjust the hop up upwards because it needs more effect.

On the contrary, if the bb goes too far and too high, it means that we will need to adjust the hopup downwards. We must adjust it in order to get a nice effect which will go straight and at the end will get a bit higher.

Once done those basic upgrades, if our replica still shoots in an akward way or it doens’t work properly, it means that the failure is in the inside of the gearbox and we must check what is it. And that’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed the video and it was useful.

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